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Discussion in 'Scientology and Anonymous' started by dbloch7986, Aug 20, 2013.

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    Hey there. I created a blog where you can ask me all kinds of anonymous questions. Yay for anonymity. Ha! Anyway, enjoy. Pass it around. Share the link as many times as you want. If you are curious, have friends that are curious. Or know anyone at risk of being abducted by a cult--send them my way!
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    Bumping for new content! Thanks for the questions and keep 'em coming!
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  9. What kind of conspiracy theories did you believe or observe when you were in Scientology?

    The one that we hear about most often is Scientology's crazy set of ideas about psychiatry, and there's also a lot of anti-government stuff that emanates from Hubbard. For whatever reasons, Scientologists seem to more commonly develop other wacky beliefs. I'm talking about really far-out things: the government is purposefully putting chemicals in the water supply in order to control people, a secret group of bankers is controlling the world's money supplies, etc.

    Any interesting stories or observations you can share?
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    I've heard ( - yeah I know it's hearsay) -that some indies truly believe that David Miscavige is a mole, planted by Marbab confederation to destroy scientology.
    Of course these indies still praise the old con master ElRon, and they're 100% fact resistant to the true nature of the old beast.
    Any views on this?
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    Please try to stay in the body while observing this important data, Thetans tend to go VOOOOMMM out of their head being confronted by this most impinging information relaid by us by L Ron Hubbard bringer of lulz and true leader of Anonymous

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    It was not so much Hubbard's "important data" on Marcab I meant, but that some Indie's believe that DM is from Marcab and planted as leader of scientology to destroy it. Wonder if this is a common "fact" among indies?
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