Assault and Provocation at Argentina Scientology Protest? 25th Feb 2012

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  1. Anonymous Member

    I came across this on YouTube, couldn't find it posted anywhere.

    From what I can tell, on the 25th February Anonymous Argentina were assaulted twice by a man (Javier Rodriguez) as he left the org. He also attempted to provoke violence. It ended in a row between the anons and other members from the org, and both sides went to the police.

    Unfortunately both videos suffer from the natural impulse to forget about filming when action happens.

    Video 1: First contact 0:50, Provocation 0:58, Second contact 1:29

    Video 2: First contact 0:30, Provocation 0:45, Second contact 1:30

    Google translation of the blog post:

    About an hour started the peaceful protest of n Argentina against the pedophile cult "Church of Scientology" of February 25, 2012, Javier Rodriguez - member of the sect than a month earlier threatened to Petete against the police broke the mask ofPetete with his hand and tried to do the same with your camera . - I took your face, moron! Shouted the "parishioner" of this false religion, as I was on the other. thenthreatened violence to the group and after hitting his hand to Eevey (girlfriendPetete , former U.S. member of the sect he rescued by one year back) like a bull rammed against the entire group beating three women (Sammy, Juliet and Eevey ), throwing them to the ground and giving himself the impulse . The cult members told us we hit , other members ( who said they neighbors ) as well, but our two cameras prove otherwise .

    Four members of Anonymous Argentina assaulted reported the incident to police , and we have ample evidence to show soon, and public prosecutors.
    The sect of mobsters, violent and pedophiles known as "Church of Scientology"you can collect all false neighbors who want to lie about the episode , but the bruises, cuts and medical reports do not lie . The videos even less. Anyway, we encourage you to risk a few years go to jail for giving false testimony to police and justice.The police will be able to observe minor injuries Javier Rodriguez due to his downfall afterattack against a peaceful group composed largely of women , but wounds and bruises of our three women injured by this antisocial and misogynist as well asvideos taken by our two cameras (from L and Petete ) speak for themselves.

    Final thought of Petete : It is worth noting the contrast between the violent cowardice ofJavier Rodriguez attacked a peaceful gathering in which this time plus one literally were women (five to four), and the courage of our female members which not only took the brunt, but did so to protect the rest of the group. Juliet and Eevey always protected me since joining our cell, but in this case also highlighted a new Anons (or Femanons, if you prefer) nicknamed "Sammy". But we are on the sides and give the appropriate credit to each.Juliet , always energetic, sometimes talking about other, is pure heart and courage.Usually next to me most of the time, although we have some discussions in the heat of the protests, I can not recognize her maternal instinct, her cool, her humor and courage. It took the brunt of falling to the floor between Sammy and Eevey when the animal named Javier Rodriguez the rammed. Do not worry Juliet, we are with you and we will fight this until the end, it will be the Victoria , and that truth is gained, and this false religion and its members are trained to lie to get it. You're a mother for the whole group, and I'm sure that as we do, your children should love and be proud of you. It's the least you deserve a person like you.Thanks for being and for everything you do. Sammy . One of the three new girls who joined us this time. When Javier Rodriguez hit me pulling my mask (and slapping my camera), she immediately ran to retrieve it and bring it to me so I could cover my back. It was so sudden that I had no time to react, but she did. And minutes later when Javier Rodriguez slammed against the group, she stood in front of Juliet in the front, to protect it. He received the worst hit by this mindless and violent might not deserve to be called man. When I later thanked him for all in the police station told me "It's the least I could do was not going to let that kind hurt anyone" . That's what I call have guts of steel, even a girl. Sammy has a sense of justice and courage that many police should emulate and other Anons. Having proved treacherous over time some ex-colleagues who believed loyal, it is gratifying and encouraging to see Sammy in his debut realize our phrase "If you mess with one mess with all."

    Eevey : My love, my beautiful and sweet Evey, my Queen . Since we started our relationship after removing it from the sect and Argentina came to protecting me he spends with his posters. In protest of January 28, 2012 he earned the wrath of Gustavo Adolfo Libardi (director of Scientology in Argentina and its Office of Special Affairs), who tore his sign with his hand (rompiéndoselo and stealing it, against the police, who did not stop him) to block your camera when you wanted to film me arguing with the police. This time never left me, and when Javier Rodriguez charged at all, she stood before me with his sign as a shield. The end result was she on the floor with several bruises on hips and hands, plus the new poster bruised. I see in the video when the animal Javier Rodriguez came over to us and I can only feel love, pride and happiness knowing that I saved the right person, well I realized how lucky I am to have someone like her love Me . Beautiful thanks for showing that he was not wrong when I decided to try to open your beautiful eyes in 2010.Javier Rodriguez and anyone who has caused you pain ever going to pay, I promise(and saw that I always keep my promises ) . I love you more than I can describe in words.

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  2. Anonymous Member

    At the police station :

    Javier Rodriguez and Gloria Martinez fooling unwary
    to "Mothers United - HONORING THE LIFE." Such facade of Scientology
    is not enough to disguise the mob they are.
    When we went to the police station to report 17, we had the displeasure to come across withJavier Rodriguez and his inseparable companion Gloria Martinez (who "works" in one of the many facades of Scientology, allegedly anti-drugs). Gloria Martinez when they were in an office next door and saw me, he tried (or did) get me pictures with your phone. When I informed the Head of Service asked to eat a nice rebuke. And moments later, smoking in the garage with Sammy while waiting to continue to declare, came Gloria Martinez and Javier Rodriguez . The latter approached us and said (to me, Petete): "Why do you do both brothel." I asked him what he meant, as it was he who had attacked us. Then Sammy tells me that Javier Rodriguez had the camera turned on his hand, but not pointed at me but with obvious intention of doing so. Behind him came Gloria Martinez at me with intense hatred. I walked into the office to warn the police were looking for trouble again (the police told us that they did know if that happened), and soon the two demented disappeared like rats they are. Give the impression that disconnected from reality these people live ...

    Scientology sucks us to us but they wear masks ... MASKS.
    and oppose prostitution but do not speak of pedophilia in his "church."
    Can you be more hypocritical?

    Scientology genuine infiltrating social organizations is not new. Receive support (our money) of Deputies is not. View Congresswoman Cynthia Hotton with this kind of characters is almost logical in view of its ideology. But ... Does he know the Hotton L. Ron Hubbard said that Jesus was a pedophile? Or that in the Scientology Sea Organization (Sea Org) is forced to abort its members?

    Soon we will publish more details, videos and news, so stay tuned on this post and our usual communication channels.

    We will demonstrate, through legal channels, that Scientology is not above the law . And people violent and dangerous to society than are their members, as Javier Rodriguez , are far from being " the most ethical people on the planet " as preach.Come for you JR, legally , and we'll see if your "technology" of science fiction obsoletehelps. Let's see if your "religion" gives you a hand after make her look bad in public (non-existent demonstrating their "product" ), or if you give it instead of the loose after habértela so involved in his pocket for so time.

    They have an English language blog too, so hopefully we'll get a translation there sometime.

    (Is that a Scientologist-girl-leaves-and-falls-for-an-anon love story in there? Sweet.)
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  3. Anonymous Member

    Thanks for the update OP.
  4. Anonymous Member

    The Scientology corporation has demonstrated a pattern of attacking protesters in similar ways around the world. One day someone will prove this in a US court and sue the pants off of the criminally convicted company for training its clients to be violent.
  5. Anonymous Member

    Or a Scientologist will provoke the wrong person and get made a bitch in front of God and everyone.
  6. Anonymous Member

    Loved the "boludo" holding the little perro dog - but look, it is proof - scientologica es puto.
    El chindudo - ejemplo perfecto de los culto religioso. El chorro sin chirola.

    Look at what the sclientologica does to the beauty of a woman, especially an Argentine woman, this cult helps nobody.


    Mentally ill sacado cult member, what was his crazy "woooo! woooo!" on the camera? Salta la ficha!
    Cagada tras cagada. El cagado, por los cana solo. Caga de risa! Violencia from this nabo ciruja, mocazo.

    I love Anonymous Argentina - Buenos Aires is a real battleground because of course David Miscavige needs to escape the USA and Europe and he needs to establish places where not so much zafarrancho bad publicity has happened yet against the pedophile cult of L Ron Hubbard.

    Argentinian Anons = Brave Anons. Petete e los Anons BA es un grosso!

    Just be careful guys, and ¡ojo! - maybe - when you raid the org in the future you will have Anon guy across the street that will videotape everything from now on? La sacaste barata... zafar....

    Por favor??

    Los LRH morondanga es puto, LOL because that stupid Scientologist was pirado, el trolo Tom Cruise can tirame la goma.

    Los Sci orgs es tapera. Anonymous Argentina = viveza criolla. Mejor que el pan.

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  7. anoninoob Member

    desperate cult is desperate.
  8. afternon Member

    Well done for keeping filming and catching the violent little moron on camera. This is "standard tech" for the scilons to try to instigate a retaliation and get it on camera as they have tried in the UK, USA, Australia etc.

    The irony, of course, is that it just makes the scilons look more insane and encourages more Anons to fight the cult!
    What these scilons need is for "OT3" to be played to them loudly and repeatedly whilst you film- that will drive them nuts (or nuttier)!
  9. xenubarb Member might wanna rethink that attitude. "EVEN A GIRL?"

    Dude. Really?
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  10. amaX Member

    Brave Argentinian Anons! Well done to keep filming. I know how upsetting and confusing it can be when they physically attack you. Love to you all in Argentina! <3
  11. Anonymous Member

    Ghandi tech works and it helps people.
  12. xipe totec Member

    bring him to me I want to see what's his heart looks like
  13. Anonymous Member

    He has a black lump of charred chorizo where his heart used to be.

    I hope Javier Rodriguez uses Google. :)
  14. Herro Member

    "The pedophile cult of Scientology?" Why have Argentinian Chanologists resorted to blatantly lying about the Church?
  15. Anonymous Member

    ^ Wondering about that myself.
  16. Anonymous Member

    The cult is happy to lie and cover up for pedophile crimes, and many crimes against little kids have been recorded, hell even Hubbard liked 12 year old girls in hotpants running around on his little ship.

    I see no lies here. Anonymous Argentina are doing it right.
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  17. Herro Member

    Where is the evidence to support the claim that the Church of Scientology is a "pedophile cult?" It seems to me to be a blatantly dishonest statement.
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  18. Anonymous Member

    There are a number of former members who attended the Mace Kingsley Ranch, for example, who legally attested to have been a victim of or witnessed incidences of pedophilia, and the fact that Scientology is a cult is not in question.

    Children are viewed as adults in small bodies, in a creepy way, and L Ron Hubbard had little girls in hotpants working as his servants.

    Former head of CCHR Jan Eastgate-Meyer is accused of covering up pedophile rape and attempting to pervert the course of justice by advising the victim not to call the cops.

    In my view it is a pedophile cult. What is true is true for me.
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  19. Herro Member

    I don't see how you can claim that the Church is a pedophile cult just because one Scientologist is alleged to have molested children and another is alleged to have interfered with a police investigation of child sexual abuse. You know, there are several things the Church has done, which can be documented, that justify activism against it. Lying about the Church to turn others against it isn't just deceitful, it's unnecessary as well.
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  20. Anonymous Member

    You doth protest too much....

    What are your crimes?
  21. Anonymous Member

    Or, perhaps others do not protest enough
  22. The Republicans are also a pedophile cult as well.
  23. Anonymous Member

    Whatever it takes to take down this cult - I support it.

    And the situation in Buenos Aires might be different from the situation in DC or Hollywood.

    Let the Argentina Anons run their shit the way they want to, it's obviously working because you can see the retards come out & attack.
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  24. Anonymous Member

    jeanny eastgate cover up ?
  25. Anonymous Member

    bla bla bla
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  26. xipe totec Member

    bring them to me are they ready ?
    open your heart for your god
  27. Anonymous Member

    they look like the dream team
  28. RightOn Member

    desperate scilons are desperate and creepy
  29. Herro Member

    How does that make Scientology "a pedophile cult?"
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  30. Any Religion that has a pedophile as a member is a pedophile cult dumb ass.
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  31. Anonymous Member

    An old man surrounds himself with 12-14 year old girls in hot pants on a boat in the middle of nowhere and they have to wash him and compete to do little erands for him..

    That's pedo enough and that was L Ron Hubbard.
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  32. Herro Member

    Unsubstantiated allegations. Even if correct, how does that make Scientology "a pedophile cult?"
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  33. Anonymous Member

    How about "child-abusing, pedophile-friendly cult" since there are multiple instances of the CoS protecting pedophiles who were Scientologists in good standing.
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  34. fify
  35. Anonymous Member

    Y'know, you seem to spend a lot of energy trying to defend L Ron surrounding himself with young girls in hot pants on a boat...are you sure you're not trying to hide something yourself?!
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  36. Django Member

    Sorry. Scn is creepy and wrong enough without making shit up about it (which accomplishes nothing).

    According to Reitman, the Messengers designed their own uniforms (it was the 70s, and that's how kids dressed). There's been no allegations of hanky-panky by LRH in this regard.

    Not defending LRH, who was many things, most of them fucked-up, but evidence=wings, and this just won't fly.

    Stay on target....
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  37. Anonymous Member

    The girls in the Sea Org also served as his personal attendants.
    When he woke up he would yell "Messenger" and two of us would go into his room straight away. He would usually be lying in his bunk in his underwear with one arm outstretched, waiting for us to pull him up to a sitting position. While one of us put a robe around his shoulders, the other one would give him a cigarette, a Kool non-filter, light it and stand ready with an ashtray. I would run into the bathroom to make sure his toothbrush, soap and razor were all laid out in a set fashion and I prepared his bath, checked the shampoo, towel and temperature of the water.
    When he went into the bathroom we would lay out his clothes, powder his socks and shoes and fold everything ready to get him dressed. Everything had to be right because if it wasn't he would yell at us and we didn't want to upset him. The last thing we wanted to do was upset him. When he came out of the shower, he would be in his underwear. Two of us held his pants off the floor as he stepped into them. He didn't like the trouser legs to touch the floor, God forbid that should happen. We pulled up his pants and buckled his belt, although he zipped them. We put on his shirt, buttoned it up, put his Kools in his shirt pocket, tied his cravat and combed his hair. All this time he'd be standing there watching us run around him.
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  38. Anonymous Member

    Yeah, I know the whole cult isn't a "pedo cult" it just sees kids as "thetans in little meat bodies" and Jan Eastgate is being investigated for grooming a girl to lie about being abused..

    But, the mindset is that anyone and everything comes second to KSW and therefore acts of abuse- and I consider the RPF and sea org to be abusive, do happen.

    Not all the abuse is sexual, but the cult does abuse.
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  39. Anonymous Member

    Yes, they are not the only religious organization to cover up abuse and protect abusers. So what? The label still fits.
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  40. Herro Member

    So back to the original question, why are the Argentinian Anons blatantly lying about the Church?
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