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Discussion in 'Celebrity News' started by Belladonna, Oct 29, 2009.

  1. Belladonna Member 8 Hottest Women in Scientology

    The 8 hottest women in Scientology - Asylum UK | For All Mankind -- Men's Lifestyle, Opinion and Humour

    (Click through for all the pretty pictures)
  2. Anonymous Member

    Re: 8 Hottest Women in Scientology

    Catherine Bell and Jenna Elfman beaten by Juliette Lewis!
  3. Consensus Member

    Re: 8 Hottest Women in Scientology


    To have this article now, with an introduction like that, it's clear the press is actively turning the 'celebrity' of the cult on its head.

    The point of recruiting members was to improve visibility and 'normalize' membership in the cult (while adding a flair of 'sophistication' and 'fame' to membership).

    We have made membership a liability. And now the press is actively and publicly outing scilons, pairing them with the sinking ship. Make membership a liability career-wise, and people will start to blow.

    The betting pool re: the 'next to blow' (mentioned in other threads) is another example of this.
  4. Belladonna Member

    Re: 8 Hottest Women in Scientology

    From Kirstie Alley's Twitter:
    Kirstie Alley (kirstiealley) on Twitter

    How hard is it to JUST STOP TWEETING?
  5. inventor Member

    Re: 8 Hottest Women in Scientology

    What?,,no Kelly Preston [/IMG]
  6. Re: 8 Hottest Women in Scientology

    This thread reminded me of an actress who joined the Sea Org. Alexandra Powers. Looks like she joined around 2000.
    I had never heard of her before she joined the Sea Org. She had mostly small parts in things. I haven't seen her in about 10 years, but she was pretty.
    Looking at her on IMDB now, she was in a decent number of movie/tv shows. Seems a shame she joined the Sea Org.
    Oh, and she is married to Gavin Potter of Bridge Publication recruiting fame.

    Alexandra Powers

    Not top 8 material, but it sucks to see a relatively successful person like this waste their life.



  7. TrevAnon Member

    Now that's a thread necro.

    Why did you post Jean?

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