ATL and CW throw the Ideal Morg a grand opening party!

Discussion in 'Scientology and Anonymous' started by Anonymous, Nov 28, 2015.

  1. Anonymous Member

    Anons from Atlanta and Clearwater show how its done while a Nashville anon is stuck at home!
    Pics to follow.

    Really guys. Post Pics.
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  2. amaX Member

    I drove six hours yesterday through Black Friday/Thanksgiving traffic, protested at TWO cult-owned buildings, decorated the Six Cakes in One Disgusto Cake, drove six hours BACK home today and I'm STILL the one who has to post the first post-raid picture?

    EDIT: I know Raven doesn't want to take any blame for the Disgusto Cake, but she did bake the cake. I just decorated it. I think having a cake was also her idea. Yeah. Her idea.


    Well, I don't have a fancy schmancy camera like Aqua and Raven so I have three cell phone pix. They are terrible.

    These are my pieces of cake BEFORE I took a bite so you get the idea that it was disgusting.

    The top piece is accidentally turned over. It's a piece of the Crime Scene Scientology is Watching You portion of the cake. This cake turned my tongue black and I had to spit out the candy eyes because they were like little pebbles.

    Below that is the Popping Cherries cake. This small bite of pink cake might have actually turned me into a diabetic. I was screaming at the Scientology building across the street for someone to bring me some insulin.

    The chocolate-y smeared icing on the edge of my plate is the Aqua HATES Chocolate Cake Cake----which is the cake that Aqua ate! lol I thought the top of Raven's head would blow off when he asked for chocolate since she thought he hated it. Heh.

    The blue icing from the Raven Wants Blue Icing Cake. Her tongue will probably be blue for a week!

    There was also Manly Man 'Stache Cake that was made with orange flavored icing and decorated with sprinkles and little black mustaches. The 'Stache Cake, baby! I had a bite of that and it was actually pretty good. I wish I'd have a piece of that instead of the diabeetees cake. We had to put coconut marshmallows on that cake because Raven said they were gross, but still HAD to have them.

    There was also a Purple Cult Eater Cake. I don't think anyone had a bite of that poor cake.


    I'd like to thank Elvis Presley, Buddy Guy, Jerry Lee Lewis, James Brown, Janis Joplin, The Ohio Players, The Commodores, Wild Cherry, Rick James, George Jones, The Wild Tchoupitoulas, Patsy Cline, Ferlin Husky, Floyd Cramer, Brenda Lee, Loretta Lynn, Tammy Wynette, and Johnny Cash for helping me get to 'lanta and back. I'd like to thank the 15-20 cars ahead of me on I-75 for slowing down so I'd slow down and none of us got a ticket from the 20+ state troopers weaving in and out of traffic to hand out Thanksgiving Weekend Speeding Tickets.

    Raven and Aqua are great hosts and I highly recommend you join them for a protest if you ever get to that neck of the woods. I'd especially like to thank them for not kicking me out of the protest when I started yelling at the org and when I started ballroom dancing with the 4 ft. tall Leah Remini poster. They know how to not give a damn at a protest---we even took chairs to lounge comfortably across from the Morgue where people were coughing up their life savings.

    Scientology is pulling yet another scam on it's members. Imagine that. <insert eye roll here> Their Idle Morgue is no where near done, but they have all their rented equipment sitting all around the building so the whales can drive by and think the cult is truly renovating the building.

    The cult said they were going to open the Idle Morgue in November. Raven wondered November of WHAT year. I explained to her that time moved at different pace on Teegeeack.

    This was my first protest outside the state of Florida and it was pretty cool to protest at the empty Idle Morgue and then go to where the cult rents a building for the morgue.

    Let the bitching begin to try and get Aqua and Raven to post pix.
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  3. amaX Member

    Pix...because it happened.

    Disgusto Cake.
    Let's work clockwise from the blue cake. Raven Wants Blue Cake Cake, Popping Cherries Cake, Aqua HATES Chocolate Cake Cake, Manly Man 'Stache Cake, Purple People Eater Cake, and finally the Crime Scene Scientology is Watching You Cake.


    Sir Aqua of Awesomeness! What a trooper and a gentleman.

    Here he is doing his part in hosting the extravagant Ideal Org Grand Opening party. He suited up and looked very spiffy for the event.

    No expense was spared as you can tell by the elaborate grand opening sign.

    You can also see the gorgeous Ideal Org behind Aqua. Notice their beautiful designer fencing and the custom landscaping that is modeled after the landscaping usually only seen near a dumpster behind a 7-11! Fantastic!

    See all the Scientologists in attendance? Neither did we! (Except for the guy who watched us from across the street and the one who took our license plate info.)


    Sir Aqua and me before the soiree started! The weather gods were good to us for this first in what will surely be a series of grand opening events! Nothin' but blue skies from now on...

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  4. amaX Member

    One lovely middle-aged lady in a luxury car asked if the building was REALLY Scientology owned. I told her yes and she snarled and looked very unhappy while pointing up the street and saying that she thought their building was farther up the street. Looks like the rich people who live in the neighborhood are not going to be cordial neighbors toward the cult. That is IF they ever move in for real.

    We all talked to a young Black couple who took a flier and will try to remain in contact with us. They chatted with us for almost ten minutes and were NOT happy to hear that Farrakhan has cuddled up with Scientology and that Scientology has been desperately trying to make inroads within the Black community in various places in the United States. We strongly suggested that they make sure to keep an eye out for Scientology and to warn everyone they know. :) *I can't believe Raven found a flier! I thought every Chanology Cell stopped making fliers back in 2012. ;) Raven has a magic backpack full of everything...she also coughed up a pen!
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  5. amaX Member

    Well done, Bon bon bon!
  6. RightOn Member

    So much for the Ideal Morgue that lies empty.:rolleyes:
    Even if it opens, the attendance won't change.
    The COS will be no doubt be very annoyed by the little protest
    Hey COS, just a reminder....
    suck on it!
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  7. AquaMan Member

    Pix because shit happened. No editing other than sizing them down to 1/2 original, so they're the next best thing to "raw".

    Then again, so is the Idle Org, so I guess it's all good. ;)

    Nov 28, 2015 - Guest Star Anon
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  8. Disambiguation Global Moderator

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