Atlanta 02/14/2009

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    Re: Atlanta 02/14/2009

    Sorry I am being such a Slowpoke with /r/aid report and pix. I finally got a moment to myself to get them off my cameras, but have not had a moment to actually do anything Interweebzy yet. Coming soon! Lots of drama llama on the home front, but mom's on Xanax (thanks, psychiatric overlords, for the free samples!) and I hope it will kick in soon, and despite the constant bad weather / blackouts, the house did not get hit by lightning and kill all my electronic toys THIS TIME, so eventually I will get caught up.

    Basically, my mom is currently feeling a lot like I do all the time, and instead of handling it on her own, she requires me to sit in the same room for hours on end being completely unable to fix anything for her. This is why I didn't come up Friday: my presence was required for a routine (but 8 hour long) (glucose) stick test.

    Saturday, drove like my ass was on fire (after throwing 80% of what I should have brought with me in the car), donned wig in car one-handed while driving 80 MPH in the rain (do not recommend this) and made it to the protest site right on time. HUZZAH!

    The Murph and I were glad not to be the first to get there, because few things are more pleasing than driving past a bunch of Anons already geared up into HARDCORE PROTEST MODE. Saw a lot of familiar faces, some new faces, some new-to-me faces, etc., and wish to thank those who were there from Day One as well as awesome returning warriors like Xenophobe, who had been missed. Welcome back, good sir!

    We had the most awesome cake I have ever seen in my life: a smoking volcano caek with a mess of parachuting SOOPREME ROOLAH aliens from another gal-AX-y, los palmas trees, chocolate and vanilla lava, secret toy surprises like edible decor and chocolate chips, and a plane that we will pretend was a DC-8 because it was A DOLLAH and not THIRTY DOLLAH, OK, and the difference obviously went right back into purchasing extra signage, plates and forks so we could OM NOM NOM all civilized-like using our opposable thumbs, and EPIC XBOX HUEG SIGNAGE and MOAR green and black Anonyflags.

    I did remember to bring Bigger Mini V and Mudkips, both of which enjoyed the protest very much.

    Some highlights:

    Gumby & 88 ran around at different points during the protest with "Yackety Sax" playing in their heads, which was LULZ.

    Gumby managed to get the FAIL TECH 9000 bubblator to werk, which makes it one up on Tom Cruise's website, which are not werk, WRRRRY?, BAAAWWWW. Bubbles are Gumby's crack, so wacky hijinx ensued. We all had a fine Lawrence Welk-y time, minus polkas and Chad and Diane demonstrating the foxtrot.

    THE CAEK WAS NOT A LIE AND WAS DELISHUS AND MOIST. OM NOM NOM NOM. I got to take seconds and thirds home, neener neener. Mmmmmm, my thetans sure loved that VUL-can-o caek!

    Murphy behaved beautifully at his first protest. Epic Ferret Guy's legend lives on! Murphy did nto bite anyone, though he did manage to Houdini his way out of his harness multiple times, which gave me heart palpitations since we were so close to the roadway. DO NOT WANT ferret pancaek.

    Murphy did The Double Douche Headbob to Haddaway with various Anons. What IS love? Don't hurt me.

    Gumby found a Scilon underground bunker! No report on whether Mike Rinder, Heber Jentsch or gold-plated titanium Hubtech slabs of FAIL were in there.

    Our local trap had on new finery, which made all femAnons extremely green with jealousy, and traded bird for bird with a butthurt Scitard who swooshed by at Mach 10 in her black beatermobile but was too FAIL to do more than that.

    We had LAZORZ, thanks to our local Jedi. We're doing SCIENCE!! and we're STILL ALIVE.

    DUELING TROLL CANNONS. All the anime / Anonytunes any Anon might want. We were spoilt for choice and bounced our booties and bewbies gleefully. DANCE TECH for the MFing WIN!

    XENU V-Day messages on signage and V-Day toothrotters available, just to keep on topic for once. Mmm, Anony lick a lolly.

    Most of the usual goofs were there, bouncing around shouting "NO U" at the Scihive.

    An Anonymous Anonymous posted Fair Game theme stickers everywhere, including at Ground Zero across from the Scishack Of Fail. Anonymous Anonymous rules. All their Scibase are belong to Anon! Someone set them up the stickerbombs. Take off every ZigZag!

    Successful multiple mini-raids on the CCHR Exhibit Of FAIL were successful this week as well, with over 9000 fliers distributed and, reportedly, the same handful of Scilons watching the same exhibits over and over (and dozing off), but no one other than curious Anons joining them. Tickets to the event (with a touch of typical Scilon hubris and head-up-buttness) invited those from the professional psych / neuropsych convention nearby to come and be insulted in person at the Scilon's WE HAET PSYCHIATRY, PSYCHIATRISTS R TEH SUX exhibit. We doubt that there were any takers, but I can't imagine that would have gone well, can you? They probably spent thousands of dollars to set up the exhibit in a dank corner on a lower floor that is normally devoid of foot traffic, and the Scilons tasked with bodyrouting initially smiled and traded cheery waves with enturbulating Anons, but were all wearing defeated expressions by the end of the first day, and the Scitard butthurt only got worse from there.

    TWO enormous Longbanners Are Long were set up, bracketing the protest zone, and they could probably be seen in South Carolina.

    Officer Awesome attended! Hello, Officer Awesome! Due to peer pressure from the other LEOs (we assume), Office Awesome did not ask for a YouTube shout-out this month. It's OK, Officer Awesome. Next time! We love you long time!

    Xenu's Girlfriend attended the /r/aid and got lots of LULZ and honks from motorists.

    Murphy helped protest by not chewing on signage and allowing Anons to take him aside for peptalks, photo ops, pats and scritches. We'll get Longferret Junior indoctrinated in short order at this rate.

    Some of our signs got Taco Belled at the V-Day raid with ALL I WANTED WAS A PEPSI, but are still usable, so onwards and upwards. It's not like we don't have over 9000 spares!

    NEWS FLASH: Tom Cruise still can't fly!

    We enjoyed our borscht / peanut curry / pizza / paella / General Tso's after the protest a lot and LULZ and HAWTT girl-on-girl action occurred. Extra thanks to the couple(s) who attended our afterparty with us instead of immediately bailing so they could rush off to enjoy sucking face in a candlelit restaurant or getting jiggy at home; now THAT is dedication. Tired and hungry Anons were tired and hungry and ate a metric ton of Beef Wellington, doner kebabs, saag paneer and quiche Lorraine.

    A special AnonyLUV shout-out to our visiting FloridAnon, who was awesome, witty and photogenic. Come back any time, Tom Petty! We less than three you. His tank is fight!

    There were MOAR LULZ, but I suspect I am pushing my luck trying to post this with thunderboomers outside.

    Tealdeer: Protest was well-attended, lots of fun, and EPIC WIN. HUZZAH, WINRARZ were we!
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    Re: Atlanta 02/14/2009

    Just to prove I've not forgotten, here's some pics and stuffs:

    2-14 pictures by an0nCSPSG - Photobucket

    And, instead of just taking the lazy way, I'm going to be pointing out a couple of highlights as well.



    Dry ice + hot water + hollow cake = OT3 reenactment

    Greedy cops won't share their BKs with us.


    Being Gumby: SRS BZNZ


    ~o Down on the corner, out in the street o~

    Alternately: Colonizing the rest of the street, one corner at a time.


    Mrs Xenu finding her hubby's head.


    BRB, partyvan


    Front of the partyvan had "I.C.P." on the front, which none of us had any idea what that was short for. Whipping out my epic Google-Fu skills, I found that the DeKalb Police site says it's for their "Interactive Community Policing" thingy. I'm still not sure what they're for, really, but I'm too lazy to follow the links on the ICP page, so oh well. :p

    The pics kinda suck, I know, but that's par for the course with a 5 or so year old camera that was kinda cheap-o when it was new, let alone now. With luck, next month I'll have the $$$ for something that isn't quite so failtacular.
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    Re: Atlanta 02/14/2009

    HUZZAH for pictures!
  5. Re: Atlanta 02/14/2009

    Atlanta, you guys are amazing! Congratulations on being an inspiration.

    I'm jealous of your awesomeness!
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    Re: Atlanta 02/14/2009

    What, this old thing? It's just something we threw on. No, no...honestly, YOU'RE pretty! YOU are! :)

    Stop, we're blushing.

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