Atlanta 4/17 postgame

Discussion in 'USA - East Coast' started by AquaMan, Apr 17, 2010.

  1. AquaMan Member

    Atlanta 4/17 postgame

    (I can't believe no one's started this thread before now...)

    Kinda small showing this month, but all and all fun was had by all.

    Unfortunately, my camera decided to go shit itself completely, and the cheapy camera I thought to pick up was a pathetic joke (if it had been in a big, colorful case instead of the actual "fat credit card" dimensions, it could've been a Fisher Price "My First Camera", it was so limited) so I didn't bring it. Others will have to post their pics when they get a chance (and Raven figures out her new camera :p ).

    A father/son team of newfags showed up and hung around for a while before they had to go elsewhere, and a Dunwoody cop stopped by to chitchat a bit because he was bored. Other than that and a few of the usual "get a life/job" type shouted comments, nothing really of note happened before we gathered at the local Wendy's for post-raid dinner, where things were discussed, lulz were had, and I gave myself several icecream headaches with the Frosty I had with my dinner. :(

    Unfortunately, the fairly good weather (hot, but a nice breeze to keep it from being stupidly so) didn't yield our friend Tone 40, so the theory he only shows up when it's nice out might need revisiting.
  2. ravenanon Member

    Re: Atlanta 4/17 postgame

    Lost my computer for the night so my picts will be up tomorrow.

    Had a police office stop by and chat with us because he was board lol He read our signs and asked questions.

    2 honks from fire trucks and some from the bus and mail carriers. What I can say Gov workers love us!!

    A few people flipped us off etc. I yelled I love them to them as they speed away.

    Several people stopped to read our signs.

    It was fun and not picts of my fail dancing exist.
  3. grumpus Member

    Re: Atlanta 4/17 postgame

  4. fisherman Member

    Re: Atlanta 4/17 postgame

    Good on ya'! Looking forward to the pix!
  5. Re: Atlanta 4/17 postgame

    Flipped you off?!??! I am very surprised. Give em hell Atlanta.
  6. manly man Member

    Re: Atlanta 4/17 postgame

    flippin people off is the new way to say "i love you", didn't you know that!!? lolz :D
  7. Bipolart Member

    Re: Atlanta 4/17 postgame

    Lookin' forward to pics. Good job Atlantanons!
  8. Ann O'Nymous Member

    Re: Atlanta 4/17 postgame

    Sounds good.
  9. anonymous612 Member

    Re: Atlanta 4/17 postgame

    Reminds me of the time a firetruck turned its siren on for us (except I think my eardrums ruptured). Awesome, ATL, awesome.


    Ours said "Fuck those Cocksuckers" and had an awesomeface, I want to know what our chances are in the ATL vs CW caek competition.
  10. AquaMan Member

    Re: Atlanta 4/17 postgame

    612, slim to none :p
  11. ravenanon Member

    Re: Atlanta 4/17 postgame

    Back in the day when we had the riot police across from us a fire truck honked for us down the street. The police were a bit shocked at this.

    picts coming after lunch and a micro center/Frys field trip
  12. Stutroup Member

    Re: Atlanta 4/17 postgame



    Scientology?! *FACEPALM*




    Done fuckin' right!


    Epic cop asking questions about t3h cult!

  13. mefree Member

    Re: Atlanta 4/17 postgame

    That bunneh looks seriously enturbulating.
  14. Re: Atlanta 4/17 postgame

    Sorry for taking so long. :-( Corset + Heat/Sun + Pollen = Headache and grumpiness.

    Anywho, after news of a rousing run-in with Narconon earlier in the week yesterday made up for it by being nearly uneventful. It was a fairly pretty day outside and people seemed to be coming and going from the building a bit more than usual.

    Bored cop stopped to be entertained and seemed fairly amused by our signs. After he left lots of police drove by so I can only guess that make Dekalb was having a slow day and the whole force came by to laugh at us.


  15. xenubarb Member

    Re: Atlanta 4/17 postgame

    Scurvy Bill sez he lieks bunneh.

    Don't you love it when ppl say GET A JOB on a Saturday?
  16. amaX Member

    Re: Atlanta 4/17 postgame

    HotlantaAnon cake is very cool except for that suspicious looking light brown glob of mystery substance oozing from the right side? wtf?

    I still think Clearwaterfags should take the win this month because I got to write "fuck" AND "cocksuckers" on our cake.

    I love you, 'lanta Anons! I've had a crush on you guise since this shit was happening:

  17. AquaMan Member

    Re: Atlanta 4/17 postgame

    The caek icing was partly melted by the heat, hence the bare spot, the blob on the other side, and the lettering starting to run.

    And CW should lose points for the use of that incredibly fucking lame "Hotlanta". :p
  18. amaX Member

    Re: Atlanta 4/17 postgame

    You know you love it.
  19. xenubarb Member

    Re: Atlanta 4/17 postgame

    Oh lawd, remember the video where the background music was the Star Wars music as the riot squad came marching down the hill clashing their shields with their billy clubs? Epic! We've sure had some lulz in the past two years!
  20. PodPeople Member

    Re: Atlanta 4/17 postgame

    Yeah, but did you ever have Hot heart shaped pizza PIE, ever? I think not.
    You have much to catch up to the long history of CW awesome caek and pies.

  21. ravenanon Member

    Re: Atlanta 4/17 postgame

    dude this month was rough caek wise, but we can go month to month caek to caek with you. You missing the history and love of the ATL bakers guild. However very cool pizza

    now time for my attempts at picture taking

    Epic Tax Bunny Anon

    How About Some Southern Comfort


    A Seasoned Professional Protester and our Noob!!


    Let it Fly
    Straight to the Point of it All


    Some People


    One way to not get sun burnt


    The caek was well..... Everyone was real busy this week so I said I'll do it. Its the rezoning sign for the ideal org with the word FAIL written on it. However, me the dyslexic making a caek with writing on it was even more of a challenge!!! You have no clue my issues this week.

    Anyway, if you cut the letters just right eventually it becomes a FAT cake and thus a cake made in tribute to Kristie Alley also. Thus our caek was actually a two for one and thus we win.

    Fat Caek pict below:

  22. urbanhawk Member

    Re: Atlanta 4/17 postgame

    I have never seen that vid before. can u post it up for me?

    Also great job and there are still much lulz to be had before the cult breaks so keep up the good work.
  23. amaX Member

    Re: Atlanta 4/17 postgame

    lol Ravenanon! Did you take a blow to the head? We've been doing this caek war thing for an eternity in Anon time.

    Must I go over the one rule with you? No one ever wins or loses because we both declare we win and no ever really contests it.

    btw. We won this month.

    Love the picts. Y'all are awesome.
  24. amaX Member

    Re: Atlanta 4/17 postgame

  25. manly man Member

    Re: Atlanta 4/17 postgame

    ROFL!!! "Original Bridge TO NOwhere!!!" hillarious.
  26. Lorelei Member

    Re: Atlanta 4/17 postgame

    Well done, comrades. :)
  27. ravenanon Member

    Re: Atlanta 4/17 postgame

    Actually the SouthEast Runs This! No one else does it with our Southern Style.

    You guys are part of the SouthEast aren't you?

    Thats my favorite video from those days too.
  28. RightOn Member

    Re: Atlanta 4/17 postgame

    nise signage , I liek the Racism one too. I would bet that nobody
    (the general public) is aware of Hubbard's racism. Great idea for a sign.
  29. Anonymous Member

    Re: Atlanta 4/17 postgame

    A little off topic..
    but does Atlanta still do the "Red Ribbon Week" in October?
    Isn't that a huge Narconon event?
    Has this event ever been raided or can this event be raided?
  30. Anon1720 Member

  31. ravenanon Member

    Re: Atlanta 4/17 postgame

    They do!

    Last year I searched and searched and called and called and could not find them. Eventually footage went up on their yt channel showing where they had been.

    ATL is a large city divided between 6 counties making it hard to search and hunt narconon. Red ribbon week occurs all over the place. If anyone has a tip send it our away please.
  32. LolitaTrap Member

    Re: Atlanta 4/17 postgame

    Well we crushed their unannounced pamphlet hand-out operation last week. I think that counts even if we can't find Red Ribbon Week this year.

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