Atlanta 5/15 postgame

Discussion in 'USA - East Coast' started by AquaMan, May 15, 2010.

  1. AquaMan Member

    Atlanta 5/15 postgame

    It's lame that I keep having to start this shit up, considering I'm mostly just a signfag and water bitch, but since everyone else is busy doing other things (like having a life, I guess) y'all get me, for your sins.

    Anyway, the weather was kinda bleh, but the t-storms that were threatened for early evening tonight decided to be nice and wait until... just now, actually, I hear it outside as I type this. Some sprinkles, but enough of us planned ahead with umbrella tech so even when it was raining we had people out on the side of the street, ignoring the fact that we were holding lighting rods when in the distance there were actual lightning bolts.

    Had two newfags show up, along with more than a few regulars (one of which brought along tomato plants to give away). The caek was kinda slapped together at the last minute because Kroeger (regional supermarket chain) were a bunch of fuckheads that waited until the last minute before saying they wouldn't do the caek design, and refused to do anything else. An anon couple jumped in at the last minute, not having any caek making materials to start with, and saved the day.

    Pics coming later when Stu gets his shit together, though there weren't that many thanks to the threat of electronics-breaking rain keeping camera availability at the minimum for dox if shit went down.

    (Got a new-to-me camcorder to replace my broken one, but it didn't get delivered before I left for ATL. I'll definitely have it for Boston, though.)
  2. terryeo2 Member

    Re: Atlanta 5/15 postgame

    Why did Kroger decline to do a cake design? WTF?
  3. AquaMan Member

    Re: Atlanta 5/15 postgame

    Because they're retards, and apparently assholes to boot.

    Others have the fine details that I was told about then forgot, as usual for my failtacular memory. :(
  4. greebly Member

    Re: Atlanta 5/15 postgame

  5. amaX Member

    Re: Atlanta 5/15 postgame

    GRRRRRR! They wouldn't make your cake? That sucks.

    Well, I love you anyway, Atlanta.
  6. anonymous612 Member

    Re: Atlanta 5/15 postgame

    /offers ATL leftover cake


    /offers ATL leftover Anoncaek.
  7. anoncaek Member

    Re: Atlanta 5/15 postgame

  8. Ann O'Nymous Member

    Re: Atlanta 5/15 postgame

    Sounds good.
  9. manly man Member

    Re: Atlanta 5/15 postgame

    pretty cool.
  10. anonymous612 Member

    Re: Atlanta 5/15 postgame

    LOL the new avatar. LOL.
  11. Bipolart Member

    Re: Atlanta 5/15 postgame

  12. fisherman Member

    Re: Atlanta 5/15 postgame

    I would guess Aquaman doesn't really need "umbrella tech" -- what with the gills and all! :D

    Great to hear that some new folks showed up!

    Thanks and congratulations on your fine effort!
  13. grumpus Member

    Re: Atlanta 5/15 postgame

    I have heard rumors... of a thrown sandwich.
  14. AquaMan Member

    Re: Atlanta 5/15 postgame

    Oh, yeah, forgot to mention that. Apparently, someone was so pissed off at us that in a fit of raeg they threw half of a turkey sandwich (cut in half, not half-eaten) at us. It was, according to the anon who picked it up, still cold.

    The other drive-by raeg demonstrations were rather less lulzy, though apparently (I didn't notice this personally) we were the subject of a lot more one-finger salutes than any other protest, and a couple of failtards shouting some garbled shit that almost sounded like the adult voice from Charlie Brown cartoons (wah wah, wah wah wah wah).
  15. Lorelei Member

    Re: Atlanta 5/15 postgame

    Hey, free sammich.

    Also, LOL@Xenophon av. WIN.
  16. Lorelei Member

    Re: Atlanta 5/15 postgame

    Double post.
  17. Anonymous Member

    Re: Atlanta 5/15 postgame

    Lol, sammichTech-a dish that is best served cold.
  18. ravenanon Member

    Re: Atlanta 5/15 postgame

    caek story is:

    For reasons I don't want to get into I dropped off a cake design on Monday. The design is here:

    When I walked in they were abt to call me. I was asked what that design was all abt. I told them we protest scientology. The girl I was talking to really tensed up. She asked a few more questions about what the protests were and etc. Then she redirected the conversation to the design saying they can't put copyrighted designs on cakes. I told her it wasn't. She got snippy more and more. Eventually I asked for a cake design that was our 2nd choice. She initially said yes and then refused. The 2nd design was to just do a superman symbol to which she said yes. I then asked can you put SP in it instead of just the S. She asked what SP meant and got hung up on that. She told me to go home draw out the superman symbol with the letters SP and bring it back then she would see if they could do it. At this point she was not nice.

    I left pissed the lady never said sorry or whatever. I'm going to head back today and talk to manger. Granted I should of done that yesterday, but I was super pissed.

    I txted pirate abt it. Then talked to her. Pirate and Stu made our caek at the last minute this month. I think they did an awesome job for that time period and their plans for next months caek will definitely rock the world the world of anonymous protesting.

    Fast Protest recap is:

    The yellow can wasn't there. Since this was our first later protest of the year a whole new group of sci got to see us!!! They did not seem happy :(

    geez it was hot! Of course I was stupid and in all black.

    I've never seen us get flipped off so much during a protest. I noticed a gold sedan flipped us off 3 times lol. The honks and thumbs up in support more than outweighed the birds

    Some one yelled "Scientologists are people too" and we got a few other funny things screamed at us.

    Stu as always has the epic picts I may post my fail picts later.

    I think everyone looked pretty cool in their costumes. I told Aqua he either had to be Xenu or Rick Astley. Since he can't dance he went with Xenu.
  19. BigBeard Member

    Re: Atlanta 5/15 postgame

    Not trying to get the tin-foil out, but any chance the cake lady's a $cilon?

    The 'copywrite' thing doesn't sound right. The store makes it's money on the cake, not the design on it. I've had b'day cakes made for kids with "Thomas the Tank Engine" on them. And if anything is copywrited, that is. And I've never had a problem with it.

    And then the thing about adding a 'P' to the Superman symbol. Adding a 'P' is so difficult she needs a diagram?? Something definately doesn't smell right about this.

  20. RightOn Member

    Re: Atlanta 5/15 postgame

    great Lanta!
    strange cake lady
  21. AnonyVix Member

    Re: Atlanta 5/15 postgame

    Agreed, although is lady is a scilon I'd rather the cake not be made by them, she might spit in it.

    Interesting that the scilons old adage that the more successful they are the more the protests they get actually works here, you must be hitting someone hard if they are making extra effort to flip you off etc. gratz.
  22. anonymous612 Member

    Re: Atlanta 5/15 postgame

    Lol, ATL, buying cakes as opposed to making them isn't as easy as it looks, is it?
  23. Stutroup Member

    Re: Atlanta 5/15 postgame

    Let's see ..... things yelled at us during the protest:

    "But I'm not a Scientologist!"

    "I think I might be able to support this!"

    (inaudible because he was RAEGING through a rolled up car window)

    ...`~~``~~~#^bwuh-BWUH-BWUH-BWUH-bwuh #$%~@~`~1~~........ (driving past)

    Lots of middle fingers. It was funny.

    Sp pics. (and holy FUCK light was inconsistent yesterday! One moment full sun, one moment clouds, one moment a strange pre-storm mix!)



    lol homeless

    Heroes galore >:3



    heronies ... so addicting

    And leave it to Caek to even do some lulzy poses (Since we're maskless here, I'll hide your secret identity)

  24. anonymous612 Member

    Re: Atlanta 5/15 postgame

    ...does that sign say "Suckatology"?

  25. PodPeople Member

    Re: Atlanta 5/15 postgame

    Proptip from Lightning Capital of the World

    Wear rubber soled shoes, no metal jewelry, watches, ditch the umbrella, get inside Or get into position:

  26. amaX Member

    Re: Atlanta 5/15 postgame


    Here's link to story of when our cake people realized who we were:

    Caek story in case you don't want to lick ling:

    Fun Cake Story

    Person goes to pick up our cake.

    Cake Lady hands cake to Cake Retriever.

    Cake Lady says: "Ummmmmm...what's this cake for?"

    Cake Retriever: "'s for an anniversary."

    Cake Lady: "Ummmmm...a second anniversary?

    Cake Retriever: "Yes."

    Cake Lady: "Anniversary for WHAT?"

    Cake Retriever (no longer caring if Cake Lady is Scilon, just wants to get out of store): "For Anonymous."

    Cake Lady: "Take this card." (Hands business card to Cake Retriever) "Come back HERE for next year's cake."

    Cake Retriever: "They get a cake every month."

    Cake Lady: "You have my card. Come here for the cake every month."

    <333 Cake Lady

    Here's picture of the gorgeous cake where Cake Lady figured out who we were (look at the bee-yoo-tee-ful piping around the edge of that cake!):

    Now, they always decorate it with tons of icing and special little sprinkles and stuff. I don't do cake decorating and they used some sort of confetti that looked like shiny pieces of glass on this month's cake.

    Here's this month's cake:

    So sorry y'all got a shitty cake lady.
  27. webkilla Member

    Re: Atlanta 5/15 postgame

    Go you! awesome job atlantafags
  28. anonsparrow Member

    Re: Atlanta 5/15 postgame

    Great job Atlanta! Love the attire!
  29. ravenanon Member

    Re: Atlanta 5/15 postgame

    @ 612 ITs pretty damn hard to order a cake in this town it turns out!

    @Mom you guys have pretty caek! I love extra sprinkles :) I shall see you guys this fall!

    I'm not sure if the fail caek lady was a sci. Even using sci's made up numbers of their cult members they are such a small part of this big city its hard to imagine running into one at a bakery, but anything can happen.

    However, Ultra pointed out the caek lady asked what sp meant. If she is a sci she didn't know, or she was testing me, or we won't know cause I'm not going to go ask her. Kroger bakery has my cell phone number. If anything odd happens I'll let you all know.

    However, Kroger manager gave me a $50.00 gift card and the apology was basically "we handled this all wrong" He didn't give me anymore details than that. I did not see the caek lady anywhere. Gift card is donated to the ATLBakers Guild.

    So far the weather this year has sucked!!!. At lease we weren't hailed on this time or had to deal with a tornado warning. Also, what is the lighting capital of the world?

    I got a txt asking abt all the birds we got flipped.....lets say some of those cars looked vaguely familiar to me. Sort of like some ones we saw at rezoning meetings and elsewhere. :D
  30. manly man Member

    Re: Atlanta 5/15 postgame

    lots of middle fingers!? eh? lol

    unfortunatedly, other pix reveal her sekrit identity... >_<

    BTW pictures are amazing. you guys rock :)
  31. Stutroup Member

    Re: Atlanta 5/15 postgame

    Her, who? That's Caek with the green face over his face. He's in front of everyone else.

    See? Invisible man?

    View attachment 16gcpbc.jpg
  32. manly man Member

    Re: Atlanta 5/15 postgame

  33. ravenanon Member

    Re: Atlanta 5/15 postgame

    Now Its time for my phail phone picts

    This one is just to perfect

    Protesters eating...




    Random picts


  34. Re: Atlanta 5/15 postgame

    Wow, you guys actually had a theme. That is so 2008, in a good kind of way.

    Stu is being a cut-up as usual.
  35. Re: Atlanta 5/15 postgame

    sorry i didnt come i couldnt get a ride
  36. Lorelei Member

    Re: Atlanta 5/15 postgame

    Yay, pix! Good job, U GUIZ.

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