Atlanta - Aug 15, 2009 postgame

Discussion in 'USA - East Coast' started by AquaMan, Aug 15, 2009.

  1. AquaMan Member

    Atlanta - Aug 15, 2009 postgame

    Most ATLanons are asleep here, but I'm a nocturnal bastard, so here's the postgame for today (well, yesterday, technically).

    Kinda slow today, but we did get a new guy today. Full-out suitfag, even, which in 90deg, 60% humidity weather is no minor thing. Plenty of honks (including twice from Publix delivery trucks), waves, and one thoroughly unimaginative "get a life" drive-by shouting.

    Oh, and the Tone40 license guy was spotted.

    (Gunplay, if you're reading this, work on the anonymous thing. Real names aren't anon. :) )

    Some preliminary pics in the next post, taken with my FailCam(tm).


    There was one guy I forgot about who came over to talk with us. He said it was for a school video project. Opinions on whether he was a $cilon dupe or just some random goober are divided, but when he started talking the first thing he said was to the effect of "why aren't you protesting others?", mentioning Catholicism and some other mainstream stuff, which is what make some think that he was sent over as a distraction.

    As only 3 people (including me) talked to him, it wasn't very effective if that was the goal. And even for those three, you can still hold a sign up while talking, so not much distraction there, either.
  2. AquaMan Member

    Re: Atlanta - Aug 15, 2009 postgame

    As I said above, some pix. Did have one vid, but will have to wait on that, as for some reason it doesn't play sound when viewed locally. Dunno if that's a codec thing or the video is borked, so I'll try again once I get back to my own computer with all the software installed.


    Slow start, but /b/lackup soon arrived. Too bad I was full of fail and aids and didn't get any group shots post-/b/lackup. :(


    The caek was, of course, delicious and moist, but had that fondant icing (that I misidentified as marzipan last postgame, mea culpa) that I found a little too rich for my personal tastes. Note that the license plate guy wasn't the inspiration for the writing, that was just happy coincidence.

    The video I mentioned was dedicating the caek, after a speech describing the "musical chairs" incident at Gold, in 2005.


    An anon showing off the latest in beachwear.


    Fail, Alabama style.

    (He suggested the shot and description, don't jump on me for it bamanons. :p )


    We had a pool, but it was closed. This made anons very sad. :'(

    Rest of the pix (what few there are) can be found here
  3. Re: Atlanta - Aug 15, 2009 postgame

    Lol, awesome. Hot beachwear, rawwr! ;)
  4. Stutroup Member

    Re: Atlanta - Aug 15, 2009 postgame

    Things were quiet, but they went well. The guy screaming from his car window about freedom of religion thought he scared us ... or thought he looked cool ... or something ... with his squealing tires. But we laughed at his ignorance.

    And some anons REALLY know how to show up in style! XD I think he got a couple honks oon his way down.

    We did get a lot of thumbs up, honks, waved, and even an after-protest dog bark, and that's always great!

    The pool was epic! How many of YoU had a pool at yOUr protest!? It was even open for a while! But then we had to be kicked out.

    The cake was epic, as always. Sadly, I didn't get any pictures in time.

  5. Vir Member

    Re: Atlanta - Aug 15, 2009 postgame

    Good going.

    That was a pretty funny raid.
  6. ravenanon Member

    Re: Atlanta - Aug 15, 2009 postgame

    We had piles of honks and waves. We got one its a religion yell. Sadly I almost missed the car with the Florida tags drive by and take out pict. I would have stood up smiled and waived more when he went by.

    The police stopped by and I trotted over in my floaty and talked to the officer. An anonymous call was made about suspicious people being in the area! lol While saying this to me I think he was amused with my horse floaty. He was really cool about stuff and left after a brief chat.

    I did see the sci guy from the cchr raid walk to his car and back into the sci building. I was hoping after running into us at the cchr exhibit he would have left. Either way he looked just as defeated yesterday as he did all those months back.

    My floaty horse did practice civil disobedience and wore a mask during the protest. However, I just smiled and waived for the sci
  7. mefree Member

    Re: Atlanta - Aug 15, 2009 postgame

    Yeah. 3rd time someone just happened to be in the neighborhood with a camera; this time video. They always come from the org side, from a side street or parking lot next to the org.

    Much less activity than seen during the last protest.

    Welcome, Gunplay! Nice newb.

    We had a couple of people stop and ask questions like, "Why does Scientology kill?" Xenuphobe and others were ready with answers.

    I'll let some of the others tell about the police checking our permit.
  8. Xenuphobe Member

    Re: Atlanta - Aug 15, 2009 postgame

    Yes, we had quite a bit more incidents with cars stopping right on the street by us than we usually do. Fortunately it's two lanes either way so other people could go around the gawkers.

    The first stopping car was a guy who stopped, rolled down his window and asked "How (or maybe it was "who") does Scientology kill?" He received a brief description of the Lisa McPherson and Ellie Perkins tragedies. He seemed satisfied when we clarified that the departed victims of Scientology are (mostly) a result of the application of their dangerous pseudo-scientific quackery.

    Later, we got another roadblocker who stopped and rather lamely asked us "What are you for?"
    After a moment's hesitation at the vague question, the reply was "Um...human rights?" and "The right to prevent people from being scammed and exploited by Scientology." He then asked what religion we were, and the response that we were non-denominational seemed to satisfy him.
    He was probably just looking to bash heads if we were a religious group protesting another group.

    Finally, we had a nice officer from Dunwoody PD stop his cruiser in the street by us and tell us that they had gotten a call and he just needed to see our protest permit. As always, Raven was on-the-spot with the dox and everything was fine. The cop said someone had called in claiming there were "suspicious persons" (SPs, if you will) in the area. Nice try, Scientologists, but FLUNK!
  9. Stutroup Member

    Re: Atlanta - Aug 15, 2009 postgame

  10. amaX Member

    Re: Atlanta - Aug 15, 2009 postgame

    ZOMG. Wasn't it hot?

    Atlanta is always WIN! Looks like y'all had a great time. <3
  11. 3rdMan Member

    Re: Atlanta - Aug 15, 2009 postgame

    epic caek is epic.
  12. ultrapoet Member

    Re: Atlanta - Aug 15, 2009 postgame

    Sorry I couldn't make it this go round, but it looks like y'all did some epic enturbulation!

    Hope to make it next month (and I'll be seeing some of you next week, I'm sure.)
  13. AquaMan Member

    Re: Atlanta - Aug 15, 2009 postgame

    Fuck yes it was hot. The fondant icing got all melty and stuff. :(

    Da caek vid.

    I know, I need to figure out how to get rid of the unwanted noise. Sorry about that. :(
  14. xenubarb Member

    Re: Atlanta - Aug 15, 2009 postgame

    It's hard to take a cyberterrorist in a floaty horsie seriously...
  15. Ogsonofgroo Member

    Re: Atlanta - Aug 15, 2009 postgame

    Lolol ^^^^this!^^^^ *wipe coffee offa monitor*


    Looks liek y'all had a wonderful time, as usual the Atlanta caek rocks!

    Keep on Truckin'!

  16. conatus Member

    Re: Atlanta - Aug 15, 2009 postgame

    BRB, wiping away the drool. Mmmmmm, melty fondant. Cake looks great!

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