Atlanta Australian Consulate Rally 2/05/10

Discussion in 'USA - East Coast' started by Sarcasm Pirate, Feb 5, 2010.

  1. Atlanta Australian Consulate Rally 2/05/10

    Just wanted to post a little something quickly so here you go. :) Things went well despite the icky weather. The consulate is hidden away but with enough moxy and determination we found it. Security guard was slightly concerned that we were there to protest Australia despite our assurances that we liked Australia. ( Except for kiolas.)

    Rain and cold made things unpleasant but we managed to hold out for a while before going to fetch delicious soup. Pics and more info to come. :)
  2. Stutroup Member

    Re: Atlanta Australian Consulate Rally 2/05/10

    Koalas* >:D

    There were lots of honks and waves, and some people looking around as if to say "Where's the Scientology place here?" One person screamed at us that we're crazy, and a pedestrian walked wayyyy past before trying to say something rude, but that just means we're doing our jobs right .. right? XD

    One police officer flashed his car's lights at us, smiled, and waved in support. One guy about danced around in his car, with all his exciting thumbs-up and what not.

    Over all, the day was too wet, cold, and dreary to call anything we did bad, because how many others would be willing to go even for a little while?

    A few of us went up to the Consulate. Security escorted us "... just in case they tell you no." And we were like "Uh ... thanks, whatever." We spoke with a man named Simon, who hadn't heard of Senator Xenophon's speech. He was handed a transcript. When we told him we were in support of the Senator, and had no beef with Australia, he said something about he usually hears the opposite. I'm glad Anonymous can still pleasantly surprise people.

    The trip out there was totally worth it.
  3. ravenanon Member

    Re: Atlanta Australian Consulate Rally 2/05/10

    It was fun and It was cold!

    picts coming soon.

    I win for stupid comment of the year. A passerby asked for info which I gave them and she said whats in that building and I said " the Australian government" UGH!!! Yeah the whole Australian gov is on the 11th floor in that building :( I don't think she caught I was an idiot.

    However I did much better with others later.

    Ultra as always was well prepared.

    A few of the cooler anons made it up stairs to talk to the an Aussie.

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