Atlanta - Feb 12, 2011 THRICE AS EPIC

Discussion in 'USA - East Coast' started by ravenanon, Feb 12, 2011.

  1. ravenanon Member

    We had an epic protest today! For the first time in months the weather was great. We handed out fliers, had tons of honks and of course one person flipping off. When the cult's members left they sped away and looked away as usual.

    We did see a car leave the org with a yellow and black tag. The driver of the car was a well dressed man in a business suit. His companion was a dark haired female also dressed in business attire.

    Now that the cult has relocated into a bilingual area we have moved to handing out Spanish fliers and having some Spanish signs.

    Pictures are below....also after a few months off ATL is back to making EPIC CAEKS......

    Very Briefly Masked

    Spanish Sign!

    Srs Biz

    Scientology Breaking Hearts


    and now the CAEK
    (better pics are out there hint hint)

    3 years of Epic Means a triple boob caek


    4 ATL Female Anons and one 3 breasted CAEK

    One breast was red velvet, one was spice, and one was vanilla

    It was moist and delicious

    We rotated through who was in pics and who took them. So 2 group shot pics

    [ protestfeb2011104.jpg

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  2. MuffinKat Member

    Not enough ATL boob
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  3. never Member

    Your tit cake is beautiful.
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  4. ravenanon Member

    part 2 EFG - EPIC FERRET GUY pics

    Murphy was there looking good as always. He was abit cold so he hid inside our coats. Being a boy he seemed to go for snuggling in girls bossoms.




    and protesting
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  5. MuffinKat Member

    Murphy is sexcellent
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  6. i'mglib Member

    Great cake, as usual. Nice job.
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  7. xenubarb Member

    LOL at protest weasel! Those things are so damn cute!
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  8. TinyDancer Member

    Revolution cat says "Hi!" to protest weasel.

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  9. RightOn Member

    hot Lanta!
    Three boobs are better than one. But I guess only when it comes to caek.
    Keep your Murphy warm!

    Spanish signs=excellent idea
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  10. DamOTclese Member

    SP hat FTW!
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  11. amaX Member

    D'awwwww! We are smiling a lot at Murphy! Always awesome, AtlantAnons! <3
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  12. Anonymous Member

    Awesome pics, AtlantAnons!
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  13. Anonymous Member

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  14. conatus Member

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  15. Awesome PR! Reachin' out to the entire Georgian polecat demographic.
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  16. Orson Member

    Great job ATLanons!

    /derail - any word on the cult's lawsuit down there? haven't kept up.

    Smart-hetero ferret FTW!
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  17. Lorelei Member

    Great protest, and the various after-protest festivities lasted until about 3AM.
  18. AquaMan Member

    Wish I could have made it, but for reasons I won't get into for now (the people who count know them) it wasn't possible.

    I will be there for March, though, as my personal 3rd annonyversary. (Found out about the first Feb raid too late to get time off from work.)
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  19. Ann O'Nymous Member

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  20. Looks like you guys had a great turnout too. Awesome.
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