Atlanta Ga. USA Post game.

Discussion in 'USA - East Coast' started by someguynameddavid, Jan 17, 2009.

  1. Atlanta Ga. USA Post game.

    Attention whore and moral fag reporting in. Once again the ATL wrecking crew delivered. Very nice turn out. The frackin lulz was off the scale. Much dancing, many NEW faces. Peeps had a Big Hubbard BUTT cAek with a syringe sticking in it. Speeches were given. Many anons were jacked up on sugar and hawt chocolate.

    Jeff Stone was lol,d at too!

    Tons of funny videos and pictures to follow. The lulz is alive and well in the Atl.
  2. Elbynonamous Member

    Re: Atlanta Ga. USA Post game.

    Fuck yeah, ATL.

    Next time, come to Nashville. <33 We should has new Ideal org by then.
  3. Silent Member

    Re: Atlanta Ga. USA Post game.

    what? No riot cops?
  4. AquaMan Member

    Re: Atlanta Ga. USA Post game.

    Nah, ain't had them since after the first few months. We're cool with DeKalb Co. PD now, they like us. :)

    Anyway, when I get home I'll have some picts and stuffs, but right now I'm on Raven's comp, so I don't want to impose too much.

    TL;DR summary of today: EPIC, except for the fucking wind bringing the temp down to somewhere in the 20s. Yeah yeah, you northernfags going "you fucking pussies" can kiss my ass. :p
  5. Re: Atlanta Ga. USA Post game.

    hahaha. Classic
  6. Anon9666 Member

    Re: Atlanta Ga. USA Post game.

    It's probably too expensive for the $cilons anyway. You figure, 30 cops at $25/hr for 5 hours...

    I imagine the $cilons had a lot of their money invested in the market and obviously in real estate.

    How long before we start seeing foreclosures?
  7. AquaMan Member

    Re: Atlanta Ga. USA Post game.

    He forgot to mention the EFG doing the injection. Picts to come, when I get back home (see above, re: somewhere else).
  8. i'mglib Member

    Re: Atlanta Ga. USA Post game.

    Can't wait to see the pics and vids. Go Atlantanons!
  9. LolitaTrap Member

    Re: Atlanta Ga. USA Post game.

    I feel so bad for missing this!! I'll definitely get February off. What day will it be on?
  10. Re: Atlanta Ga. USA Post game.

    This is 1 of 3 video,s. We was jacked up on sugar and lulz. Please let the video time line load first. Then click the HD viewing option then the FULL SCREEN viewing option.

    Then TURN UP THE VOLUME! Paging Jeff Stone.

  11. ethercat Member

    Re: Atlanta Ga. USA Post game.

    January 17, 2009

    A SPeech was delivered:

    L. Ron Hubbard was a black hearted man with a love of money and little else, so we presented the &quot;L. Ron Hubbard Butt Full of Vistaril Caek:&quot;


    Everyone there got a piece of ass, and the party commenced:





    We had quite a few more people than in some past months, including several new ones, though we missed some of our regulars, Lolita, Lorelei, Yawgy and his crew, and some others; I counted 23 at one point, and we were grateful for whatever was the latest footbullet by the cult that pulled them in:


    It was cold and bleak, and anons did their best to stay warm - helped along by the sugary spice cake, hot chocolate, a meat and cheese platter, and some additional chemical help from our winter sponsor, Grabber, a company who produces hand warming packets that heat on exposure to air.



    There was a lot of flag waving:



    Our usual two police cars were there - no riot squad - oh, my, how things have changed over the past 12 months - maybe the only thing L Ron got right was &quot;communication is the universal solvent&quot; - hey, it worked for us!

    P1 decided to build a wall of signs, a one-man picket so to speak:


    Then was helped along by a few others:


    Then more got into the act:


    Until we had an impromptu group shot, right on the side of the street:


    Back to protesting:


    Cold anons are cold:


    So they decided to do some calisthenics to warm up. Windmills:




    Running in place:


    Then, drop for some pushups:

    Oh hai, were you taking pictures of that?


    Physically fit anons are physically fit!


    Then we assembled for our official group shot, as required by our employers:

    After we cleaned up after ourselves and loaded all our stuff into vehicles, a bunch of us (about 15) met at a nearby restaurant and warmed up, ate, traded flyers and cards for later distribution, and joked and laughed, and generally speaking, got to know each other better, because that's what works for us. We're a different breed of anons, by necessity.
  12. 3rdMan Member

    Re: Atlanta Ga. USA Post game.

    Epic lulz with teh cAek. Did any Scifags ask for caek or perhaps the syringe?
  13. ultrapoet Member

    Re: Atlanta Ga. USA Post game.

    I think I have feeling in my feet again.

    EC, the hand warmers were a GODSEND! Thank you for that!

    Much fun, caek, and lulz. And many honks and waves from passing cars. Dead End also handed some You Found The Cards to passers by and we had a nice chat with a guy in the apartment complex and answered his questions.

    Idle Org in Sandy Springs is still idle. I saw a police car pull out of the drive as I was going home, but since the building was dark, I suspect it may have just been turning around or something.
  14. Re: Atlanta Ga. USA Post game.

    Glasgow reporting. First time protesting in Atlanta, and despite being cold, it was a pretty cool raid. Anons danced in front of Scientology and doesn't afraid of anything.
  15. Elbynonamous Member

    Re: Atlanta Ga. USA Post game.


  16. Exstaff Member

    Re: Atlanta Ga. USA Post game.

    building funds and reserves are dwindling! but all orgs/missions are locally funded by their own local brainwashing efforts into the society so cops have to come from THEIR monies, not SO management.

    IHMO its still a 3+ year war till we REALLY see the financial results, then a couple moar to wipe it all out completely.

    It's just a matter of time now, NO one would ever go into the Cult of Scientology and that's their own fucking fault. So all that is left is milking the current peeps and their associates.

    I can't wait till DM haz to sell the titanium plates for magic beans and rices.


    lol dc8s lol lol lol what a dick!

  17. ravenanon Member

    Re: Atlanta Ga. USA Post game.

    Checking here! Just got done reclaiming my computer!

    I love any protest that gets me a good piece of ass!
  18. Re: Atlanta Ga. USA Post game.

  19. Lorelei Member

    Re: Atlanta Ga. USA Post game.

    I love you guys. *snurfl* :eek:

    Yeah, when my vet gets back to me on the cremation details (HOW LONG?!), and it gets taken care of, I think it would be appropriate to bring some to the protest site. A little bit of Epic Ferret Guy will linger on in spirit even though he--and when we--can't be there in person.

    I'm planning on Valentine's Day and bringing The Murph. He needs a wee V For Vendetta gaucho hat and cape or something. :p Wish me luck that I can slip away. I miss you guys.

    P.S. Nice to see Raven and EC and Ultra during the Festivus holiday celebration! :D I especially liked my pipecleaner EFGs and new cards and fliers. W00t! Hope the music helped out during the /r/aid!
  20. Stutroup Member

    Re: Atlanta Ga. USA Post game.

    The raids are growing to epic proportions! Caek is getting ever better, while signs are being made on the spot, or brought in from home.

    Pics are maybe coming, some time soon.
  21. P149U3 Member

    Re: Atlanta Ga. USA Post game.

    EPIC WIN in ATL again

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