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Discussion in 'USA - East Coast' started by GUMBYtheUNSTOPPABLE, Dec 13, 2008.

  1. Atlanta Ga. USA

    Just a very brief post on today. Well, it was a very lulzy time. Much street enturbulation. Some Jedi dude, a guy named Xenu and some smaller aliens? Oh, Santanon wuz in full lulz mode. Santas little helpers were lulz,n to some mix Santa brought!. Probably 15-20 peeps. Delicious big assed caek n hot chocolate made for a nice energy booster. Weather was around 48 degrees.

    The locals are very responsive. After 10 saturday protests, the general public in our area acknowledge our message. It was a very good event. Photos and video up shortly.:p
  2. LolitaTrap Member

    Re: Atlanta Ga. USA

    Sorry I couldn't stay for the whole thing, I had to help out with the gay rights protest at Lenox today so I left early. It was a great success while I was there though. Also, those Jewish cookies were really good and so was the hot chocolate. If it weren't for that I would've frozen to death!!

    Good job /b/!!
  3. Re: Atlanta Ga. USA

    Number 1 of 3 video,s comin yer way. I call this one " EleCtRic cOol aId Acid pRoteSt" Music by Nine Inch Nails

  4. Re: Atlanta Ga. USA

    Atlanta 3 hour protest in 30 seconds. Video 2 of 3

  5. moarxenu Member

    Re: Atlanta Ga. USA

    Gumbyfag raid vids ftw!!1
  6. ethercat Member

    Re: Atlanta Ga. USA

    Raid went well. No unusual or creepy incidents, just laughing anons pwning the street. We got lots of honks - even at the candlelight vigils in the dark we have people honk! We had some people back who hadn't been there for a coupla months. It was great to see y'all again!

    and got V masks for Christmas, so they were there in full fearless enturbulation mode.

    Group shots:



    Scientology got coal in their stocking this year:


    They've added something new to their sign to try to look more like a church:


    Some anons discussed attending, and although the sign says "All welcome," I somehow doubt that applies to us SPs. We eagerly await their reports and video.

    The Jedi joined us:


    and exposed himself as quite the playful devil:




    but it was all in good fun, and no grudges were held by Santanon:


    88 was back (good to see ya - don't stay away so long again!):


    as were others:







    Georgia Anons salute the DeKalb County Police for their attendance and support through 2008 (after the initial 3rd partying by scilons early on was straightened out):


    We all waved bye to the police as we were leaving, and he said something over his loudspeaker which we couldn't completely make out, but the general concensus was that he wished us "Merry Christmas". Merry Christmas to the police too! See y'all next year!
  7. ravenanon Member

    Re: Atlanta Ga. USA

    It was lots of fun! We had new people and some old ones returned!

    Cockroach pins were given out in memory of Lisa. Lisa's body was covered with cockroach bites. Lisa We Do Not Forget.

    On a fun note Santa was there! Lots of the kids driven by were very excited about seeing him! The elf had a few waves also.

    It was a great day with caek and hot chocolate.

    We had lots of Honks and support from the community!
  8. Re: Atlanta Ga. USA

    Merry Christmas

    [ame=]YouTube - Lulz in the Atl.[/ame]
  9. AnonyMary Member

  10. Lorelei Member

    Re: Atlanta Ga. USA

    Epic Ferret Guy & Murphy wish you happy holidays!



    Holiday Weasel Wrestling!



    We didn't forget our Jewish friends!


  11. AlabamaAnon Member

    Re: Atlanta Ga. USA

    So deeply sorry we missed. One of our party overslept and made us late, we turned up around 1pm and saw no one, at all out there. Oh well, see y'all in January.
  12. ravenanon Member

    Re: Atlanta Ga. USA

    Sorry we missed you :)

    You may have gone by the old times. The new one is 1:30-4:30 u just barely missed us
  13. AlabamaAnon Member

    Re: Atlanta Ga. USA

    I thought it was supposed to be at 11am! SON OF A BITCH! I could have been rocking out with Anon, when I was enjoying a forced death march through IKEA! *suddenly needs to drink*
  14. Yellow Member

    Re: Atlanta Ga. USA

    Those are some great photos and, once again, an AMAZING and hilarious cake!
    Congratulations to you guys!
  15. Sefus Member

    Re: Atlanta Ga. USA

    oh man. You guys in ATL party hard!
    I hope I can make it to a raid in July. I'll be there sometime in the summer not sure when yet.

    Nice work guys!
  16. Re: Atlanta Ga. USA

    Hello, guys! I'm actually a Brit-fag and I am having a holiday in ATL And was just wondering if I could meet any Anons here. It would be pretty awesome Get in touch!
  17. Re: Atlanta Ga. USA

    Yay for the foh-oh-foh!!!! I'm so glad that you guys worked it out with the cops, cuz those earlier vids just broke my heart!!!
  18. ethercat Member

    Re: Atlanta Ga. USA

    AlabamaAnon: Sorry we missed each other. Looking forward to seeing you in January. Don't forget to take the time zone difference into account.

    Yellow: Thanks!

    Sefus: Remind us before you come. We'll be glad to have you.

    CaptainMudkips: PM sent.

    anonymous90405: Needless to say, SO ARE WE! Thanks.

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