Atlanta March 12, 2011 Happy Con Day

Discussion in 'USA - East Coast' started by ravenanon, Mar 19, 2011.

  1. ravenanon Member

    Sorry to post so late, but time slipped by me.

    The weather was great, the cult rental building still looks like crap. The cults parking lot was mostly empty. I'm guessing they were in CW and thus were 612 and AMA problems.

    The people around this area are great! 2 different groups declined our fliers, but proceeded to tell us everything they already knew was wrong with the cult. It was win. Another person was happy to see us back again and asked how we had been. The nieghborhood loves us.


    In honor of Sunshine Week and the Anons quest for knowledge:

    Shake it baby


    2 of 3 Atlanon have mastered using their SP powers to hold up their signs.


    Random picts




    CAEK !!!!!!!!!!!!

    Its a caek celebrating 100 Con Years! It come complete with tiny little handcuffs for a tiny little con man. The caek says "Happy Con Day" or "Hap Cony Day" . Still working on the art skills, but the first one is correct ;)



    After the protest some of us went to a Con and some of us went to eat out. We choose a restaurant that is Xenu friendly! The gumball machine was full of little tiny Xenu waiting for us to rescue them! They even came in little tiny space ships!



    Lastly the crappy little building they rent that still has dry rot, a empty parking lot, and dead flowers. Just think they accomplished all that in just 100 years


    O yeah and currently they are in 3 lawsuits here alone! Way to keep the wins coming guys!
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  2. anoninoob Member

    Who say's there aint smart people in Georga. Go Atlantanons!!!! You all rock.
  3. anonymous612 Member

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  4. Way to Go!!! Awesome protest keeping scilons on the ropes. Well done!

    Hope no crazy cultists go NoNo the clown on your ass..
  5. i'mglib Member

    Great job, Atlanta. Looks like you are still winning the cake wars, too.
  6. How did you guys pull that off? Did you just toss them up for a second and take a snapshot in midair? That's what it looks like...

    In Chicago, we're actually going to debut the sign clips next month so people can hang them around their necks. You know, for that Great Depression sandwich-board style look.
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  7. anoninoob Member

    hover sign tech WIN,
    OT Powers FAIL
  8. anonymous612 Member

    It has to be windy for the super powers to work. ;D
  9. AnonLover Member

    <3<3<3<3 This!!!
    /SALUTE, thks for great pics & great raid report!!!
  10. conatus Member

    Fucking signs - HOW DO THEY WORK?
  11. amaX Member

    AtlantAnons are MAGICALLY DELICIOUS! The cake is AWESOME! It's exactly what the cult's cake for LCon should have looked like! We did homemade strawberry shortcake and had St. Paddy's Day cupcakes. I don't know if anyone got a picture of any of it because we were already worn the hell out and we still had three more protests in two and half days. But it doesn't matter...your caek WINS this month! xoxoxo

    I am also coveting the little Xenus!

    Well done, AtlantAnons!
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  12. AquaMan Member


    Second hint is that, weather-wise, Chicagoans would've felt right at home. (Think of the city's nickname.)

    I didn't take a lot of pics (I think like 4), but haven't gotten around to fixing them up for posting thanks to other concerns.

    For me, one of the more amusing moments was when a middle-aged black man came by to talk with us, and in the course of the conversation said he knew that there weren't any black people at the org. Of course, the audience in question (namely, us anons) wasn't exactly a model of racial diversity, either... :p

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