Atlanta October 2010 Pure Win

Discussion in 'USA - East Coast' started by ravenanon, Oct 17, 2010.

  1. ravenanon Member

    Atlanta October 2010 Pure Win

    This is our first protest at the cults new rental location. As always he had tons of honks and people really seemed to like us. We handed out information and waived a lot.

    On the first drive by we didn't notice any real activity at the cults building, but it did have a sign out front. When we came back several sci were around the building cleaning it up and preforming other duties and the sign was by the building. I believe the woman with short brown hair ran the sign back up and soon had 3 boxes of dvds next to the sign. They started handing them out to those walking by.

    However many didn't want the videos and tried to walk by them. A preteen boy and the lady with short black hair would chase them down and to make sure the video was in their hands. (kids face is blocked out)


    Many dvd recipients also came over to talk to us after being hunted down and forced a dvd. It made people wonder exactly what was going on with these dvds. We informed them and gave them fliers about the cults true intentions. A group of preteen boys came to ask us questions after getting the cults dvd. We talked to them and eventually one boy went "O they were on south park." They took our info and headed back home to go look stuff up on the internet. One of them said looking up our stuff was more important than going to game stop. lol

    Eventually the sci headed out up and down the street bugging those that were not near their property. I have one pict of this. The lady with short brown hair turned up not far from where one protester was parked. Here is a pict of her handing out the dvd's to people by the local gas stations trash can


    After she left I think I saw 3 of them get tossed by this group. Handing them out so close to th trash can was very helpful of the cult.

    The cults sign kept falling over (7 times I counted) until they anchored in to the 3 boxes with the dvds. However when they grabbed dvds to hand out the sign fell back over and well it was pretty funny.

    Random picts of the sci fail signage and dvds

    all alone



    The kid they used to hand out the dvds was also working hard around the org. I have picts of him working on a flower bed and also helping to shovel dirt into a trash bag. I guess they tossed the dirt. I have no clue if they really dumped it in the trash can or if they made a little pile of dirt in the back. the trash bags were reused to transport dirt back and forth until they had holes in them. I guess we have no budget for trash bags


    trash bags of dirt


    Aqua has way cooler shots of them doing more yard work and wondering around the nieghborhood.

    part two of this is gettign posted atm. Whats up with this limit on picts?
  2. ravenanon Member

    Re: Atlanta October 2010 Pure Win

    Part 2 from me


    They scare me too

    The cult has too many victims

    A cult with a military is scary


    Ms Xenu was there and she does not approve of scary cults


    Random picts:

    Deb Danos came out and took our pict. I waived and said hi. I invited her over to talk and she said no and something else, but the cars drowned her out. I was very nice about it.

    Deb has the camera

    Another one of the kid working while the brown haired lady was in the shade txting. Basically I hope this kid isn't gettign over worked and I am concerned for him. He seemed to be doing alot while the adults pointed and lounged.


    The sci tried to ignore us by turning their backs to us while they worked or handed out dvds. I have a few too many picts of the below as a result.


    As soon as we started to pack up then cult grabbed their fail sign and and dvds and had them in the car before we were gone! Their dedication to handing out dvds only lasted as long as we were their. However the dvds went into the car and not the org. I would assume they are on their way to be force/handed out to others elsewhere.

    I almost forgot!! We had caek!! It might have been a simple caek but it was not a lie and it was epic

  3. AquaMan Member

    Re: Atlanta October 2010 Pure Win

    Back home, taking care of stuff I missed while AFK. My pics will be up later today, so raven will stop harassing me. :p
  4. ravenanon Member

    Re: Atlanta October 2010 Pure Win

    just holding you to your promises :p
  5. Ann O'Nymous Member

    Re: Atlanta October 2010 Pure Win

  6. Ogsonofgroo Member

    Re: Atlanta October 2010 Pure Win

    Awesome picket and report y'all! Lmao @ trashbag tech, like wtf? you'd think with a property like that something as basic a a frikken wheelbarrow........
    Handing out scilon DVD's by a garbage bin, how thoughtful of them lololololol!
  7. LocalSP Member

    Re: Atlanta October 2010 Pure Win

    Awesome job guys.
  8. AquaMan Member

    Re: Atlanta October 2010 Pure Win

    Ok, pics tweaked and uploaded.

    Here are a few highlights of the pictures I took on Sat:


    Small group, but here we are.


    And here they are.


    How many Scientologists does it take to plant flowers?


    One OT and they would have already had the flowers planted.




    So much for staying on their side of the street, like we were staying on ours.


    Way to set an example for your (?) kid, playing in traffic like that.


    Here's one of the pre-teen slaving away while the adults went elsewhere and fucked off, apparently. Note that he's trying to dig that with a square shovel, instead of one with a rounded end that works better for cutting into the dirt.

    The whole album can be found here.
  9. Anonymous Member

    Re: Atlanta October 2010 Pure Win

    One OT and those flowers would of been planted.
  10. Anonymous Member

    Re: Atlanta October 2010 Pure Win

    Good job, ATL Anons!
  11. RightOn Member

    Re: Atlanta October 2010 Pure Win

    nice pics and costumes
    great jorb
  12. Re: Atlanta October 2010 Pure Win

    That's some nice face painting talent there.

    Well done Atlanta.

    Sounds like your new protest location is going to prove fruitful.
  13. Re: Atlanta October 2010 Pure Win

    Nice Work Atlanta. Also, what what on top of the deathcaek?
  14. i'mglib Member

    Re: Atlanta October 2010 Pure Win

    Great job as usual, Atlantanons. Yummy-looking cake.

    What was on the DVDs they were handing out? Was it anti-anon, or pro-Scilon?
  15. ultrapoet Member

    Re: Atlanta October 2010 Pure Win

    I. Had. A. BLAST!

    This is an awesome place for a protest--more convenient parking, closer restrooms, a nice, big, shady spot to stand under and now that we're back in unincorporated DeKalb, we don't have to hassle with permits. Thanks, Scientology!

    Does Little Miss Cabbage have a thing for that particular style of building? Because it's quite similar to the Idle Org in Sandy Springs.

    When we decided it was time for caek, a certain Rick Astley song we all know and love came up on the music mix. I deem that a good omen.

    The DVD was "The Way to Happiness." I suppose it's shinier than handing out the book version.
  16. ravenanon Member

    Re: Atlanta October 2010 Pure Win

    Me too!!! There is just not enough smileys to express this!

    I too would like to thank the cult for making all of this easier on us!

    The cake was sugar over load! It was a confetti cake with Halloween sprinkles on it. It was fun, but simple. However the presentation of it was exceptional Next month I hope the ice cream guy will make it up to our way and we can have ice cream with our caek!

    Also my dyslexia is giving me heck so I apologize for any really bad English fails in the postgame.
  17. BLiP Member

    Re: Atlanta October 2010 Pure Win

    Thanks guys - you done great. Cute corpse is cute.
  18. conatus Member

    Re: Atlanta October 2010 Pure Win

    Great costumes! Way to keep the pressure on in their new location.

    Sorry if i missed this in the pic posts, but did you figure out what the content of the DVDs was?
  19. Anonymous Member

    Re: Atlanta October 2010 Pure Win

    video was the "The Way to Happiness."
  20. TinyDancer Member

    Re: Atlanta October 2010 Pure Win

  21. grumpus Member

    Re: Atlanta October 2010 Pure Win

    rofl... worth a thousand words.

    Excellent job, ATL, as always. I hope that kid wakes up soon...
  22. Anonymous Member

    Re: Atlanta October 2010 Pure Win

    This is great, looks they've moved to a far more entertaining and stimulating location for you guys! Their original spot in Atlanta never looked like that hot of a protest spot to me, so the fact that you guys did so well there really said a lot about your tenacity and overall winnage.

    Looking forward to more Hotlanta raid reports!
  23. subgenius Member

    Re: Atlanta October 2010 Pure Win

    Good job.

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