Attempt to Smuggle LRH Books into Ukraine

Discussion in 'Media' started by mnql1, Jan 28, 2011.

  1. mnql1 Member

    Translation of a Russian article posted on Jan. 28, 2011 on the website of the IMK news agency.
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  2. Bipolart Member

    Hahaha $cientology! Smugglers!
  3. AnonLover Member

    wow - they went to such lengths to sneak it thru and FAILED! too funny. thks mnql1 - great catch here!

    my googlefu is also fail - at finding a currency converter for ukraine dollars. and I'm curious to know the estimated value in US$. anyone know of good site for ruskie monies?
  4. Perikles Member

    Is this tax avoidance? Or are they banned in the Ukraine?

    In USD that's $38,076.85, so a pretty fair sum.
  5. AnonLover Member

  6. thevoxbox Member

    Ahahahaha, nice.
  7. Sponge Member

    Laughed me nips off.
    302,000 UAH is aproximately 24,000 UKpounds, 38,000 USDollars or 28,000 Euros
    I don't know if that figure is end user value or org cost value. I'd imagine customs people usually refer seized goods values as street value, yes/no?
  8. Anonymous Member

    Banning books is doing it wrong. Ban the corporation, not the books.
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  9. Perikles Member

    They do operate in the Ukraine...but:


    So if one part filled van is almost VATable, I 'tink the Ukrainian Tax Office should be having words. Volunteers anyone? Anyone know Russian, or contacts in the Ukraine?

    Found an anti-cult org with a branch in the Ukraine. Can't currently find a website though. Just a thought.
  10. Sponge Member

    ^No mention of banned titles being a factor in that news article. Simply concelement to avoid duty at the moment it seems.
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  11. Perikles Member

    Yup. Retail price, then add VAT/GST.
  12. Anonymous Member

    Can't have one without the other!
  13. AnonLover Member

    ahhh your right, my bad. and in a moment of lulz i accidentally'd forgot ukraine is not technically apart of mother russia anymore, so the ban probably doesnt apply.

    altho cant help but indulge my tinfoil just a wee bit and speculate the jerry-rigged smugglers van would of been likely to continue on to russia with an attempt to cross another border w/ different driver per arrangment bloke hired, if the ukraine's custom officials hadnt caught it with their x-ray vision spy cams.
  14. Anonymous Member

    Burning books is doing it right?
  15. xenubarb Member

    They shoulda used one of these:

    Handy for hurling kilos of kannabis, or copies of Dianetics over borders!
  16. Perikles Member

    Looks that way doesn't it? Otherwise they'd have just shipped them to the Ukraine with a haulier.
  17. Anonymous Member

  18. Anonymous Member

    That's what I've been doing wrong all these years...
  19. AnonLover Member

    i dont know enough about how shipping cargo in that part of the world works to do anything but speculate. But i once sent a care package to prague for a loved one with four fully wrapped trays of double stuff oreo cookies in it, and the pkg got shi-canned, and sent back with postage due sans the cookies with a stupid warning label about illegally shipping food stuffs without proper stamp.

    thus i suspect shipping banned cargo into ruskie land is quite tricky. to say the least.
  20. Perikles Member

    Eddie Stobart (Europe's biggest haulage firm IIRC) are based in Eastern Europe now (Bulgaria???), anyhoo, I've hitched hiked from London to Moscow via the truck routes. It's dead easy. The only reason I can think of getting someone to drive it in a van is to keep a scilon occupied...but this seems doubtful due to the hidden nature of the cargo. Nah. Smuggling.

    Your doing it wrong [if you're trying to keep warm in Russia]. Try chopping trees down instead. Or drink moar vodka.
  21. Anonymous Member

    I don't know what their policy is on seized goods that someone tried to hide. So far, as has been mentioned, it is a customs issue, nothing more. So, regardless of what the contraband is, if the policy is to destroy it then, yes, it is doing right whether it is books, whisky, fags, food or whatever. In some countries they can even confiscate the vehicle used to carry the goods. There's probably another thread for all the book banning/burning opinions without fagging up this one.
  22. AnonLover Member

    so it sounds like the phony claim of the cargo being furniture and plastic items, would of incurred VAT too? iow - they likely had to pay on the chairs anyway, yet still chose to hide scilon materials for sneaking it across the border?
  23. xenubarb Member

    I love this story...
  24. Perikles Member

    Hmmm...a unit of Dianetics courses costs an arm and a leg, compared to a unit of furniture. Their either trying to avoid VAT in the Ukraine, or hoping to get them into Russia.

    Rofl. They could even be bootleg Dianetics books. Maybe the Bulgarian mafia are knocking of cheap ones on the sly. Now *that* would be class.
  25. Anonymous Member

    Dispose of Hubbard books quietly and without sorrow.
  26. Anonymous Member

  27. amaX Member

    I love this story, too. Also, I consider Scientology poison. Can't blame the Ukrainians for not wanting poison in their country.

  28. OHMYGOSH! Is that a towable Trebuchet?? If so that's freaking Awesome!!! Can i haz?

    /nerd lust

    Man that's hilarious! Although... given that the current reason the good were seized is due to attempts to conceal, Let's look at the reason why they would want to Smuggle vs. Legitimate:

    1. The subject matter of Dianetics is offensive to the final destination.
    2. Copyright Violations.... Not legitimate copies of Dianetics
    3. Actual Scilon Materials, however the cost of shipping books and others would cost too much... so let's try smuggling.

    1. Most interesting.... At any rate this would be easier to find based on what areas from there don't like Scientology. And if these hadn't got caught.... what would have happened to them at their final location that they apparently had to smuggle them in under the guise (oh hai guise!) of furniture?

    2. Is this possible? can the scilon empire be so fragmented that someone was willing to try to smuggle illigetimate copies and not get caught by RTC? Sadly.... this is the least lulziest possibility.... Since you know Scilons will jump at the idea of a legal battle they can actually win without altering evidence/ intimidating Witnesses/ A court decision where they come out as victorious.

    3. Hmmmmm. This would be a huge PR flap for whoever thought that was a good idea. Getting caught cause you were to cheap to register what you were actually shipping? For Shame scilons....
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  29. Anonymous Member

    Ruin them utterly.
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  30. Triumph Member

    they failed in their reasearch
  31. Perikles Member

    And which is supposed to be used for 100 copies of Dianetics? :)
  32. xenubarb Member

    I'm with you on the nerd lust. Saw a show where a couple of teams built unknown war machinery with only old engravings to look at. They wound up with a catapult and a trebuchet.

    O lawd I lub me sum trebuchet!
  33. OTBT Member

    Heh heh. I wonder if there is Hubbard Policy on tax avoidance in this situation.
  34. Triumph Member

  35. Perikles Member

  36. Anonymous Member

    Those are the books for the LilOTs. They were trying to smuggle in the ones for the BigOTs.
  37. Anonymous Member

    Let's read that again

    The world's most litigious cult 'decides' not to sue.

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  38. You know.... hey could have saved alot of money if they put all those Audiobooks into MP3's and the movies to Mpegs, and PDF books. Then all you need is a 32 GB hardrive on the key ring. They can't get you for that! Oh well..... silly cult is silly.
  39. Perikles Member

    That's classic. This:

    Had me in tears. Bearing in mind this is a translation, I choose to read this as: "We tried to, but they filed the documents [in the bin]." Quite possibly "While we were still in the room, laughing at us" too.

    But I thought they had a big shiny place to print dox?

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