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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Anonymous, Sep 7, 2014.

  1. Anonymous Member

    Always when I connect to Tor to access WWP, i check first to ensure Tor's working. It often happened that when i tried to access, "Attention Required! CloudFlare" site showed up, saying "One more step. Please complete the security check to access [site address]" and asking to complete CAPTCHA. I used to get around it by simple clicking on the TorButton and selecting "New Identity". It worked, so when i tried to enter on new identity, it succeeded. Now it doesn't work, the CAPTCHA always shows up, no matter how many times I try new identity. I encountered viruses downloaded after completing such CAPTCHA before, so I never complete it, but now it shows up not only while checking my IP. When I was logged in to WWP last time, this page showed up again during normal WWP lurking.

    Is this site legit or there is some danger behind it?
  2. Paroxetine Samurai Moderator

    CloudFlare is the name of WWP's hosting company or part of XenoForo, I believe. Either way, it is legit.
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  3. Anonymous Member

    Thanks guys :)
  4. 567

    I't's just a "Bot-Check", AB ;)
  5. Anonymous Member

    Don't really know why I still give a single fuck about "being hacked", while my laptop probably has a thousand malwares.
  6. Paroxetine Samurai Moderator

    If you are that badly infected, may I suggest Malwarebytes and Spybot Search and Destroy? Both are good at catching all the crap (if you get both) on you computer and they are free.

    Then again, I am not sure what kind of computer you have. If you have Apple or Linux, I think (you/I may want to check) they have a version of it for those kinds of computers.
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  7. System Member

    ESET NOD32 great anti-virus
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  8. Ogsonofgroo Member

    Yup, just used ESET on-line scan the other day on a friend's lap-top and it got to the guts of a nasty little trojan that got through the Windows Security Essentials firewall (so not surprised), worked just great.
    Ditto on Malwarebytes and Spybot Search and Destroy, both work very well and are long established good reputations.
    I find that using CCleaner (free version) on a regular basis (daily when shutting stuff down), generally cleans up most of the less dangerous malware too (ie. tracking cookies etc.), cleans up yer browser caches/temp files too, does a fine job imho.

  9. fishypants Moderator

    Deleting Windows is another solution.
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  10. meep meep Member

    The recent update did something anyway because there is always a cloudflare cookie and it didn't used to be.
  11. fishypants Moderator

    Cloudflare is WWP's CDN, so nothing unusual there. It's not unusual for a CDN to set a cookie or two. No biggie IMO, although you could try browsing cookieless and see if it still works - it should do, I think.
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  12. Anonymous Member

    Is there a way for sue to turn CloudFlare off for WWP? It's so damn annoying.. Now in most cases it takes only 2 clicks anywhere (i tried 5 times to log in and enter this thread) for CloudFlare to stop me. Wouldn't be a problem, IF IT'S FUCKING CAPTCHA WORKEDARGHHH!!!!1
  13. Sorry dude. No. There isn't. I had the problem until WWP lost the HTTPS stuff
  14. fishypants Moderator

    My understanding is, it's a cheap way of getting a degree of DDOS protection. Which is a good thing.

    But, you shouldn't be getting 'stopped' by CloudFlare. Could you be more specific about what's going wrong? E.g. error messages etc.

    In what circumstances does it ask for the captcha? (I don't get that request at all).

    If the problem is idiosyncratic to your Cloudflare region / browser / OS / whatnot, then we might be able to do something about it.
  15. Anonymous Member

    Tor browser, normal WWP lurking. If I open 3 WWP pages at the same time, it's certain there will be CF. If lurking one page at the same time, there's more time, but CF will show anyway.

    The problem with it is that it's looped. When I complete the CAPTCHA and copy-paste text in the box, it redirects to CAPTCHA again.
  16. fishypants Moderator

    Using Or a different domain?
  17. Anonymous Member

    Just No "forums."
  18. Hi!

    Mine is showing:

    Attention Required!| Cloudflare

    And tells me to enter captcha,, the thing is,,, i can't see any captcha to follow..
    can you help me?

  19. Use the TOR browser ... To bypass the "Attention Required!| Cloudflare" bullshit, just click " New Identity" a few times and that should get you through. Although .. I have been logged in and experienced that very same bullshit. Not often .. But it's still a real pain in the ass when it happens. Good luck with it all.
  20. I see the same thing and agree that new identity will fix it sometimes. Lately it seems like it's worse. Add'l information in the copy below of the post I was trying to make at this URL:

    What mirmir describes is what you will see when noscript is blocking scripts globally. What OP describes I have seen when noscript is allowing scripts for the specific site. I usually hit new identity, and then try again with luck, but lately, it seems like more and more exit nodes exhibit this issue. The responses here indicate the problem is with cloudflare, but I think the problem is with the captcha provider (Google?). I see the same problem trying to load pages on 4chan and other non-cloudflare sites that use the same recaptcha system. I'm not sure what is causing the blocking, blaming exit nodes or captcha providers both seem like paranoia, but I can't think of anything else to blame.
  21. A.O.T.F Member


    Who's getting extremely pissed off with this bullshit?
  22. yeah ive been extremely pissed off with this bullshit for weeks. ive lost count of how many sites ive been unable to visit because tor wont display the images we have to read and type for security checks. captcha is annoying but common as dirt these days so tor should be able to cope with it
  23. Cloud flare to help to fix
  24. A.O.T.F Member

  25. Anonymous Member

    What the fuck is with this fucking Cloudflare? Am I the only one to complain about it?

    I tried to visit Unfotunately, I can't, because of CloudFlare. Thanks Obama CloudFlare! I changed my connection ~50 (FIFTY! FUCK!) times before I gave up. I couldn't even get near ASA's index page.

    Why would anyone want to use such a system for protection? It is by far the worst anti-bot protection software I have ever seen. Is it mandatory for website admins? Or is it a part of *conspiracy* Plan *conspiracy* to force users not to use secure connections?

    Fifty fucking times!
  26. The_Vortex Member

    y a t'il des français ?
  27. Anonymous Member

  28. A.O.T.F Member

  29. putang ina mo cloudflare
  30. Seriously.. Pain in the ass..

    Any work around?

    I'm new to Tor Browser. Is it only on these types of secure networks etc..?

    Maybe back to other browsers until this goes away..
  31. Tel

    Any solution? Seriously pissed off with this shit
  32. A.O.T.F Member

    If they want, cloudflare has the ability to: block your website Monitor all your visitors & gather information about them

    USE Tor ...

    IKR .. They're a fucking huge pain in the ass ...
  33. 214

  34. iwantTobeAnon Member

    I really really need someone who can just sit down with me and literally just teach me about tech everything I suck so bad at everything having to do with tech especially my computer like just recently I got a pretty bad virus (idk what it is i.e. Malware or something) where I can only use my mouse for like .7 seconds and then it just freezes and disappears I think it's trying yo open a bugged window and it just won't work anymore
  35. Disambiguation Global Moderator

    Hi. We aren't that part of Anonymous. Try a forum for your computer-type, or google search "mouse freezes and disappears" you'll get some place to start.
    We do peaceful and legal protesting, take a look through these forum and I hope you find something that keeps you here.
  36. A.O.T.F Member

    You'll have to "Reformat" your computer.

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  37. It's not particularly helpful telling someone with little or no IT skills they will have to "Reformat" their computer as the ensuing damage is bound to result in disaster.

    A good idea is to run a scan of the type that seeks out malware as much as anything else, viruses included.
    All pup should show in the results and visible in quarantine logs, then and only then should op delete results.
    Possibly requiring a restart afterwards.

    Don't give advice if you don't know what you're talking about.

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