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  1. East or Malwarebytes are both excellent in seeking out the nastier stuff.
  2. Be informed before you answer this stuff AOTF, its wiser.

  3. This might even be a problem with the mouse itself.
    Flat batteries in the mouse or the mouse settings which can be found in the control panel.

    Begin with the more simple solutions before attempting anything else.

  4. This should be Eset, not east.

  5. As a rule I don't fuck around when it comes to viruses and malware. If my machine gets infected with anything i don't rely on any type of AV software to save my ass. I'll reformat ASAP. There are some variants of viruses and malware that are so virulent that nothing other than reformatting will kill them.
  6. Of course AOTF I'd expect nothing less from a professional such as yourself.

    Strike the professional part and read twat.

  7. Who the hell are you talking too? I don't know what you have been smoking.stick your insults up your arse..
  8. White Tara Global Moderator

    Sigh, tornycay, Howarth was not referring to you, rather a poster from earlier. Howarth, this is obviously an issue for some of us so I sincerely appreciate your guidance and that of anyone else with sage advice to offer, but can we leave the rest of it out of thread please.
  9. Thanks everyone I do have somewhat of a grasp on what I should do so thank you
  10. Guys I did t want anyone to fight I appreciate both opinions and all advice and I'm going to apply most of it when it comes to using my computer thank you guys but don't fight just because someone has a different way of doing things don't ridicule them or get angry and if someone doesn't share your views or tries to tell you you're wrong then just ignore them isn't anonymous about everyone being able to freely express their views without fear of being attcked because of it and about peace not lashing back
  11. Disambiguation Global Moderator

    You're getting good advice here. I always use google -( what ever the problem is ) forum, but I'm a dinosaur. These guys know more.
  12. Disambiguation Global Moderator

    This fight precedes you, you are just the latest excuse. No worries.
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  13. Format or Reformat is not at all a good solution or advice.

    I installed Ubuntu 16.04 mate in Virtual machine but the problem still same. So, if you format.. the problem will back again.
  14. Cloudflare is fucking killing this place. It's taken me nearly 20 minutes clicking through all of their bullshit, just to get here. Sue .. You really do need to do something about it. Enough of this fucking shit! It's getting fucking boring!
  15. fishypants Moderator

    I used to see all that stuff but it hasn't been appearing for me for a while.

    Are you connecting on https?

    Are you using tor?
  16. 323

    What a whiney bitch you are blaming cloudflare for what is your own shortcomings AOTF, this has your signature all over it.
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  17. Fred Elliott Member

    I have been complaining about the porn spam that is being sent out by Cloudflare. They refuse to do anything about our kids getting porn spam. What is wrong with this company?
  18. CloudFlare was ranked in the 7th rank among the top 50 Bad Hosts by Host Exploit. The service has been used by Rescator, a website that sells payment card data.
    Two of ISIS' top three online chat forums are guarded by CloudFlare but U.S. law enforcement has not asked them to discontinue the service.[40]
    The hacker group UGNazi attacked CloudFlare partially via flaws in Google's authentication systems in June 2012, gaining administrative access to CloudFlare and using it to deface 4chan.CloudFlare published in full the details of the hack. Following this, Google publicly announced they had patched the flaw in the Google Enterprise App account recovery process which allowed the hackers to bypass two-step verification.Later the leader of the hacking group, Cosmo, was arrested and sentenced in California. To date, this remains the only recorded instance of CloudFlare facing a security breach.
    An October 2015 report found that CloudFlare provisioned 40% of SSL certificates used by phishing sites with deceptive domain names resembling those of banks and payment processors.
    On November 2015, Anonymous discouraged the use of CloudFlare's services, following the ISIS attacks in Paris and renewed accusation of providing help to terrorists. CloudFlare responded by calling their accusers "15-year-old kids in Guy Fawkes masks" and saying that whenever such concerns are raised they consult actual anti-terrorism experts and that they abide by the law.

    Here are some, not all of the reasons we dont like CloudFlare.

  19. Of course if you want to continue being a retard ..........
  20. Cloudflare is now being used as a means of censorship. The reason the captchas never end is cuz they dont want you seeing certain sites.

    If any proof was needed cloudflare and global spymaster google is embedded in the this very page.
  21. Can you link us to something? Personal opinions don't hold much water here.

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