Attn LA Trolls - Kirsty Alley Book Signing Sun Nov 11 2012 2PM

Discussion in 'Kirstie Alley' started by OneOneWasARacecar, Nov 8, 2012.

  1. Posted by Smurf on ESMB here.

    Any LA Fags who want to troll.
    Meet Kirstie Alley.. book signing.. Sunday, November 11..

    Book signing

    Sunday, November 11th, 2:00pm
    Barnes & Noble
    189 Grove Drive
    Los Angeles, CA (323) 525-0270
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  2. RightOn Member

    if you need some firewood or a doorstop, go pick up her book.

    this sounds sounds like something AGP would have a blast with
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  3. Incredulicide Member

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  4. Anonymous Member

    Funny how actresses write about who they've fucked decades after anyone would give a shit.
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  5. Anonymous Member

    I would, but I'm scared she'll eat me.
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  6. Anonymous Member

    I'm already salivating over the prospect of a video of this... interaction.

    AGP... dress in mufti, don't wear your pope hat.
  7. Remember back when she was on Cheers? There was this running gag for awhile where Kirstie's character, Rebecca, mentions how long she's been working at the bar and then moans, "Oh, God, has it been that long?" Best line she ever spoke, in my opinion. We need to get someone (preferably a sweet old lady type, if you know any) to act like a big fan and get her to say that line at a public event like a book signing, while someone vids it. Then later someone else asks her, on camera at the same event, how long she's been in Scientology.

    A simple edit, and lotz o' lulz!
  8. This has potential
  9. DodoTheLaser Member

    And this too:

    “Jeff Hawkins has written a compelling and emotional story that demonstrates how intelligent people can be drawn into and controlled by abusive, authoritarian groups. His new book, Counterfeit Dreams, is a must-read not only for those who have been directly involved with Scientology but also for their family and friends who want to understand it from a 36-year insider at the highest levels. Furthermore, I believe former members of other abusive, totalitarian groups would benefit from reading this valuable book.”
    Steven Hassan,
    author of Releasing the Bonds


    Counterfeit Dreams: One Man’s Journey Into and Out of the World of Scientology
    The expanded, book-length version of Jefferson Hawkins’ popular blog is now in stock and available.
    All orders received will be immediately shipped.
    Scientology presents a glittering public façade, with smiling celebrities, polished videos, slick TV ads and impressive buildings. It is an image that Jefferson Hawkins helped to craft in his 35 years as a top marketing executive for the Church of Scientology. Yet behind that façade is a hidden world of physical and mental abuse, sleep deprivation, labor camps, family disconnection and human rights abuses. It is a nightmare world that is carefully hidden from public view. Counterfeit Dreams is a must-read for anyone who wants to know the truth about today’s most controversial cult.
    Hardback, 336 pages, index, glossary and photo section
    ISBN 978-0-615-37564-9


    FREE read here:

    Any LA Anons, if you can, PLEASE give Kirstie Alley the above book.
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