[Aug 4, 2012] Chicago Scientology protest for August (Chicago, USA)

Discussion in 'Planning' started by Strong Strength, Jun 26, 2012.

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    Welcome! This is the place to be for organizing the demonstration against Scientology abuses in Chicago. It will be held on Saturday, August 4, 2012. Please use this thread for anything related to the event: planning, questions, shooting the breeze, whatever.

    Bring along: a cool head, weather-appropriate gear, comfortable footwear, a drink, sunscreen, and possibly a mask or disguise if you roll that way. Extra stuff like cameras or munchies are always welcome too. We have plenty of signs we can lend you, or you can feel free to bring your own. We also have fliers to hand out, although there isn't a whole lot of foot traffic in the area.

    Stuff to avoid: accidentally clogging the sidewalk, playing amplified sound at louder than conversational volume, going on Scientology property (including the little walkways from the doorway exits).

    Other Notes: Masks or other disguises are legal to wear. We'll have relevant legal docs on hand, and the police will be notified of our being there. Be aware that you will likely be photographed and/or videoed by the cult at some point.

    Note on location: the Scientology building is actually at 3011 N. Lincoln Ave., not 3017. I just had to punch in the latter so that the push-pin spot on the above map would show up the correct spot. Here's another map:


    Hope to see you there!
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  2. So it sounded like most people wanted to wait until August to do the next "official" protest, so here we are with the planning for that. (By the way, there may or may not be a flashraid sometime in July. Enjoy the suspense, CoS!)

    Rumor has it that this August protest may have a special guest.

    Also, what time did you guys want to start this one? Our usual 11 a.m. beginning, or did you want to shoot more for a late afternoon / early evening deal again? Personally, I'm OK with doing either one.
  3. Megan Faccio Member

    Hai guise, I vote for an 11:00 start just because late afternoon is hotter and I melt in the heat. Really. It's messy.
  4. Darth Xander Member

  5. Yeah, we could even start at like 10 or 10:30 to avoid the worst of the heat, if we wanted. I'm cool with whatever, though.
  6. ThetanBait Member

    I think a staging of Tom & Katie's divorce proceedings would make for a good theme...
  7. 9376 Member

    You give a time, i'll be at the place.
  8. Darth Xander Member

    That boy's not right in the head.
  9. Darth Xander Member

    11 a.m. on Saturday. See you all there.
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  10. Awright, 11 it is then!
  11. Darth Xander Member

    And we have another special guest coming on Saturday, Ms. Leila Wills, the author of Farrakhan the Movie! She wants to check out the NOI connection with the hometown org and chat with some Anons.
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  12. Does anyone want me to bring silly string?
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  13. Anyone volunteering to deejay this month with the boombox? Just need an MP3 player with a standard-size hole for a jack (e.g. where your earphones would plug in).

    Probably not a good idea with a cult that is just looking for an excuse to cry about assault, littering, etc.
  14. Darth Xander Member

    That's a joke right? Since when have we let that stopped us from doing anything?
  15. My face is a joke. 2ymukab.gif

    Since leaving a bunch of Silly String residue on the sidewalk is kind of a dick move and could conceivably be thought of as littering.

    To me, it's not even an issue whether the cult would whine about it or not, just whether it's the right thing to do.

    Also, if Domenic were around any of that, you know that dude would go crumpling to the ground in a broken heap as if he had a collapsed lung. Careful where you point that stuff, you'll shoot your eye out.
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  16. Anonymous Member

    Leila's FB -

    Leila Wills
    I went to the Anonymous Scientology Protest yesterday in Chicago. Will post a brief article with more pics this afternoon.

    Photo is of an NOI woman entering Org.
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