August 11th - Manchester, UK

Discussion in 'Europe' started by strobe, Jul 25, 2012.

  1. strobe Member

    Next Manchester Protest Against Scientology:
    11th August 2012


    Meet-up point: 133 Deansgate, M3 3WR (the coffee cup) near Starbucks [street view] - 10:45am

    Walk to the Scientology Org: 258 Deansgate, M3 4BG (the volcano) [street view] - 11:00am
    (If no one's there, we're probably running late and are still at the meet-up point.)

    Anons may be able to meet you at Piccadilly Station (the cocktail glass) in advance - just ask.
    The camera is where we take the post-raid photo, after which it's off to the pub.
    New Anons are always welcome.


    The main thing is to be there. You can also help by bringing fliers, signs, cake, megaphones, cameras, friends and lulz.

    Seriously, print some damn fliers.

    You can direct any potential new recruits to our local website for local people.
  2. Profanity Member

    About time~
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  3. Grimlock Member

    What that guy said^^
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  4. Profanity Member

  5. Dragononymous Member

    Owh look, a thread.
  6. Waffle~ Member

    Distinct lack of toasties lately..
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  7. Profanity Member

    Glad you're keeping up with it.
  8. Dragononymous Member

    Something I will probably never understand..
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  9. Profanity Member

    Picture link was broken when I quoted. :p
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  10. Anonymous Member

    I only come here for the Asian chicks.
  11. Waffle~ Member

    It's a shame that skull isn't doing his job.
  12. Skull Member

    Skull's on the hunt for bridesmaids..
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  13. veravendetter Member

    For Circusfag
  14. veravendetter Member

    For strobe. I know he's down with this solid gold rhymin'

    Needs moar carryin' a slab of Fosters on a mountain bike.
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  15. WhiteNight Member

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  16. Profanity Member

    Egh. Looks like I'm going to be unable to attend. I'm completely broke.
  17. Im Anonymously relocating to Manchester, do yous welcome outside Anons to your protests.....
  18. Dragononymous Member

    It was nice meeting you.
  19. Skull Member

    Well, Dragon comes from Fólkvangrto raid with us, White from London and others from such places as Valhalla, the grave, gingerland and Yifftown. I'm sure you'd be more then welcome to add to our list.
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  20. Nobody. Member

    Yeah. Obviously we will have to ask you a few questions before the raid to make sure your not from OSA, after that you should be fine.
  21. Circus Fag Member

    Yeah, saw that ages ago.

    There are shit tons of skilled Asian kids like this one (particularly in Malaysia/Taiwan), but as far as I've seen they lack creativity; they very rarely bring new tricks to bare, just old ones practiced over and over and over again.
  22. Nobody. Member

    OSA is a department of the scientology organization. They have tried to infiltrate us before.
  23. Dragononymous Member

    Not the questions again..
  24. Skinnies Member

  25. Dragononymous Member

    It's alive.
  26. novu Member

  27. strobe Member




    Raid's this weekend.
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  28. Anonymous Member

  29. Anonymous Member

  30. Anonymous Member

    T R I A N G L E M A N
    from the book of TLDR
    lord fabric vol 1.
    It was a glorious morning. Lord Fabric decided to go for a wander through his lush gardens. He had all the riches one could only wish for yet he was unhappy with himself, he couldn’t think why. He looked at the cows grazing on the field. they seemed content in their own simple way so he thought the only logical thing to do over-come his depression was to get close to them, so he searched his shed for some duct tape, and when he found some he made his way to the field. He climbed on to the back of one of the cows and used the tape to attach himself to her. immediately the cow stopped eating and started to travel over the green fields. "Where are you taking me cow?", "I am not a cow Mr Fabric, I am a spirit from another realm and I must take you on a long journey through harsh terrain so that you may see the world for what it really is and what it is not". Lord Fabric began to cry like a baby that hadn’t been changed for three weeks, he kicked and screamed. In retaliation the spirit cow would scrape him against rocks until blood pissed out of his sides and head. In the next few days lord Fabric was exposed to heavy rain. The motion sickness was making him throw up and when the weather dried up, little flys would play in his vomit like douchebags in a swimming pool. Through all this hardship Lord Fabric learned a great deal, and the more he realized how all life’s pleasures were meaningless his head began to morph, and the tape began to tear.
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  31. Dragononymous Member

    What the fuck did I just read...?
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  32. Anonymous Member

    You better get used to this sort of thing.
  33. Dragononymous Member

    Nah, I'll be fine.
    The real question is, will you?
  34. Anonymous Member

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  35. Fuckeye Member

    May or may not be there. I still have no idea.

  36. Dragononymous Member

    And I thought I had issues...
  37. Circus Fag Member

    Lads (there are no women on the internet), I present to you the solution to life, Scientology and everything.

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  38. Anonymous Member

    ▲ T R I O L O G Y ▲
    (the study of three)
    In order to find your own solution to life you must study the three laws of Stuff.
    >Stuff is made from other stuff.
    >Stuff may or may not have a purpose.
    >At some stage the stuff ceases to be stuff or becomes other stuff.
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  39. Fuckeye Member

    Not gonna make it this month.

    /late updating

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