August 30, 2012 Clearwater Postgame

Discussion in 'Follow Up' started by anonymous612, Aug 30, 2012.

  1. anonymous612 Member

    Lulz were had. Also, the new guys are awesome and we're keeping them, you can't have them back.

    Pre-protest, grabbed a copy of ye olde LMT injunction to settle some confusion with a third party. The Records Office is trying to bankrupt me through printing costs. Interesting read, though.

    As for the raid itself, Antonio (who is so afraid of little old ladies he tried to get a restraining order against someone in a wheelchair) met us at our vehicles and was our personal escort for the day. The protest started in front of the entrance to the Ft Harrison Hotel, where we were greeted by our totally-not-subtle-at-all latest spotter, who apparently has nothing better to do than wait around for us to show up for a protest so she can tell her bosses we're here. Police were called for the first time that day. TL;DR "yeah you guys know how to behave." I'm also inordinately pleased we managed to get our first K9 unit. STFU with your "oh he was just in the area" or "oh he must have been the supervisor on duty" theories, "we're so awesome we warrant vicious animals" is my story and I'm sticking to it.

    We had picked up a freelance photographer in the parking lot, and down at FHH he was joined by one of the Tampa Bay Times staff writers (yes, with credentials). Casual interviews were had. The entertainment value spiked, however, when the reporter tried to move on to the Scientologists' point of view.

    Here's basically how that went:

    TBT: "Hey, can I ask you some questions?"
    Antonio: -stare-

    TBT: "Hey, what are you doing out here today?"
    Spotterscilon: -walks away-

    TBT: "Hey, can I ask you some questions?"
    Sarah (general PR-bunny): -starts typing on phone- "I'm not answering any questions."
    TBT: "But-"
    Sarah: "I'm not answering any questions."
    TBT: "I just-"
    Sarah: "I'm not answering any questions."

    INB4 Scilon sockpuppets on that article start claiming it's onesided and unfair.

    We decide to change locations and around here somewhere we got stopped by what would become a series of passerby from the general Clearwater area. Convos ran the general range from "Can you explain this whole Lisa McPherson thing to me?" to "Well, I'm a devout Christian, and I would never agree with Scientology" to "Hey, I just wanted to stop and tell you I totally agree with you."

    We head down to the Sandcastle for a bit and I'm pleased to discover our ORIGINAL "celebrity" Flag Security goon, Nicholas Cage, is still working there (as well as David/Romeo, who had been MIA for a while), but the Sandcastle is always empty and dull, so screw that. Sea Org Alley, for the lunch rush. Another police call, because apparently Scientology thinks there's NO CRIME ANYWHERE IN THE CITY and the officers have nothing better to do than listen to them bitch. Whatever. Cops leave, general Xander frivolity ensues, cops come back (Xander's fault), cops leave again. Ryan Gosling is reminded he really needs to start wearing sunscreen. Actually, he looked generally exhausted all day. Must be all that internet adoration.

    Finally, pizza.
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  2. Darth Xander Member

    Yeah, that freelance photographer was definitely a Scilon plant huh Six?
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  3. RightOn Member

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  4. anonymous612 Member

    stfu I said possibly.
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  5. Honigdachs Member

    this thread definitely needs more pics
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  6. Darth Xander Member

    How many Anons does it take to leave a sign behind?


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  7. lostatsea Member

    Someone's missing in this photo (needs moar hot Chi Anon!). You could have had Antonio take it so you could be in it, seeing how he was on your ass all day.
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  8. anonymous612 Member

    I asked him. He frowny-faced. :(
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  9. lostatsea Member

    Whatta killjoy. Ryan Whatshisface would have done it.
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  10. anonymous612 Member

    Ryan Whatshisface, in all srsness, looked like he was about to faint, so probably not.

    Also Xander: Wait, you forgot your sign? AND you lost the camera that time? WTF, you trying to leave behind a whole protester for them to build, Frankenstein-style?
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  11. Darth Xander Member

    Yeah, they're almost there. Man that sucks! I loved that sign. I bet they were just sooooooooooooooo happy to get their hands on it.
  12. anonymous612 Member

    How the fuck did you forget a sign that's on a giant pole?
  13. Darth Xander Member

    We all walked right past it. All of us.
  14. Darth Xander Member

    Ok, so all the Charlie fans out there are going to get another video. He says this is his first couple of visits out to the alley but I don't believe him. He's too good at it.

    What was with the couple driving through the alley a couple of times to take video of us, then moving over to the bank parking lot to get some more?
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  15. Pics of the police dog or gtfo
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  16. Eudae Member

    Was that the girl in the passenger seat, with her camera sticking out of the window? I wasn't paying much attention to whether the same cars were driving by or not. Still, you'd think they have enough video with fourteen different cameras watching us at all times.
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  17. Darth Xander Member

    That's her. And here's my raid vid:

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  18. whitesand Member

    Charlie's talk to the guard at the 2:12 mark is very touching. He looked like it was getting to him.
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  19. Darth Xander Member

    Charlie's video is coming. LOTS more of that. The guy is a natural. I'm out of a job. Its been real.
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  20. whitesand Member

    I liked Xander's confront of the lady in the red van about 3:25. These older people need to be held accountable for financially bankrolling and perpetuating this scam. They pay their fees to go to Flag, then all the peons bow and scrape to them for $50 a week, it's disgusting.
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  21. Eudae Member

    Thanks for the upload, Xander. Looking forward to Saturday.
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  22. Eudae Member

    Every time we saw an older member we reminded them the Church has no 401k planned for them.

    There's one very old gentleman with a crooked back who apparently likes giving the finger to Xander. It's a wonder they still have him working, he couldn't be younger than 85. There were also at least three kids I saw who were clearly younger than 15, but they were there working with the rest of them. Scientology doesn't discriminate by age; everyone is treated like shit.
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  23. Paladin Member

    I can't believe that Antonio is allowed to follow you guys. I thought private security guards were confined to the property of the organization they work for. A private security guard has no authority on public streets or walkways. He is basically acting as a stalker by leaving Scientology's property.

    Did you guys know that the Tampa Bay Times reporter would be there? Is that the reason for planning a Thursday protest?
  24. Chipshotz Member

    Charlie is great. Patient, poised and cuts to the bone.
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  25. Eudae Member

    On one level I think they didn't want to waste the police's time as the Church does (see: Every raid ever), and on another they're likely to weasel out of it anyway.

    I had no idea the reporter was there, although I arrived about thirty minutes late and didn't catch their initial interaction. Talking to 6 about it, I thought she was surprised by their presence too.
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  26. Eudae Member


    Whenever he is saying something he's never shouting, his voice is just loud enough to be heard by everyone. He'd probably do well in radio. I just sounded like an angry asshole trying to yell through the mask.
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  27. Darth Xander Member

    Yes he is. I parked at City Hall. As we finished up raiding in the alley I went to go bring my car over so the others could hop in. Antonio followed me right up to the edge of City Hall's parking lot, shadowing me for two whole city blocks. Before they use to kind of fade away after awhile. Not now. Not Antonio.

    Had no idea he was coming. Still don't know what brought him out today (as opposed to Saturday).
  28. anonymous612 Member

    Didn't even see him, just his two-legged handler.

    No, and I'm still surprised, the guy is apparently normally a crime reporter. Xander, what the fuck did you do this time?
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  29. Darth Xander Member

    Hardly. Considering it was your first time you've got nothing to worry about. As for me, I can't even watch video of my first alley raid anymore. Absolutely embarrassing.

    If you would of just moved my car liked I asked you to!
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  30. Eudae Member

    I will not rest until I find it.
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  31. Paladin Member

    On the planning thread, someone asked why you guys were planning a protest for a Thursday (I believe it was Budd). Your and AMA's replies seemed to indicate that something special was going to happen today that you didn't want OSA to know about. Were you just playing with whatever Scilons were watching the thread or was something different supposed to happen today?
  32. Anonymous Member

    Don't be so hard on yourself. You did amazing!
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  33. anonymous612 Member

    You mean this one?

    You're pretty much the only first-time protester to not walk headlong into the speed limit sign, though. So there's that going for you. ;)
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  34. Eudae Member

    Didn't stop me from "ASSAULTING" one of their cameras or bumping into everything else.

    How anyone wearing a mask hasn't walked straight into traffic yet astounds me, there's no peripherals at all.
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  35. anonymous612 Member

    I'm pretty sure we've done that. It screws with your depth perception, too. For instance, there's a particular pole that everyone would bump...and it's not like we didn't see it coming. We just didn't know we were right in front of it. You know, until it whapped us on the nose, that is.

    If you really want to see anons walk into walls, you should have been there for the pirate themed protests. Guy Fawkes mask AND eyepatch = BLIND.
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  36. DeathHamster Member

    If you're going to walk and wear, it's worth doing a little surgery to the eye holes.
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  37. anonymous612 Member

    On a side note, I do find it entertaining how fast we all learned to recognize people while they were masked. Odd little psychological experiment, that.
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  38. Eudae Member

    If I don't get a death threat to my phone or an SP declare by tomorrow, I'll look into it.
  39. Anonymous Member

    Well I just watched your first video I'm Impressed, good camera work, hell you were chasing buses away. Getting in good phrases, SO running this way and that way, not intimated in the least and just generally did an Awesome Job. Xander still compassionate just trying to get your message across trying to help those poor deluded, brainwashed individuals.

    Need all those young people to come back around and hang out again.

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  40. Anonymous Member

    Wherever it is that you came from or whatever it is your experience with this cult...welcome and thank you so much.
    It's funny but today I was looking forward to post game, just as I looked forward to post game from Sparrow.
    I'm glad for Xander now. He is doing a lot of good. You, LostatSea, Ama, Six and Eudae too. You are all good people.
    I hope some of them will hear you.
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