August 7th: PHX, AZ First Friday Protest

Discussion in 'USA - Central/Mountain' started by Ninja_Llama, Aug 7, 2009.

  1. Ninja_Llama Member

    August 7th: PHX, AZ First Friday Protest


    We're on for tonight! The protest takes place at 6:45PM @ 1002 N. 3rd St Phoenix, AZ.

    We stand on the NW corner right in front of the org. We do this because we have 2 plain clothes officers with us at all times. Our protests are extremely calm and have not had an incident.

    We have great public support, plenty of supplies and TONS of signs. Our numbers were terribly low last month, only 4 people.


    We have a great time out there! Yes it's warm, but it's getting nicer, and hopefully there will be a breeze tonight! I hope to see you out there.

  2. Budd Member

    Re: August 7th: PHX, AZ First Friday Protest

    PhoenixAnons are awesome, especially when equipped with SuperCool LED SignTech. They are a fun crew with super attitudes!

    I was priviledged to be there with them this Spring while on a business trip to PHX. Thank you, boss-lady, for paying my trip out there.

    Just dew it!

    I was at a protest in New Haven, CT three months ago ("Please stop this protest. You're scaring my children!") I'll be working in Saint Louis for the next two months, and hope to see some STLanons there...
  3. Ill be ther and ill bring people
  4. OTeleventy Member

    Oh this'll be funny.
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  5. Anonymous Member

    Care to tell me what time and where you will be, according to the OP?
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  6. That's particularly frustrating with this forum - old threads seeming to be new ones..
  7. Ninja_Llama Member

    Yea guys, 4 year old thread. I'm certain at this point that PHX is pretty dead. Scientologists have a new ideal org up on Camelback. Even I have moved out of state. If you care to start up something fresh, by all means carry on the torch. Be respectful, be available to the public, be educated as to why you're there. PHX scilons are a jumpy bunch; won't take much to enturbulate them. But general populous of PHX people is also wary of weirdos, so don't be a weirdo.
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  8. Apologize for responding to an old thread, but I live in phx and am interested in getting the party started.
    Any others wanna join? Also what's the laws on wearing masks and such?

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