August 8 - Chicago, Post Game

Discussion in 'USA - Central/Mountain' started by 3rdMan, Aug 8, 2009.

  1. 3rdMan Member

    August 8 - Chicago, Post Game

    It was actually pretty good. We welcomed some new Anons who helped us out. A lot of interested people came and spoke to us. Gave away 24 DVDs and hundreds of leaflets/flyers. New Anons showed up and helped out (thanks guyz). We may raid again on the 9th sense its Lollapalooza and lots of folks/hippies are out.

    Many Anons did not show up due to work or personal issues. But that hasn't stopped Chicago from continuing strong. Didn't raid the org this time. We had too much of a good time downtown. Thanks to new Anons that helped out!
  2. ObamAnon Member

    Re: August 8th - Chicago, Post Game

    Congratulations on your upstats!

    What DVD did you give out? Is it Uploaded?
  3. 3rdMan Member

  4. FUCK Member

    Re: August 8th - Chicago, Post Game

    Congrats Chifags.
  5. Anonymous Member

    Re: August 8th - Chicago, Post Game


    btw there was a Pedobear sighting!
  6. Re: August 8th - Chicago, Post Game

    Just killing time 'til the pix get here, oh ho ho.

    Wasn't sure if we'd need sunscreen or umbrellas or both on Saturday. But the rain stopped over the nighttime, and the clouds broke right around noon, so plenty of people were happy to be out and about after extended miserable weather. But it was about 90 degrees and plenty humid due to all the wetness.

    Due to real-life issues, there weren't quite as many Anons there this time around (think we had around 9 or 10 total), but it was still fun and we were bolstered by a couple of new people.

    We met our usual quota of speaking to at least 1 outright hostile person and 1 insane person. One drunk-looking guy suddenly and randomly cussed out an anon for no apparent reason. (After reading the Pac-Man sign, no less!) Another was trying to explain that wearing masks is wrong, because it's in the image of a face, and God made faces, or some insane stuff.

    Most everyone else was really positive. Got a lot of young people from the internetz who recognized Anon and everything. Blew bubbles, played with other toys, and some Anons jumped in the fountain again. (Yes, it's made for that!)

    There was a followup mini-raid at the Lollapalooza music festival on the 9th, but I'll write more about that next time.
  7. 3rdMan Member

    Re: August 8th - Chicago, Post Game

    Chicago Anonymous August 8th on Vimeo

    Vid is up. At 4:05 is my personal thanks to Chifags for the good times. Wish I could join you guyz for future raids but I'll be heading to DC late August. Peace guyz.
  8. Adanon Member

    Re: August 8th - Chicago, Post Game

    Daaaww, epic vid is epic! Gonna miss these videos and you too 3rdman. Flounders org is in even moar trouble now, and 10 more Chifags shall rise in your stead.

    August Millennium Park/Lolapalooza raid was awesome. And hot. And steamy! Huge crowds with major love and just enough crazies to keep things interesting.

    A few pics from Saturday....





    Moar pics can be found here....

    Chicago Chanology August, 8 2009 A set on Flickr

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