Aussie Parliament Email Addys

Discussion in 'Protest Planning' started by fisherman, Nov 20, 2009.

  1. fisherman Member

    Aussie Parliament Email Addys

    Evidence of global support is what Senator Xenophon is asking for and emails to parliament members would suppliment the petition effort. I have non-Anon friends who would send letters in support of Senator Xenophon's proposal.

    If an Aussie Anon could post a list of Senators and/or other members of Australia's parliament with email Addy's that would help me start getting my friends and neighbors involved.

    Safe for Anons to email? I would think emails to members of the Australian parliament would be difficult to connect to 'Anonymous'. If I send an email to every member of the Australian parliament under my own name, I don't see a 'namefagging' problem with that. Let me know if I'm mistaken, but if that's true:

    Anons everywhere could coordinate personal emails to members of the Aussie parliament with the times of the rallies.

    Something along these lines would 'boost the count' as far as showing support is concerned.

    It's possible the Scios are attempting a 'counter-attack'. The 'celebrations' they are planning could be their own 'letter writing parties' to Aussisland or some similar effort to counter-strike and diffuse Anonymous' We can't let that happen!!

    Senator Xenophon has asked for GLOBAL evidence of support and NO-ONE can do that better than ANONYMOUS!! Let's make this our own celebration to once again prove 'We control this' !!!

    For the 'lulz'!!!!
  2. _You_ Member

    re: Aussie Parliament Email Addys

    Some one posted all the Senator's email addresses separated by semi-colons to paste into emails.

    /r/ repost of same in this thread. Thx.
  3. XenuPhobic Member

    re: Aussie Parliament Email Addys

    Doooooo it!
  4. _You_ Member

    re: Aussie Parliament Email Addys

    I just got this note from Aaron, There are so many write campaigns and petitions I can't tell if these letters have already been suggested but these are the two addresses Aaron would like letters set to.

    This is not a PA request from him to all of you. It is only me passing along his request to me a person he has been exchanging e-mails with. I invite you to join me and write a couple of letters if you choose.

  5. re: Aussie Parliament Email Addys

    Done and sent.
  6. fisherman Member

    re: Aussie Parliament Email Addys

    Done and sent! I'm going to start contacting other Aussie parliament members -- we only have a couple of days!

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