Discussion in 'USA - East Coast' started by AUSTINANONYMOUSnetwork, Jan 18, 2009.

  1. AUSTIN PROTEST 1-17-09

    [ame=]YouTube - Jan17th Austin[/ame]

    there was three of us and we did a Epic job
  2. Black Moriah Member

    Re: AUSTIN PROTEST 1-17-09

    After you left there was this crazy homeless guy, who I gave some cake. He eat it on CoS property and made a bit of a mess. A cult member gets made at him for it, the tries to convert him by giving a pamphlet. Immediately, he throws it to me to properly dispose of (lulz). Later, after the other guy left it was me on my own. I talked to about 10 different people about the cult, and hopefully got some ppl on our side. Every now and then a cult member would come out, then I would ask how their day was. The avoided looking at me and were silent. So I told them to have a good day. Well a lady was restocking on pamphlets on the table when a man walks by and reads my sign saying "Scientology Hates Free Speech". THen he turns to the lady and asks if it was true. She treated him like she treated me, with silence. (Good job on PR btw haha) So the man says "Well I guess it's true." I continue to talk to him and his wife about us, them, and how they think we're terrorists. He then goes inside, asks if I am a terrorist. Their response was "Why don't you ask him yourself" or "Yes" (both are retarded answers, and doesn't help their cause). The man was borderline sane, so idk what exactly he said they said. ANYWAYS, the couple were on our side. Later, there was about 5 of them in the lobby. A lady was on the couch facing the door I was standing in front of. SHe was obviously taking pictures of me on her camera phone for a good 30 mins. Eventually I decide to take my camera out. As soon as it was out of my pocket, she darted to the back room as quickly as possible.

    So over all: EPIC WINS
  3. TheBitch Member

    Re: AUSTIN PROTEST 1-17-09

    Ya'll need to lay hand on a tumbleweed as a prop. Would go really well next to the stress table.
  4. Anon1720 Member

    Re: AUSTIN PROTEST 1-17-09

    Well done Austinanons!
  5. Re: AUSTIN PROTEST 1-17-09

    sounds great im glad you got away safe
    i found this epic flier for the next one
    we should do a flash raid soon
  6. Re: AUSTIN PROTEST 1-17-09

    Nice work austin anons :D
  7. Re: AUSTIN PROTEST 1-17-09

    whats up man did you protest in Houston?
  8. mbetz Member

    Re: AUSTIN PROTEST 1-17-09

    hahaha nice video they do the same shit where i live. with the same exact signs.

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