Austin, Tx Februrary 2009

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  1. anon2771 Member

    Austin, Tx Februrary 2009

    Ok, so around 11:15 there were 4 of us. Then, another anon showed up from the north and then two more from the south. The main group officially disbanded at around 2:40pm. About 3-5 different freelance photographers came around besides the scilon one (not mr.mustache cowboy this time) and several others who just wanted to snap some group photos. Of course though we had just as many opportunities to talk at length with people that were totally oblivious to what's up with the Church if Scientology in the first place. Guess not everyone is hip to the internet; so the IRL raids must continue!

    Follow the link to get 4 photos I got to tide you over until network posts some tasty video for you Pictures by gjog334 - Photobucket
  2. Re: Austin, Tx Februrary 2009

    Passed out a lot of fliers.

    Some people who I tried to hand fliers to said, "Save your paper, I know it's a scam." or "I already hate Scientology." So that's good.

    A bunch of people wanted group pictures of us and one lady said, "I'm going to be blogging you guys!" Her and her girlfriend both took pictures and took a few fliers.

    One lady came up and was pretty aggresively questioning us... I don't think she was a Scilon I think she just had an anger management problem lol.

    On the way back to our car a Scifag walked by us (on his way to the Co$ center assumedly) and actually said, "You have so many crimes you can't show your faces." lolz

    A girl in a hoodie seemed to be following us for about a block on our way back to our car and took picture/video with her cell phone so it was probably just a curious person but who knows.

    Did anyone get video of that lady with the curly hair that was super aggro?
  3. Re: Austin, Tx Februrary 2009

    AUSTINANONYMOUS1 posted a video from the protest.

    Aggro lady. Whoa.

    "You can't just put masks on!"

    Uh, yeah we can.

    [ame=""]YouTube - Feb14[/ame]
  4. frettchen007 Member

    Re: Austin, Tx Februrary 2009

    ^^^^^yeah we can....rofl^^^^^^
  5. xenubarb Member

    Re: Austin, Tx Februrary 2009

    I get what she wanted to know; if perhaps you were protesting an extremist sect of Scientology, maybe like the fundamentalist pedo polygamist "Mormons" on the border of Texas and Utah.

    All orders come from one source, RTC. If one org is trying something different, chances are they're all doing it. That lady was hung up on religion. You explained the pyramid scheme, but she still continued to question the religious angle. I hate that. Short of screeching "IT'S NOT A RELIGION, DAMMIT," to get their attention, I don't know the right words to shatter that illusion.

    Nice armbands, btw! Me likee!
  6. histohoney Member

    Re: Austin, Tx Februrary 2009

    It was great meeting you guys!

    Sorry I had to leave early, but I can't stand that long, (wish we could have chairs).

    I just loved the lady who rolled down her window and shouted, "Thank you, Bless you for doing this," at the Anons by the street. Many people told me they already new that Scientology was bad news.

    You guys go very month, stand for hours and now you know it's starting to make a difference. Way to go!

    I was asked why I went. Lots really. A friend lost a friend to the Sea Org. (came in the night, said he had to come back(He'd blown) or they would sue his partents and him for freeloader debt(this was in the 80'S). Now Know about child abuses, deaths, lies harrasments ect...

    I told my son, they have a right to there beliefs as we do but no one or group has a right to lie, cheat, hurt, scare and abuse people. Do what you can to fight bad things even if it's just a little at a time, keep fighting, but fight fair or you will become them.

    Anon Austin I was proud to meet you, Keep it up. (Maybe in better weather I can try again.)

    Anons in Austin I was proud to meet you.
  7. Re: Austin, Tx Februrary 2009

    thanks so much to the brave 7 anons that showed.

    i look forward to protesting with all of you soon.

    on my way back to my car the hairless cam co$ followed us back to the car

    by the time he turn the corner we where unmasked and driving way

    and he was looking around for us lulz

    Anonymousgirl86 lady with the curly hair seeing the video im sure is was a cult member
  8. Re: Austin, Tx Februrary 2009

    Yeah I was thinking that too...

    Thanks for being so informative about the goings-on being that it was my first protest.

    I had fun! Can't wait to do it again!
  9. anon2771 Member

    Re: Austin, Tx Februrary 2009

    About what that lady was saying on extremist sects, etc. - if only that were in anyway true. There are the freezoners and they are classified just like anonymous, major SPs - not even existing human beings to the "church" which is evidenced by their general non-conversation with us or one-liners. If you are 'pretending to know', as expressed by Tom Cruise, or NOT practicing Scientology like everyone else in the prescribed manner than you go through more auditing viciously until you submit to the practice that you refuse to practice correctly. If you are declared a Potential Trouble Source are either ex-communicated or worse depending how much of an SP you are declared. But of course, after had done intensive attempts at auditing (brain-washing) you get more auditing known as a sec-check (sec=security), which can be several sessions over a range of months. The sec-check determines if you will say anything negative against the 'church ' after you get out and they pressure you into signing a waiver that will make you pay them 5,000 dollars every time you say anything negative about them. Of course you after coming out of all this in a brain-washed haze most likely unless you are an untouchable person like a celebrity whose disappearance would get too much media attention. Thats why its a CULT, no extreme sects just the 'religion' itself.

    What I wanted to tell the lady is all those bad things those main-stream religions did happened THEN when we couldn't even protest and inform people without getting our head cut off in the streets but today we can and in this United States of America to have this type of organization/institution exist, to have this building behind me say 'Church' and say anyone of any faith can join and stay in their faith and in addition pay for this 'religion' to be given to them with tax-dollar support (oh, and we're just in a recession and reforming our budget) is not just a cult but a major neglect of patriotism and the cohesion between our founding principles which allow us to uphold our amendments. Scientologists use the 1st amendment as a battle shield to hide behind while we us ourselves to defend the 1st amendment itself because we believe balls deep in the free speech of any type: hate, love, religion, anti-religion, anything, everything, nothing.

    Just throwing the ideas out there. Adding more though I think Jason Beghe's Hamburg talk about Scientology really puts it all in perspective. You see how someone so whose whole mind and heart is in the beliefs of Scientology can go so deep and then because of that strength realize that his religion is indeed a cult and as a religious person can only leave to preserve their own spirituality. If have no idea what I'm talking about here . As an ex-scientologist he basically tells you why its a scam, why its a cult/criminal organization.

    The additional news on the activities of the protest though is about CATHY.

    Network told me that after the scilon photographer went out there across the street the first time and came back to show the video Cathy was yelling in anger. The only thing I think of is there was Black and me on the other side addressing the cameraman. Black had his 'scientology hates speech' and me who visibly took out my marker to write up my own sign. 'Misapplied TECH? DEMAND a refund!', which I handle up directly across the street from the cameraman for a while, leaning forward to make sure he can get it on camera. Call me egotistic but I think my sign was the one she yelled about. Me using sci-speak and proving I am existing in reality by interacting may have made her a bit crazy. I also yelled from across the street at the guy about how Jason Beghe got trained completely and had to re-learn it and re-pay and then asked how long he had been in 'that' pointing to the CoS building behind me as to imply if he hadn't himself already repaid and relearned he will.

    As as a final note Thank YOU fellow ANONYMOUS. Continue to be brave. We neven said this was a mere battle but a war and when we planned prior to the IRL raids aka protests we listed several stages. I hope you got as much lulz as I did and join us again to party hard!

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