Australia is about to set the standard!

Discussion in 'Media' started by tamphex, Feb 9, 2008.

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  1. tamphex Member

  2. AnonMomAnon Member

    our thoughts are with our aussie brothers and sisters.

    it has begun.
  3. TheSwordsman Member


    Let us know how it went. Post pics and videos. Inform us of any lulz. Gods Speed and Good Luck!
  4. Legion Member

    Really looking forward to seeing the jewtube on this. Stay strong brothers and sisters.
  5. Amomynous Member

    Anonspeed to you all!
  6. JAFA Member

    May Xenu guide you all to a swift victory!
  7. AnonNow Member

    Good hunting Anon.
  8. Nonanon2323 Member

    I can't go to any the raids, but I wish the Aussies and all others good luck.
  9. o/ Hail Lord Xenu! \o
  10. its.an0nym0us Member

  11. Unlisted Member

    Aussies and Kiwis ftw!
    *sends good vibes and thoughts of encouragement*
  12. an0n348 Member

    Have a great one, Australia and NZ! Report back and tell us how it went...

  13. xenuslc Member

    Good luck Australia and NZ! I expect epic win.
  14. badwolf Member

    Good luck Aussies and NZ!
  15. Biggins Member

    Ireland says "Good Luck"
  16. tamphex Member

    I'm off to the picket! Good luck to us all!
  17. DashboardMonk Member

    Good luck australia.

    I get a warm fizzeling feeling down in my stomac, knowing that the battle has begun.

    ps: I had to register a new account whit a new nickname.
  18. Anon123456 Member

    good luck aussies
  19. A non E-Moose Member

    Onward to victory
  20. AnonAus Member

    Best of luck, Boys & Girls of Anonymous. May your act be a hard one to follow.
    Our turn in a few hours.
  21. K_J Member

    Good luck to you guys. Lead the charge!
  22. Anonakitty Member

    good luck , may Xenu keep you safe!!!
  23. donotstalk Member

    May Xenu watch over you from his cavernous prison!
    I hope to hear reports before I tuck in for the night (the beauty of living on the other end of the earth).
    :xenu: Do us proud, gentle Anon.
  24. Anon17 Member

    Good luck! Our Suppressive people thoughts are with you!
  25. anon2600 Member

  26. beebot Member

    Hope it goes well OZ and NZ!
    Ireland's starts in 8 hours.

    frickin sci-fags, faking a riot.
  27. anonemus Member

    that fake riot is pretty funny, just makes them look worse. I don't think Australian police like ever use horses.
  28. JAFA Member

    Everyone knows that the man from Snowy River owns all the horses in Australia. And he would never sell them to the police.
  29. MollyBloom Member

    all love to our Aussie brothers and sisters.

    Go, go, go for great justice.

  30. anonymous755 Member

  31. donotstalk Member

    A more perfect collection of pictures has never been taken.
  32. Clamosaurus Member

  33. donotstalk Member

    Stop nitpicking
    Epic protest was epic.
  34. Why so many faces? You aren't anonymous if you show your face.

    Otherwise good job guys.
  35. rkd Member

    not all of us are afraid. Who cares if they see my face
  36. newanonwnab Member

    now that is a win.
    gj, aussies.
  37. random Member

    bravery isn´t fair game shield

    with that pic, some paranoid ppl could trace that face to some id, the some residencial place, then isp, then outgoing s., then spiders etc, then you are in the news

    those scifags are tentacling the tubes.
  38. Consensus Member

    I'm so incredibly amazingly proud of you Aussies. It's moving. I'm so happy. Kudos. I hope we in the States can compete.

    I'm proud to be a part of such an amazing movement, such a surge of social justice.

    When we can freely display our faces without fear, it'll be proof that we've won. I look forward to that day, and praise those brave enough to anticipate it.

    Frankly, the COS should know by now that retaliation against *any* of our members will fail, as we'll support that member and publicize their attacks.

    I think, in less than two months, we'll be holding a public protest where we proudly anounce our identities.
  39. ihasapancake Member

    Epic win, Aus and NZ! I'm so proud of all of you! Now it's time for Europe to show the world what we're worth.

    Belgiumfag, reporting in, ready for duty.

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