Australia is about to set the standard!

Discussion in 'Media' started by tamphex, Feb 9, 2008.

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  1. Can't access any of the pictures. :( But the YouTube, though!

    Epic win, Aussies! Xenu is pleased with you, and is awarding you countless internets!
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    It wasn't because we weren't afraid of them. I would have loved to have worn the pretty mask I bought. It's because in a lot of locations we're not allowed. We weren't allowed in Perth.
  4. Awesome win is still awesome. :D
  5. Heyanonnyno Member

    I gotta say, all silly moments aside, people really were phenomenal. It was RIDICULOUSLY hot in the sun. Yet people stuck with the march and kept handing out those flyers. We weren't allowed to stop anywhere for more than fifteen minutes, so after fifteen minute breaks, everyone kept marching on in the terrible heat. We easily covered some kilometres, I think, winding back and forth through the two major malls (where everyone was shopping). Perth folk should be very proud of their efforts.
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    Oh nice, they quoted from the new 'letter'.
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    Being prepared to get flamed for the following, I'll press on.

    Consider this.

    Some of the chants may come across as not only offensive, but actually alienate people that know nothing about scientology, and relate to the shreiks of religious bigotry the cult love to trott out.

    So, would you be happier with the support of most people, or only those that know more about hubbard's soulrape/mindfuck?

    The cult are well renowned for attempting (and sometimes achieving) to manipulate perceptions of the uninitiated.

    The chances of support from the public being won ,with the kind of chants that can easily be considered forms of bigotry (they do have their cloak of religion to hide behind in some countries) by Cof$ bringing out its PR machine are minimal at best.
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    I understand your point, and by no means wish to start a flamewar.
    *Edited because I make no fucking sense when I'm this tired*
    I just get a little sick of people focusing on the small negative in the epic win, that's all.
    I understand your point, but we can't be afraid to be the least bit inflammatory, or we'll be the most boring, least impactive mass protests on earth to date.
  11. Heyanonnyno Member

    There's a difference between inflammatory and pointless.

    WATCH everything at Watch the old school folk rock it. See how they do it. It's both FUNNY, POWERFUL and INFORMATIVE!
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