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    Australians hit out at 'shifty and deceptive' Church of Scientology for disguising an outreach centre as a ‘mental health and human rights exhibit’ with cameras inside
    • A mental health and human rights display in central Sydney has sparked outrage
    • It has been revealed the exhibition has links to the Church of Scientology
    • CCHR, the group behind the exhibition, was co-founded by the church
    • The stall will close after a 'significant number of complaints, City of Sydney says

    A free exhibition has been labelled as 'shifty and deceptive' after curious passerbys discovered links to the Church of Scientology.

    The 'Mental Health and Human Rights' exhibit in Sydney's Martin Place has sparked outrage online after connections to the controversial church were revealed.

    Following a 'significant number of complaints' about the exhibition, the City of Sydney has requested the stall close within the next 24 hours.

    A photo, along with a warning about the exhibit, was shared on Reddit this week.

    The reddit user who posted the image said the exhibit was 'mostly bullshit' and a 'front for the church'.

    'When you go in this tent there's cameras on you at all times. They try and get you to sign petitions asking for your name and address, so it all feels pretty off.'

    One commentor called the set up 'creepy', while another labelled the exhibit 'shifty and deceptive'.

    'I'd respect them more if they had the balls to slap a big Scientology banner on that tent with "come in and see why we're against psychology" underneath it,' a reddit user said.

    'I mean, they're entitled to their opinion. Instead, they have a vague, wishy-washy name in a bid to weasel out of bad publicity, except we all know it's Scientology anyway. Call a spade a spade, fellas.'

    The exhibit is being run by Citizens Commission on Human Rights Australia.

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    Two years after Scientology rehabbed an Australian acoustics lab, the silence is deafening

    By Bryan Seymour, September 4, 2018


    The silence is eerie at the National Acoustics Laboratory in Chatswood.

    At one time it was a bustling hub for engineers, scientists, and researchers working on Hearing Science, Audiology, Behavioural Science, Communication Science and Digital Processing. They made breakthroughs and exported their technology and products around the world.

    Then Scientology bought and renovated the property. In 2016 they held a gala event to open their Australasian HQ. Australia’s first Ideal “Advanced Org” was, promised leader David Miscavige, “destined to be a beacon of freedom for the Asia Pacific region.”

    The early indicators, however, were not great. Organisers could manage only a paltry crowd of less than 1,500. And in the absence of any prominent speakers, a cavalcade of randoms got up to speak.


    The sprawling 145,000 square foot complex appears to be mostly empty.

    After paying more than $57 million to buy and renovate the property, Scientology planned to ferry 275 Scientologists in by bus every day. These were presumably existing attendees at the previous facility at Dundas.

    They also announced they would launch a recruitment drive to attract North Sydney residents battling drug addiction and depression. No such recruitment drive seems to have occurred. The fact that Scientology does not have a license to provide drug treatment and mental services at the complex may have dissuaded those in need from joining up.

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