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Discussion in 'Other Countries' started by Incompleted., May 1, 2013.

  1. Anonymous Member

    The above are all of concern, however the recent anti association/bikie legislation has gone one step further into the domain of dictatorships everywhere. The Queensland State Govt, under Herr Newman, are so on the nose as to defy belief.

    /rant- Mr Newman is my pet peeve.
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  2. I agree and I am fearful of the fact that in Qld, the Governor General works for the state but is the head of state in every other state and territory of Australia....
    In Qld there is no constitutional rights, further more, there are no human rights....
    How do we fix this?
    There is no freedom of speech (so we can't discuss it as a peaceful protest)
    The new laws make it impossible to have a gathering (anyone listed at an anti government legislation campaign would surely be hunted down like a bikie)
    We have no right to vote on the laws imposed on us
    Do all the smart people that can afford it just leave to escape the current tyranny?
    What can I do to keep my family and friends safe under this dangerous environment where there is no basic human right?
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  3. what does it take for a organisation to be declared criminal under queenslands new bikie laws? ihazidea;)
  4. Anonymous Member

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  5. I don't know much if anything about law or politics so this might be a stupid idea but if x number of people in a organisation are convicted of a crime is that organisation then declared criminal?? If so we just have find enough members of the liberal party or another organisation Campbell Newman is associated with that have criminal records then fight for that organisation to declared criminal. It wont be that simply but that's the idea.........Merry Christmas
  6. Anonymous Member

    Worthwhile thought, however since Newman is busily creating his own little dictatorship in Queensland, he hardly gonna make it that easy is he. Look how swiftly he dismissed the Crime and Misconduct Commission.
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  7. bethechange Member

    are you opposed to using self sacrifice and manipulation to stop him?
  8. Callmeseven Member

    Australian Anon-ops,

    Are there any South Australian Cells that you know of?

  9. Anonymous Member

    No not opposed, forgive my cynicism at this time of year, I am just convinced that this guy is horrifyingly entrenched already. A right proper little dictator he is.
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  10. bethechange Member

    Not that i know of sorry, I'm new here

    Just to clarify that wasn't a dig at you I was just wondering anonymous's opinion in general on using self sacrifice and manipulation as a weapon against him.
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  11. Anonymous Member

    No, not taken as such, it was more my own frustration that end on end Newman seems to get his way in the most totalitarian style. For a moment I allowed myself to believe that this was insurmountable.
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  13. Anonymous Member
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  14. Mercutia Member

    Thanks Night Owl. The Australian Not for Profit and Charity Commission has the potential to seriously limit Scientology's expansion in Australia - be depriving the Church of its tax exemption. Such action could also attract international publicity. However, the ACNC is under threat of abolition, and it will require vocal pressure from the public to dissuade the current government. Please read the thread. thx
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  15. Anonymous Member

  16. The Wrong Guy Member

    CCTV footage released of a vandal who smashed about 30 windows at a North Tce church last month |

    Vision of a vandal who smashed almost windows at a city church has been released by police.

    In the early hours of Tuesday, March 18, an unknown man is seen causing damage to the Church of Scientology on North Terrace, according to reports.

    The suspect was seen smashing approximately 30 windows and damaging a door.

    The suspect is of medium height and build and was wearing a dark jumper, jeans and a beanie. He appears to have a full beard.

    Continued here:
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  17. subgenius Member

    Don't know where else this should go, but there is a "re-opening" coming up for Sydney. (Will look elsewhere for threads too)
    For any "opening" may I suggest some variation on THIS for signs (courtesy of Mike Rinder):
    “…why if you are opening a building that you hope to get new people to come into, don’t you allow them to the opening?”
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  18. Mercutia Member

    Hello Australians,

    The Australian Health Ministers Advisory Council is taking submissions on a National Code of Conduct for Unregistered Health Practitioners.

    Deadline is April 30! :eek: Sorry. They might extend the deadline for you if you ask nicely.

    It's basically a move to regulate all health services, and will have powers to issue prohibition orders against practitioners if they are found to harm or pose a risk to the health and safety of members of the public.

    A code has been in place in NSW since 2008, but while the code itself is pretty well designed, the hopeless NSW Health Care Complaints Commission does not enforce it.

    I'm putting in a detailed submission asking for modifications to the code to recognize cults, seeing cults often recruit and subsequently carry out abuses via so called health or therapy services. I'm asking for:
    • Improved definitions of risk to public health
    • Additional clauses for defining and addressing psychological abuse
    • Additional clauses/guidelines for practitioners dealing with sexual abuse victims
    • Improved definitions of inappropriate touching and sexual misconduct
    • Improved protections for complainants
    • Increased investigative powers
    • Stronger penalties, including criminalization of certain abuses
    I've been talking with CIFS about putting in their own submission.

    Anyway, I reckon some of Scientology's services might come under the code of conduct - particularly Narconon. I'm activist against another healing cult, so not up with all of Scientology's products. A case could be made to AHMAC to draw attention to Scientology's abuses and how they might be addressed by this new regulation of health services.

    Note that submissions become public documents and are posted on the AHMAC website unless you mark it as private & confidential.

    Good luck!
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  19. White Tara Global Moderator

    This looks like one for Super Xenophon ;)
  20. Mercutia Member

    Good idea. I'll send him a copy.

    A couple of points: The national code is in the public consultation phase of the draft stage. Health Ministers previously agreed (in 2011?) a national code is needed. The thing has been in the making for several years, and likely won't get up for another few. It will mean new legislations have to be passed at both state and federal levels. We've had a change of some state governments, so the neanderthals in Queensland, at least, might stall it.

    As for Nick X, he's shown interest in these issues. He made enquiries to the NSW Health Minister over some issues I was having with the NSW HCCC. He's certainly on board.

    The other thing to think about - even though this thing could be years away - but whenever a practitioner is prohibited, it will be posted publicly - online, and could attract media coverage.
  21. White Tara Global Moderator

    For more reasons than Scientology alone, I would like to see this become the cornerstone to helping protect the Australian people from unscrupulous groups and individuals. Its about bloody time. With the current incarnation of government in Queensland, being as weird and unpredictable as they are, its possible they may not actually block its progress. Lolol stranger things have happened.
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  22. The Qld Government are only stopping unlicenced bikies who are removing teeth and toes without the appropriate medical training
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  23. White Tara Global Moderator

    I believe they do a great sideline in castration as well :D
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  24. Incredulicide Member

    Youth for Human Rights Canberra

    Scientology is planning a Nelson Mandela Youth for Human Rights walk on December 10th, which starts at Stage 88 and crosses Commonwealth Bridge ending at Reconciliation Place, across the road from the lawns of Old Parliament House.
    Thanks to the Sec Check blog for posting this yesterday.
    There is of course no mention of Scientology in the promo.
    Stage 88 is run by the National Capital Authority, Phone: (02) 6272 2901 or Fax: (02) 6273 4427
    With country codes that is +61 2 6272 2901 and +61 2 6273 4427
    Reconciliation Place: (02) 6272 2902 which is +61 2 6272 2902 and here's a photo of it:
    Feel free to post further contacts like politicians/media that should know a recruitment front group for Scientology will be marching around the Parliamentary Triangle of the nation's capital.
    Comments are open at
    There are plenty of locations along that walk that people in the march have to walk past if anyone wants to start planning something. There is still a month to get permits, etc.
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  26. White Tara Global Moderator

    I am so embarrassed this level of ignorance is going on. Educate yourselves Australia don't just knee jerk.
  27. White Tara Global Moderator

    Oh by the way phantom derailer, I know you didn't post your link above to this thread originally, but I moved it here to show you how to post on topic in any given thread. Trust me it's not a difficult thing to master :p
  28. Only saw on the news that a company in South Australia got bullied into dropping their Halal certification and lost alot of money. That;s pretty bad.
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  29. White Tara Global Moderator

    Its gone beyond that now, it's quite a few smallish companies being bullied into submission by these knee jerk idiots being manipulated by racists. Many more companies are reporting threats being made against them and their staff too. :(
  30. That's poor. I thought we had more standards than this. Sure we aint perfect but people should have some more common sense before being a jerk. Sorry for language.
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  31. White Tara Global Moderator

  32. White Tara Global Moderator

    Don't sweat the language, most people here have seen and used well worse :) welcome to wwp
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  33. Thanks for the welcome. I dont like seeing Australia going down the thunder box but I think it has the 10 years.
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  34. White Tara Global Moderator

    Sadly for all of us it's a worldwide phenomenon.
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  35. It appears that this thread is focused on Australia and $cientology.

    The link was originally posted in a thread related to the global impact of fundamentalist Islam, terrorism and ISIS for the purpose of information and discussion.
  36. Anonymous Member

    If you'd read the OP, the thread's purpose will be revealed to you:
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  37. Hey guys, I'm new here... I'm from Adelaide and I've got a bit of a story to unfurl, I just don't know if online here is the best place to communicate it as it might end up being one of those 'big ones'.. I've gone through hell for months, harassment by unknown daily, threats, hacked phone, digital manipulation, stories, people, things stolen, gone, friends lost, family drawn into it, friends starting to become aligned, my ex even being taken somewhere where they now feel a 'part' of it all.. but they made a couple of errors in this gradual life break down, becoming apparent when I was detained for 'mental health reasons' apparently, in reality violently attacked by three police protective services (they're just a security company that dresses like the police - no guns is giveaway) and the mental health team? Incorrectly attending, illegally violating human rights leaving me handcuffed behind my back for two and a half hours in the dirt out front, bleeding head, state of shock while they waited for a hand over due to the damage they did to my head.. but hang on, where was I going in a white unmarked panel van? Why did the real police and real ambulance have to do hand over? Ohh... the mental health system in Australia has been sold to organisations, affiliations, companies, charities, churches etc to run for quite a lot of money and freedom within law invisibility. Dunno bout anyone else, but I'd maybe look at the well covered 'teams', sgarting with eastern mental health, tranmere team to see who they really are... I know and I also know how big in a large scope this actually makes it if correct (but trust me I am, I've been on edge for months and months now as testiment to the correctness of this blurb). Need some help at this point - how to escape them and what to do now

    Peace :)
  38. Anonymous Member

    Cool story, bro'.
  39. As a former Security Officer, I'd just like to say that you under-estimate the Police Protective Services, they are not a security company at all. They are actually a service provided by the local or Federal Police to monitor government property and in some cases privately owned facilities under government contract. You also mention the mental health teams situated around Adelaide, these are contracted by the local government because they are privately owned and in turn have a larger budget due to government funding cuts in recent years.. I also live in Adelaide and have experience with the Western Mental Health team, as I mentioned being a former security officer I was diagnosed with PTSD after an incident and had violent episodes where I was a high risk to public safety for a period of time, these teams are fair in their treatment and will only use force to restrain a person in order to sedate them or administer their medication. You probably deserved whatever treatment you got, as I got the impression you didn't calm the fuck down when handcuffed or you made threats which would be why you got knocked around. Regardless of basic human rights, people need to think of basic human instinct as well.. if you threatened to hurt or kill me when I was doing my job, I would want to hurt or kill you first, but I act on impulse and emotion which is why I'm no longer working in that industry ;)
  40. Is it summertime in Australia right now?

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