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    Is this thread still active?
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    Australian foreign ministers first response to unfolding drama in France;
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    EXCLUSIVE: The handwritten note Scientologists are sending to people who did a 'free stress test' and bought a booklet 11 years ago in a desperate bid to recruit new members in Australia
    • The Church of Scientology is targetting people who bought booklets
    • A Sydney man said he was approached outside a Woolworths supermarket in 2004 and was persuaded to buy the booklet 'Fundamentals of Thought'
    • He recently started receiving handwritten letters from the church
    The Church of Scientology is targetting people who bought a booklet more than a decade ago with handwritten letters in an attempt to recruit new members.

    A Sydney man, who did not wish to be named, started receiving letters from the church last month along with brochures about Scientology's 'Purification Program' and other books.

    The man said he was approached by Scientology recruiters outside a Woolworths supermarket in 2004, when he had recently moved to Sydney from Japan and did not speak much English.


    Continued here:
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  5. Only if you're a bear.
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    Aussies got the better deal.jpg
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    Scientology's Dirty Tricks - Friday 23rd Oct $15.00 (AUD) / ticket

    Booking information:
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    It seems that Ortega will be appearing in Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide and Perth


    SYDNEY: Friday, Oct 23 - Giant Dwarf Theatre at 199 Cleveland Street, Redfern at 8pm. Tickets are $15:

    MELBOURNE: Sunday, Oct 25 - the Wheeler Centre @ 3pm

    ADELAIDE: Wednesday, Oct 28 - The Wheatsheaf Hotel, 39 George St, Thebarton @ 7pm (with Senator Nick Xenophon) FREE

    PERTH: Friday Oct 30 - Collins St Centre, Cnr Collins St and Shaftesbury St, South Perth @ 7pm FREE
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    Haters gonna hate, Cults favorite new word: debunked. :D
    "yall a bunch of bitter debunked apostates"
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    Earlier today I posted this to the thread about Tony Ortega's book, and now I'll add it to this one. Quote:

    These are from Australia:

    Scientology tried to bring me down | The Age

    American journalist Paulette Cooper was once the Church of Scientology's public enemy number one after she wrote articles critical of the church.


    Tony Ortega to expose Scientology's big plans Down Under | Yahoo Australia

    One of Scientology’s greatest critics, journalist Tony Ortega is in Australia to expose the cult’s big plans Down Under.

    Why the Church of Scientology is buying up big in Australia | Yahoo7

    Tony Ortega, who is currently in Sydney to launch his latest book, said a new $50m Super Centre on the north shore will become the key base for Scientologists in the Southern Hemisphere. However, he has claimed it’s just an expensive front for dwindling numbers.

    Copied from here:
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    Very nicely done! The videos aren't large - 34.8MB.
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    Anonymous delivers.
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    Aha! I'm so retarded. Exactly where I should have put it in the first place. :D
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    Ortega Interview: The Drum, Oct 2015

    Okay, so Ortega has appeared on an ABC program in Australia called The Drum.

    If anybody is interested, a copy of the program has been obtained and snipped to leave only the Ortega interview.


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  19. Hey, thanks Furball. I prolly wouldnt have seen this if it werent for your efforts. MEOW!~!
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    No sweat, Clamosaurus_Rex. Sharing is the name of the game. :)
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    Scentology and Religious Freedom Roundtable

    Federal Attorney-General George Brandis QC opened the inaugural Religious Freedom Roundtable on 5 November at the Australian Human Rights Commission.

    Participants included members of the Jewish, Muslim, Hindu, Catholic, Anglican, Baha’i, Russian Orthodox and Buddhist faiths.

    They were joined by representatives of the Seventh Day Adventists, the Rationalist Society, the Humanist Society, the Atheist Foundation and the Church of $cientology.

    Meetings of the Religious Freedom Roundtable are scheduled as follows:

    Thursday 5 November 2015: meeting of faith and non-faith organisations hosted at the Australian Human Rights Commission in Sydney. Attendance is by invitation only. Please note that invitations have been allocated to ensure a broad and equitable representation of organisations and views.

    Thursday 18 February 2016: meeting of non-faith organisations hosted at the Victorian Equal Opportunity and Human Rights Commission in Melbourne. Further details to be advised.

    Friday 19 February 2016: meeting of LGBTI organisations hosted at the Victorian Equal Opportunity and Human Rights Commission in Melbourne. Further details to be advised.

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  22. Hello Aussie Anons,

    Universal Medicine's leader is suing me for damages for exposing his predatory and grooming behaviour with women and children.

    They're based near Lismore in NSW, but have centres in Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne, Perth, Gold Coast, Mackay & Cairns - more overseas, especially in the UK and Europe.

    I've blogged about UniMed's parallels with Scientology in the past and the Brides of Serge went ballistic, lol -

    I'd appreciate your help in circulating my campaign to crowdfund my defence.

    And no, I don't have the luxury of being Anonymous. I began blogging under a pseudonym, but to get meaningful exposure of this toxic scam, I had to put my name to official complaints and notifications when no one else in twelve years had the guts. I reported to police, child safety and health regulatory authorities among others. I lobbied politicians and gained media attention. Those harmed by these people are too frightened to speak out. Australian laws did not provide me any whistleblower protection, and have done nothing to curtail the abuses. I researched and submitted a truckload of evidence and nothing was done.

    In spite of harassment I continued the online exposure, and UM went from marketing itself as 'the new world religion' to being a pretty mediocre alt medicine front for an occult brainwashing death cult. Now the cult leader has resorted to legal action with a ludicrously weak complaint knowing I have no funds to defend it.

    I believe he thought I'd roll over and let his ghouls remove three years of research from the internet, but not a chance. This case will put Serge Benhayon on trial, and it's an opportunity me and the anti-cult community can't afford to miss.

    It will be a case worth following as it may break new ground in online activism. Please support and promote if you can. If you have questions, more info is available on my blog.

    Donate at my crowdfunding page: mod edit its in the begging mega thread in the Dome

  23. furball Member

    Just FYI, this is not the place to ask for money.

    Having said that, I've had a lot of fun over the years messing with cults and may have to check this one out.
  24. I hardly expected donations here. It's difficult enough to get stuff taken seriously. What I need is support and for people to know about this cult and how they silence critics, because this affects all of us - particularly those of us who take on aggressive rackets like this - off the web, in our own names, and through the Australian legal system. With no help.
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    I'd be interested in a thread about this with links to the history of the cult. It would be more effective.
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  26. I watched Esther's two-part video earlier today. Universal Medicine sounds very much like a cookie-cutter version of scientology - large doses of theosophy, evil spirits, past lives, your eternity threatened, disconnection from family/friends etc, all washed down with a gobful of prime woo - esoteric breast massage, anyone? - and exploitation of minors.

    Wikipedia has some info
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  27. 'Mercutia' already started a thread. I also posted links to two of my exposure sites above. I'm in court in less than two weeks and I don't have time to muck around here, sorry, especially if all it amounts to is gasbagging.

    I've blogged about 300 posts about the whole history, philosophy and abuses on three sites for the past three years. I have three sites because the cult have relentlessly spammed Google with bogus legal complaints - yes from their in house lawyers, to have URLs taken down from the Google search index and to close my Facebook pages to Australian users. There is no redress. They suspended my Twitter account for a time. It has been a race for me to get as much info onto the net as possible before I get shut down.

    They've posted scores of webpages defaming me as a liar, a troll, a cyber-bully and mentally ill - listed beside my profession and workplace address. I've fought to stay online, and to keep up the exposure and protect my livelihood.

    Those interested can start here:

    Universal Medicine's bullying makes national press

    Universal Medicine Accountability site

    Universal Medicine Exposed site
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  28. Thanks for taking the trouble to research. Cheers.
  29. Thank you for bringing this to our attention, Esther.

    Wish you good luck for the court case.
  30. furball Member

    With regard to the following, please not that this is not a judgment, it is merely an observation that I hope will help you.

    I know that this fight is more than a little personal for you, and I appreciate that, but I can't help but wonder if your attitude is helping or hindering your cause.

    Specifically I refer to the name calling and other derogatory comments made by you in your posts/articles. I don't think it is helping you at all.

    I understand that being emotionally detached from the subject matter may be difficult for you given your personal experiences, but please hear me out.

    What I mean is that to be taken seriously by the general public, it is often best to stick to the facts and keep all emotion and personal involvement of out the discussion.

    Furthermore, when the likes of Google are asked to look into a complaint, you really do not want to appear to have a personal axe to grind. This only makes it easier for them to side with the issuer of the complaint.

    In general, having what seems to be a personal agenda can tend to make people cautious and suspicious of you, and I'm guessing this is not what you want.

    For what it is worth to you, my own research into the matter continues.
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    Anyone know if Scientology is planning another "Walk for Human Rights" event in Canberra this year?
    Here are the links for previous events in 2013 and 2014 (which was a wash-out)

    Youth For Human Rights is the front group used for the operation, currently in the news receiving $10,000 from Legoland via Jenna Elfman, on or around December 10th which is International Human Rights Day.

    So far the profiles of the users familybrtn and yhrcanberra which advertised the previous events have nothing planned, but we need to keep checking in case they decided to give less warning this year: rights&region[0]=3&allUpcoming=1&sort=date
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  32. furball Member

    Youth For Human Rights Australia
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  33. Incredulicide Member

    Thanks for that, looks like they scheduled it for 5:00pm starting at Stage 88, same plan as last year:

    The promo photo used is the same 2013 one, which confirms the 2014 walk either didn't happen or was a disaster in the rain.
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  35. Incredulicide Member

    Local weather forecast:
    Chance of showers, most likely during this afternoon and evening.

    EDIT: That part of the forecast seems to have vanished. It now says:
    Forecast for the rest of Thursday - Mostly sunny. Winds westerly 15 to 25 km/h becoming light in the evening then becoming easterly 15 to 20 km/h in the late evening. Chance of any rain: 10%

    Damn their OT Powahs!
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  36. The Wrong Guy Member

  37. The Wrong Guy Member

    Bryan Seymour challenges Scientology’s ‘Freedom’ magazine to show itself

    By Tony Ortega, The Underground Bunker, January 26, 2016


    Australian television journalist Bryan Seymour posted something interesting to his Facebook page yesterday, so we asked him for the back story.

    Here’s what he sent us.

    Every few months a letter or email arrives at the Seven Newsroom, accompanying a glossy publication with the title Freedom.

    Some of the letters have been addressed to the chief of staff, the news director, and on this occasion, to the network’s foreign editor, Ric Carter.

    In the attached letter from Freedom magazine Australia Editor Sei Kato, you can read how the publication “calls for increased awareness of the increasing control of human rights and liberty in the name of security.”

    The irony of that statement is astonishing. Firstly because the author truly believes it. Secondly because Scientology itself has violated the human rights and denied liberty to scores of people, as revealed by the work of Tony Ortega, Alex Gibney, myself and other journalists.

    In drawing this most recent approach to my attention, Ric Carter said he initially didn’t realize that Freedom was the propaganda arm of Scientology.

    Scientology relies on “slipping through” the awareness of busy reporters and editors in the hope they will win some attention and improve their “stats”… a bit like Nigerian scammers sending out endless emails knowing that eventually they’ll hook some poor, unsuspecting victim.

    Not this time, Sei.

    In my response I have included a request for an interview on-camera. I hold little hope it will be accepted.

    Over the course of nine years and more than 85 stories on Scientology, I’ve been granted an interview only once – with Tommy Davis and four celebrities (Anne Archer, Nancy Cartwright, Erika Christensen and Marisol Nichols) – you can see these here.

    For the Australian Editor of Freedom magazine, which declares itself a beacon of investigative journalism and the “voice for humanity,” the response to my request for an interview will be conclusive…and confirm once and for all the truth…

    Freedom is a propaganda tool driven by hate and filled with lies, misinformation and ignorance.

    I’ll expect another letter soon.

    That Bryan Seymour, he pulls no punches.

    So here’s the letter that was sent by Sei Kato to the Seven Network’s Ric Carter:

    Continued here:
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  38. The Wrong Guy Member

    Scientology puts out a new ‘media guide’ that is as honest as you would imagine

    By Tony Ortega, The Underground Bunker, January 29, 2016


    Well this is a fun coincidence. Just three days after we heard from Australian television journalist Bryan Seymour about Scientology’s attempt there to interest his network in favorable coverage of the church, Scientology Australia spokeswoman Sei Kato (Broadhurst) has sent out a fresh new media guide!

    Bryan forwarded it on to us along with his observations about it. We think you’ll find his criticisms spot on, and we’re looking forward to your comments about Sei’s attempt at media manipulation. Tell us which is your favorite whopper!

    Here’s what Bryan sent us:

    Scientology is at it again!

    This “Media Guide to Scientology” would be laughable if it weren’t so dangerously misleading.

    For instance, it claims:

    2.10 Alien myths

    No religion wants to get into a debate about their religious beliefs with any news organisation, but this one is easily corrected. It is simply not true. Scientology holds no belief about being descended from aliens. Scientology believes in the existence of God, the Creator, and that every individual is his own immortal soul, a spiritual being called in Scientology, a “thetan” (from the Greek letter “theta” meaning, “spirit”).

    Some of the information one finds on the Internet concerning Scientology religious beliefs is a mixture of misstatements, distortions and outright lies designed to twist Scientology theology. These scurrilous statements, issued by the “Internet fringe”, are not only patently untrue, they are intentionally designed to ridicule Scientologists and denigrate their actual religious beliefs.

    The Church is always available should the media have any questions about the Church.

    I was the first to broadcast on television the audio of L Ron Hubbard giving the Xenu lecture, you can hear it here.

    This is not the “Internet fringe” – it is the founder of Scientology spelling out their wacky alien dogma.

    Other blatant lies in this “media guide”:

    – Scientology believes in God. They don’t.

    – Scientology is expanding. In fact it is rapidly shrinking.

    – Disconnection is not practiced. It is practiced and I have helped, and I am currently helping, several families to reconnect with their relatives.

    – The E Meter locates areas of spiritual distress. It is a pointless, simple device with no scientific merit.

    – The OCA personality test measures changes in how people feel about themselves. In fact, the OCA has no scientifically proven usefulness whatsoever.

    – Narconon – there’s no mention of the investigation into a string of deaths at Scientology’s drug treatment/recruitment program

    – It claims there are “203,000 Scientology Volunteer ministers on call around the world…” an incredible feat given it’s estimated there are only around 40,000 church members worldwide.

    – “Scientology is unique in that it does not require or tell anyone to “believe” anything” – in reality Scientology has a strict regime of expensive courses that require the subject to believe in an ever-expanding “universe” of dogma and so-called “tech” recorded by L Ron Hubbard.

    – The Sea Org – there’s no mention of the ban on women members having babies. Nor the long hours, appalling pay and conditions.

    Perhaps the greatest fail is that there is no mention of the true nature of Scientology’s sad founder, L. Ron Hubbard, a man who lied about almost every aspect of his life and who, after being rejected by the American Psychological Association, turned the “psychological folk art” in his book Dianetics into a religion “to make a lot of money”.

    For a true guide to Scientology, read “The Truth Rundown” report put out by the Tampa Bay Times, read The Underground Bunker, and see the videos at Bryan Seymour reports.

    — Bryan Seymour

    Thank you for that, Bryan. Here’s the media guide:

    Scientology Media Guide 2016

    Continued here, with open comments:
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  39. jesus.... it's true, we got it so good in australia, that our total anonymous 'mega' thread is just a bunch of blokes in a pub havin' a whinge about stuff


    yeah what about that fuggin...that fuggin...... you know, that fuggin.....yeah!

    your planet is spiralling ever closer into the sun every year, earth has no long term future for survival, there is an end date that you can work out, if you can be arsed

    and you might just be an organism that will wear out and there is no soul, that is pure fantasy and science fiction

    or as some people would lead you to believe you are a wonderous being of pure energy that transcends death

    yeah, nah

    so be good, for goodness sake.....


    somebodys comin'

    somebody's comin'
  40. White Tara Global Moderator

    mkay, I'll have what hes havin ;)

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