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  1. Question- did they have permission from the parents?
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    Australia, New Zealand, close enough.

    In Scientology, dancing in a conga line might end up costing you thousands

    By Tony Ortega, December 3, 2016


    After the week we’ve had — with the heart-wrenching scenes with Bonny Elliott and Amy Scobee in Leah Remini’s A&E series, for example — we thought it would be good to start things off today with a little levity.

    It’s been a while since we got a look at Scientology’s fundraising foibles, which used to be more of a staple around here. But even though it’s been some time, we think you’ll see that things haven’t changed a bit.

    Local Scientologists are still under enormous pressure from the international landlord office to raise huge sums of money for “Ideal Orgs,” expensive new facilities that replace older churches around the world. Scientology leader David Miscavige calls this “expansion,” but these new orgs aren’t appearing in previously unplowed territory. They merely replace existing orgs, and there’s no evidence that they boost local membership. To the contrary, plenty of evidence suggests that they tend to be lifeless, empty places after the crowds of a grand opening slip away.

    So how do you get Scientologists, who are already hounded regularly for huge payments for expensive courses and other frequent donations, motivated to spend even more money on buildings that they don’t need? Scientology’s solution is to try and make the monthly fleecings seem fun by turning them into costume parties, with plenty of fake enthusiasm. How many times have we seen Scientologists dressing up as Star Wars characters or pirates or 30s gangsters so they can pretend they’re having fun being pressured to write large checks?

    One place where this is going on is New Zealand, where fundraising for an Ideal Org has been going on for a couple of years. There are only a tiny number of Scientologists in New Zealand — even the church’s international office had to admit that the locals couldn’t raise enough money to cover the millions of dollars an Ideal Org typically costs, and announced that a “grant” from the International Association of Scientologists would bear much of the cost. But the locals are being pushed to donate, and one of our tipsters found some precious videos the Kiwi Scientologists have put together for recent fundraising events.

    We hope you enjoy these as much as we did.

    Continued here:
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    A Christmas Eve treat: Our man Down Under on Scientology’s antipodean troubles in 2016

    By Tony Ortega, December 24, 2016


    How’s this for a Christmas Eve miracle? We asked Bryan Seymour to give us a look back at 2016 for Scientology in Australia, and he was good enough to send us this dispatch.

    In what has been one of Scientology’s worst years since LRH dropped his body to continue his research on another planet somewhere, the church has fared poorly in Australia in 2016.

    This is despite rushing the September opening of its new Australasian Advanced Ideal Org in Chatswood, just north of Sydney. Horrified neighbors report buses coming and going at all hours as “staff,” mostly flown in from Taiwan, are put through the Scientology indoctrination process so they can give up everything they own. (See my report on the opening here.)

    Earlier in the year, I flew to New York in May to interview Ron Miscavige, father of Scientology leader David Miscavige, which resulted in numerous reports across Australia about how David began life as a happy little boy before evolving, thanks to Scientology, into a physically violent brute. While I was in New York, I also interviewed a certain journalist who runs a certain website.


    One issue coming up: Scientology’s plans to open a Narconon facility in semi-rural New South Wales are back despite being scuppered late last year.

    It now seems Scientology is going to have another crack at opening one its profit-making, unscientific and potentially dangerous centres. We’ll let you know what happens.

    I never expected to play such a role in exposing this greedy, vicious group. The reason I have? Because they are still using people and destroying families. I’m determined to keep going until they stop hurting people.

    — Bryan Seymour

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  5. Might have something for y'all soon, doing some research in person.
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    It's times like this when I truly question humanity as a whole. A group of bullies persecuted someone to the point where they organised for her to be gangraped. If the schools and police can't deliver justice for an innocent child who was bullied and gang raped then we, the people, should deliver it for her.
  7. #1 - you are not a meme
    #2 - the bullying happened almost 3 years ago. Some kids from her middle school? What possible justice could Anon "deliver" at this point, assuming Anon was in the justice business in the first place?
    #3 - WWP is dedicated to legal, peaceful protest. If you're looking for revenge, you won't find it here.
    #4 - milhouse is still not a meme (sorry)
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