Australian Religious Worker Visa overview

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  1. OTBT Member

    Australian Religious Worker Visa overview

    Australian Anons, document for your perusal:

    Some interesting stuff in here, such as the very last item in this doc:

    Hmmm, that doesn't sound anything at all like the standard Billion-year Sea Org contract.
  2. Anon556 Member

    Re: Australian Religious Worker Visa overview

    cross posted
  3. Ann O'Nymous Member

    Re: Australian Religious Worker Visa overview

    Nice to have. Thanks.
  4. FUCK Member

    Re: Australian Religious Worker Visa overview

    Nice find.
  5. OTBT Member

    Re: Australian Religious Worker Visa overview

    Details from Aussie gov't regarding their Religious Worker visa program

    Religious Worker Visa (subclass 428)

    Before I start digging around more, can anyone confirm or deny, or provide any info, if scientology uses the Religious Worker Visa program in Australia, for importing non-Aussie Sea Org into Australian Orgs?

    I don't want to be wasting my time researching this, if it is not applicable.
  6. OTBT Member

    Re: Australian Religious Worker Visa overview

    ESMBers gave confirmation that scientology in Australia does use Religious Worker visas:

    Australian Religious Worker visas - does Scientology use them? - Ex Scientologist Message Board

    Right now, this is a fishing expedition, trying to find info. Any advice and input is appreciated.

    Info from Aussie gov't Immigration regarding the Sponsoring Religious Organization (obviously, Church of Scientology in this instance):

    Religious Worker Visa (subclass 428)

    Please forgive my woeful ignorance on Aussie version of Sea Org and OOTs. A few questions:

    Is Scientology officially considered a religion in Australia, i.e. a "recognized religious organisation?
    Are there a maximum numbers of hours per week that employees (or "volunteers") are allowed to work per week?

    If I recall correctly, when I visited factories in Sydney a few years ago, I was told that labor law only allowed employees to work a maximum of 35 hours per week; is this correct?
    Would Sea Org work week of 90 - 110 hours per week violate immigration labor laws?


    Religious Worker Visa (subclass 428)

    Does the Freeloader's debt break any of these obligations above?


    Info for visa holders (not the sponsoring organization)

    Religious Worker Visa (subclass 428)

    Do foreign Sea Org staff pay Australian taxes?
    If so, can this tax information be found anywhere, or is it confidential?
    How does Church of Scientology in Australia escape minimum wage requirements for Sea Org staff?
  7. AnonyMary Member

    Re: Australian Religious Worker Visa overview

    Hi OTBT,

    I believe Scooter (REMOVED) knows about the employer regulations there. He worked for CoS (* Sea Org I believe and came to the US at one point. ) and later and more recently for Narconon in Australia as the C/S . You can reach him by PM at ESMB.

    Great work you are doing. I think you've opened up another can of worms, lol!

    ~ Mary McConnell
  8. ccas Member

    Re: Australian Religious Worker Visa overview

    I found out that there is a Sea Org in Taiwan, one of the task is translation. They are asking young public (no money) to join the SO. From blogs, I know some are considering, one can't wait for high school to finish and being shipped to Sydney, and one has been working there for a while. CoS claim that they have 50,000 scilons in Taiwan, but I won't be surprised if they have only 5,000 active members. It was reported that people from all over Taiwan went to Sydney for advance services.
  9. OTBT Member

    Re: Australian Religious Worker Visa overview

    Thanks, I'll try to PM Scooter - (hope he was already namefagged.)

    A General Sherman Tank inside a rotten can of worms was pretty much what I was hoping to find - - idle hands are my workshop.

    Ooooh, that's interesting. Never heard of Taiwanese Sea Org. I've been to Taiwan, hard for me to believe there is any significant scilon presence there.

    So it looks like there are non-Aussie Sea Org staff and non-Aussie public going to Sydney on some sort of visas. I don't think a simple tourist visa would be long enough to cover doing advances courses and services. Any idea what kind of visa is used for foreign non-staff to do auditing / courses in Sydney?
  10. AnonyMary Member

    Re: Australian Religious Worker Visa overview

    Hi OTBT, yes, Scooter namefagged himself a while back, and has even recently written an excellent article on why he opposes scientology, over at ESMB:
    Why I oppose Scientology - Ex Scientologist Message Board

    ps: keep up the excellent research. I know you're still away and I owe you a PM reply this week :)
  11. OTBT Member

    Re: Australian Religious Worker Visa overview

    I got back onshore a couple days ago, still trying to catch up on current events. Don't sweat the PM, nobody owes me anything.

    Can't seem to find much documentation online about Aussie religious worker visas, apart from the links already posted above.

    Did find this application form:

    On page 8, the sponsoring organisation must answer some basic questions, including:

    Curious how scilons justify Sea Org pay of $50 per week in question 18.


    Google has a dedicated site for searching non-classified US government servers:

    <Unclesam> - Google Search

    Anyone know if there is a similar function for searching Australian or UK government databases?
  12. Anonymous Member

    Re: Australian Religious Worker Visa overview

    Check your thread in Aysd.

    Something is there for your perusal
  13. OTBT Member

    Re: Australian Religious Worker Visa overview


    Found the info, its going to take a while to sort through all the info and related links.

    / Edit - here are the links referred to:

    Pokharel, Anirudra Prasad [2004] MRTA 7085 (28 July 2004)

    Aoki, Hiroko [2001] MRTA 5787 (5 December 2001)

    It looks like Mr. Cyrus Brooks, Director of Public Affairs, was responsible for bringing in foreign scilons to Australian Orgs.
  14. Australian visa rules for Religious Workers have changed.

    It now appears that non- Australian Scientology Sea Org staff no longer qualify for either the "Salary" or "Volunteer" categories for Religious Worker Visa, but must receive at least minimum wage. This is because Sea Org staff receive $50 a week, which is neither Minimum Wage nor totally unpaid.

    Here's the details.

    OK, now have a look at the new application form. found here:

    < NOTE this next part: >

    Perhaps some kind anon wishes to alert Aussie exes / anons about this info, to see if it could be leveraged in Oz.
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  15. Anonymous Member

  16. Anonymous Member

    Sea Org uses tourist visa and Australian Federal Police knows about it. Some people switch countries but some probably don't.

  17. It is contentious, but possible a wedge can be driven in here. It will require someone dedicated and willing to pursue this hard. I do not know anyone in Australia who currently qualifies.
  18. RightOn Member

    wow, so how would this be enforced in the Sea Org? Wouldn't it mean that people would have to come forward and complain? That isnt' going to happen.
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  19. Anonymous Member

    The Australian Tax office has an interest in keeping the bastards honest, the more the sea org members are paid the more the Australian govt is owed in payroll taxes etc. I say audit the fuckers annually just for fun.
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