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Discussion in 'Leaks & Legal' started by Anonymous, Jun 19, 2012.

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    DSA e-mail to HCO on their plans to counter Anonymous protesters


    Google Translate

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    The kind of crap shown below is typical. If you've seen the Birmingham Spool, you've seen the Austrian Spool.
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    In the HCO files

    photo taken by DSA

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    (To be filled out by the DSA and the necessary evidence provided )

    Name:_____ _______________ Post:

    Org: _____VNA__________
    IN OUT

    1. Basic Staff Quals in (per attached) __x__ ____
    2. Well-versed in the Scriptures (i.e., well-trained in tech
    and policy); _x___ ____
    3. Well-versed in the Scientology Ethics system; __x__ ____
    4. A proven Scientology executive as evidenced by statistics; _x___ ____
    5. A duly ordained minister of Scientology in good standing
    with the Mother Church; ____ ___x_
    6. Has obtained the age of majority (either 18 or 21 in
    most areas). _x___ ____

    Additional Points:

    7. Has valid staff contract _x___ ____
    8. Is reliable with no unhandled PTS situation _x___ ____
    9. Has no dubious connection or history of disaffection _x___ ____
    10. Has a high ethics level _x___ ____
    11. Has a history of loyalty to the Org, the Church,
    Management, RTC and COB _x___ ____

    I hereby attest that the above qualifications have been verified in a new unit of time and that this report is true and correct.

    SIGNED: ___DSA VNA/ SONJA HENKEL_____________________

    DATE: _______25.1.2011____________________________
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    from HCO emails

    Map of Anonymous protest, DSA observation point and Scientology counter protest


    Log book at Org for Scientology observers of Anonymous protest

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    Org security logbook for another protest, 10/9/2011

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    Logbooks are so 1919 Wiemar Republic and 1943 Third Reich. It's like a bunch of retarded nazis playing war.
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    i see what you did there

    but dont like your fontgroup Barrett Brown.

    including e-mails as html is not realy the best way.
    hint: external links/js
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    Instructions for sending secure files from telex computer to external computer.

    hi jacqueline

    Find the instructions here for secure file:
    telex computer - external comm software: First, the desired file on the computer by telex exchange on the copy b :/ drive. then the external comm program file under / secure file / sendfile go. the post to indicate it is sent, enter-enter, the post of who is to enter enter-files, select, enter, description text, enter -> file will be sent!

    lg, georg
    Safer, faster and easier. The current Internet browser -
    Download now for free!
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    WG: Important Survey on Scientology in France

    From: "Martin Millinger" <>
    "Martin Millinger" <> "Martin Millinger" <> Monday June 1, 2009 21:07:54

    Here’s a survey on a French website as to whether or not Scientology should be banned in France , just sent to me by a French Scientologist. Presently there’s a big majority of voters that have voted “yes” that it should be banned.
    Here’s the web address:

    Click on the Votre Opinion "Faut-il interdire l'église de Scientologie en France ?" question,
    then click on:
    “Non la religion est libre”.
    It's important to turn this vote in our favour.


    Hallo Leute, in Frankreich wird eine Umfrage gemacht, ob Scientology verboten werden soll oder nicht. Im Moment ist die Mehrheit noch für ein Verbot. Geht deshalb bitte auf den Link unten und klickt auf „Faut-il interdire l’église de Scientologie en France?“ (Soll die Scientology Kirche in Frankreich verboten werden?)
    Dann klickt auf „Non la religion est libre“ (Nein, Religion ist frei)
    Es ist wichtig, diese Abstimmung zu unseren Gunsten umzudrehen.

    LG, Martin
    This didn't seem to work out that well for the cult in France.
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    Keep analyzing!
  18. oh my gawd ... today in the media "Final handling of the mainattackers" doc from Scio (Wilfried Handl & Anonymous Austria)


    This will destroy Scamology in Austria (hopefully)
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    "Braveness"? Trololol. Ahhhh, that Laffy... always pulling legs.
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    Details? Details? Details? Lulzy details?
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    sue me fuckers

    onward and upward
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    those are still in krautspeak
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    This one has some English:

        1. (my emphasis) lol
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    Wait WUT

    You are STILL in their systems and leaking in a feedback loop!?! :eek:

    Anon Austria = LEGEND


    This is one to watch.
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