Avoid rape, don't drink!

Discussion in 'News and Current Events' started by Anonymous, May 16, 2013.

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  2. Yeah that dude needs to be tied down and fucked hard in the ass at knifepoint.
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    Somewhere there is a list of all the things a woman does before going out at night- to avoid rape. It's a awesome detail about rape culture.
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    The list of 10 tips by the University of Colorado at Colorado Springs was billed as "last resort" options to deter a sexual assault.
    "Tell your attacker that you have a disease or are menstruating," read one tip.
    "Vomiting or urinating may also convince the attacker to leave you alone," read another.
  5. Had a guy once who had picked me up hickhiking and wanted more than gas or grass. I told him I was a lesbian. He flipped out, stopping his car in the middle of nowhere and forcing me out.

    "If, If I you were a fag I'd have to beat you up!" he sputtered.

    "Good thing I'm not a man then!" I said, flipping him off as I got out.

    I soon picked up a ride from a nice person.

    Around this time I also avoided getting picked up by an infamous pair of serial killers, but that's another story.;)
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    I am told that the inadvisable act of drinking alcohol helps with the recommended vomiting. So, all in all, I am quite confused about this advice.
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    Did you get away?
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  8. Oh my yes! And I didn't even need OT abilities to refuse a ride from those guys!

    When I saw these guys double their truck back up to look for me after I politely refused (at the end of a day I would kill for a ride up into the yuppie hill suburb I lived at the time)...I ran and hid. In my favor it was dark.

    London Fog Fucking Raincoat FTW.

    They got out of the truck to look and I looked like a construction tarp on the debris 50 yrds back.

    It was a few months before they caught Ng and Lake.
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    Holy shit girl.
    This thread is now about famous killers and or rapists.
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    I'm so glad you out-clevered them, Dongcopter. There but for the grace of some murderous scumbags go the lot of us.
  11. Sorry. I have no intention to derail, I just wanna say:

    Speaking from experience don't fight if you don't have to, run when you can
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    The 'this thread is now about...'That was not sarcasm. I'm glad you got away. The posts about rapists and murderers is on target. People who want to drug and harm women are out there. Some so bad that they kill, others rape, beat, photograph. There is good reason to watch your drink carefully.
    The thread is about inappropriate advice blaming women for the crime, but there are scary criminals out there.
  13. Wow. Saw Ng on a TV show. He fled to Canada right - and tried to delay as much as possible?? And the other guy took a suicide pill?

    That little box they had them in didn't look comfortable at all:(
  14. Yeah, that all took place when I was living about 20-30 miles south of their place in Calaveras Co. Even if it wasn't them, the sierra foothills have had their share of colorful rapists and murderers over the years. I was happy when I moved back to town and didn't have to rely on rides and hitchhiking as much.
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    Avoid rape: don't let even seemingly casual boundary pushers get away with it, and warn your friends.
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    Not the makings of a fun night on the town. I guess that's the point, girls don't get a lot of carefree nights on the town, because hyper vigilance is not fun. I wait for the day when foxy police women do date rape stings instead of posing as prostitutes
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  17. TMOT Member

    Welcome to Being a Chick 101. :-/ We don't like it either!

    And, seriously. The person who pushes little boundaries will push big ones. Avoid that person. They are testing you.
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    Holy Fuck

    Fantasy dox.

    " theft of pussy".
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    Kudos to the designated drivers/'chaperones.' May their coffee cups and gas tanks never be empty.
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