AvS planning & postgame threads appearing in multiple spots

Discussion in 'Support Questions' started by Strong Strength, May 23, 2011.

  1. Some people seem to be confused about where some of the Anonymous vs. Scientology planning and postgame threads are supposed to be going since the move to XenForo and the forum reorganization that went with it.

    AvS planning threads: Traditionally, the monthly protest planning was done in Global Protest Planning area inside AvS. But now there's also the Planning section off the front page, and it has a few cool new features: built-in map stuff, at-a-glance RSVP count, etc. Because it allows the event creator to select the demonstration type (e.g. "Anonymous vs. Scientology Rally"), it seems reasonable to assume that it was intended for AvS stuff too.

    But we still have people planning AvS stuff in 2 different sections. Maybe some people are just used to using the old Global Protest Planning area, or feel like AvS planning is still supposed to go there because because that subforum is still accepting new threads, or whatever. It's not that unusual to have 2 different threads for the same event where the discussion is split into 2 spots, etc. and it just makes it harder to follow.

    AvS postgame threads: The same situation is going on with postgame stuff - the AvS post-event stuff is cropping up in multiple spots. A lot of people are still using the old Post Game Reports section within AvS. But now there's also the Follow Up section. I believe that one was set up kinda ad hoc for the first FoI rallies, but there's no label on it that says "FoI only" or anything like that. And if Planning seems to be inclusive of AvS stuff too, and Follow Up is its sister forum, then why wouldn't some people think AvS stuff is OK to go in Follow Up also?

    Confusion: Anyway, because the AvS stuff is popping up in different places, I feel like it's harder to follow everything. Sometimes it also causes extra mod work like having to merge duplicate threads. Or I feel like I have to make a "pointer" thread month after month or risk discussion getting split up or people not knowing where to look. As far as what's actually supposed to be going where, I've seen different mods say different things. Or AvS threads are not always being consistently moved (e.g. mods are tolerating AvS postgames in both Follow Up and AvS Post Game Reports), so it seems kind of ambiguous in some ways.

    One idea: I feel like it'd be simpler and more intuitive if all the planning & postgame stuff was in the same spot. I like what you did in the FoI section, because there are "redirection" links to the Planning & Follow Up subforums right there. I think it'd be good if all the old AvS planning & postgame threads were archived or whatever, and then within the AvS section, we could have those "redirection" links to Planning & Followed Up placed there too, so everyone's on the same page. You could see everything at a glance: "Okay, May 21st, there were Scientology protests in Ireland and L.A. and a FoI rally in Spain."

    Just my 2 cents, sorry for the long post.
  2. I think this isn't fixed because the events planning thing doesn't work very well.
  3. BigBeard Member

    I'd think there's be less confusion if "Planning" and "Follow Up" were under "Freedom of Information", for activities related to that forum, and "Global Protest Planning" and "Post Game Reports" under AvS where it's always been. The current set up is causing things to be missed, especially when you have a thread tagged in "Post Game" for notifications, and the next post ends up in "Follow Up" instead.

  4. That idea has merit too. The question is, where would people put the planning and postgames of stuff that doesn't fit into any other section? You have odds and ends like Spanish political stuff, WBC trolling, 40 Days For Life counterprotesting and stuff. Those aren't exactly what most people consider FoI-related, and they're definitely not about AvS or Iran.

    If you make some sort of "Other Stuff" catch-all, I'd be concerned about it mostly just collecting dust.

    Realistically, I don't think there are that many postgames being churned out these days. After a busy weekend, you might have like 5 active threads of events that happened around the world. Maybe 10 if it was a really gonzo weekend. That's easily enough room to fit on the first page of an anything-goes Postgames section - nothing recent will be pushed off onto the 2nd page, and the most interesting stuff will keep surfing to the top.

    That's why I think that, as long as the postgames are all labeled clearly, they could all coexist in one spot. (shrug)
  5. BigBeard Member

    That sounds fine in theory, but what's the point of an AvS forum for those of us focused in that area if AvS related issues are going to be popped into forums outside of AvS? And, as I mentioned, it makes tracking threads a PIA to have them scattered around.


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