/b/lackup! on Drawball? *linked*

Discussion in 'Projects' started by eksef, Feb 22, 2008.

  1. eksef Member

    /b/lackup! on Drawball? *linked*

    Current Situation regarding colours

    Current Colour Combo:


    Current Text Operations:

    XENU.NET - Maintain as usual

    Other images to maintain:

    Green Anonymous symbol -
    Awesome face -

    More requests for things to maintain/draw?

    PM me (lol9000) and I will add it to the list.

    Hi I just registered to the forums, I've been watching these events for a while though.

    My suggestion is to have all of Anonymous to go to Drawball and keep a "XENU.NET" sign there, the way the LUEshi and other pics have been kept up.

    I don't visit 4chan /b/, but maybe someone can pass this suggestion along to whoever can organize thousands of people to do it?

    EDIT Directions by Anonomum

    How to draw on Drawball

    1. go to and wait for circle to load up.
    2. Zoom in on a part of the pic you want to paint to 100% using bottom left hand zoom button near ball.
    3. At 100%, ink and tools will appear on right hand bottom side of circle.
    4. Click in circle and a shape with dots appears.
    5. Solve this puzzle using this link How to Draw on Drawball - wikiHow
    6. You are then able to use tools and ink to paint the pic. You can zoom out then zoom in anywhere and continue painting.
  2. Re: on Drawball?

    If this takes off, I'll help out but we'll need some SERIOUS numbers.
  3. eksef Member

    Re: on Drawball?

    Well if /b/ can draw a giant b on DB, I know they can make a giant Also, most of the internet would probably cooperate in this project. Post this on whichever site b and 4chan use if possible.
  4. Re: on Drawball?

    I think this is a good idea, but we'd need a really compelling image to go with it? No?

    Not that familiar with Drawball tbh so no idea what sort of numbers would really be required.
  5. Re: on Drawball?

    Drawball gives you a very limited amount of ink per day to use on a massive collaborative draw...ball. Back when this was last in the internet news, LUE, /b/ and others fought against the entire nation of Korea who had drawn a gigantic flag of their country dead center on the ball. We kept changing it to a pepsi logo. :)

    Anyway, for a drawing of any significant size it will depend. If we're unopposed, a few hundred people could do a gigantic work in a couple days. If someone decides to fight us for space, we might need some /b/ackup.
  6. its.an0nym0us Member

    Re: on Drawball?

    How do you organize this sort of thing? Pic a picture and just have people work from there?
  7. AnonaBlue Member

    Re: on Drawball?

    It starts when someone claims some space, and tells everyone else where it is. Once everyone has cleared the space out, the hivemind takes over and you start drawing. You draw crap? It gets replaced. You draw gold, and it gets preserved and protected. PPl like me who can't draw a straight line with a ruler just do damage control and try to repair stuff that gets vandalized.

    Anon will like this, its his kinda thing.
  8. Anonproto Member

    Re: on Drawball?

    well unfortunately since the ORIGINAL /b/lackup (watch archive playback) drawball has changed the rules to prevent invasions... at one point you started with zero ink and so changing ip's and proxies did shit... and I guess they fixed the infinite ink thing
  9. Panon Member

  10. saerat Member

    Re: on Drawball?

    ooo a new plan is formed o.o
  11. Re: on Drawball?

    I reckon this could be good, it sounds feasible. Not sure whether'd be sufficiently motivating on it's own, but it's definitely got potential.
  12. its.an0nym0us Member

    Re: on Drawball?

    I was thinking that we'd get an art piece prepped and ready before we did anything. A V mask holding a sign or some such.
  13. Re: on Drawball?

    That sounds like it could work. How much of an issue would be the ink situatio that AnonProto talks about be?
  14. its.an0nym0us Member

    Re: on Drawball?

    In my free time I'm trying to turn that ugly teal VIP into XENU bit it's taking forever cause I am noob and haw low inks. :|
  15. Re: on Drawball? just getting my IP in the system so I start filling up my ink in prep. I suggest you do the same.
  16. AnonymousYKF Member

    Re: on Drawball?

    I'm in. How many people does it take to get something giant on there?
  17. its.an0nym0us Member

    Re: on Drawball?

    Is there some kind of rate system for refilling?
  18. magicbob Member

    Re: on Drawball?

    I just drew a giant x on there, and it's about 2px in size on the 100% zoom. This is going to be harder then it sounds.
  19. AnonymousYKF Member

    Re: on Drawball?

    /b/ managed to draw a /b/ across the entire thing. It can be done.
  20. its.an0nym0us Member

    Re: on Drawball?

    Exactly. I had been screwing with the VIP macro generated thing, but somebody recolored my section yellow.

    We should have an image to accompany. I will work on that.
  21. Anonproto Member

  22. Anonproto Member

    Re: on Drawball?

    requires Windows XP compatibility mode
  23. Re: on Drawball?

  24. AnonymousYKF Member

    Re: on Drawball?

    I've been working on expanding this X, it's somewhat visible now.

    Need MOAR INK
  25. Anonproto Member

    Re: on Drawball?

    northwest of the blue x is protected... watch out
  26. its.an0nym0us Member

    Re: on Drawball?

    whur izzit?
  27. Re: on Drawball?

    The E is coming along nicely. Getting a start on the outlines of the N. Watch out for those pesky protected blobs.
  28. r00tdenied Member

    Re: on Drawball?

    I worked in blongcat last year so on drawball. So I'll attempt to work on this. I started re-outlining the N as a lot of it seemed to start fading.
  29. Rip Member

    Re: on Drawball?

    Yeah, I reoutlined moar of the N too.
    How do I acquire more ink? D:
  30. Re: on Drawball?

    Some noob tried to retake part of the E but I'm currently fixing him with my own 100% ink. :twisted:
  31. Re: on Drawball?

    Wait until tomorrow.
  32. Marcabulation Member

    Re: on Drawball?

    /r9k/ is on the job.
  33. Re: on Drawball?

    Could use some extra hands to finish up this cleanup
  34. saerat Member

    Re: on Drawball?

    need moar ink!! How I get moar!?
  35. its.an0nym0us Member

    Re: on Drawball?

    You have my sword!

    Also, you guys have some major text-drawing issues.
  36. Re: on Drawball?

    Heh it's not my fault they ignored my original outline for the N and then made the diagonal like twice as long as it should be. :D
  37. ZOOMzoom Member

    Re: on Drawball?

    just added more white outline to the X. What is with that wolf thing on the second N?
  38. Rip Member

    Re: on Drawball?

    idk, but its protected so we can't draw over it. :/

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