/b/lackup! on Drawball? *linked*

Discussion in 'Projects' started by eksef, Feb 22, 2008.

  1. Anon-ymous Member

    Re: /b/lackup! on Drawball? *linked*

    hmm, my ink has reset to 5%, I should have had about 75% (got it up to the point where I could have 100% each day), going to take a few days to build it up again
  2. Re: /b/lackup! on Drawball? *linked*

    /b/awwfag raid's planned for the 13th, around 1pm EST, 10am PST
  3. Mitsu Too Member

    Re: /b/lackup! on Drawball? *linked*

    Well it looks liek I got banned too although I did not deface Thor or artwork. Did not see any warning either. If it's DB admin maybe we can get Anon DB to talk to him or explain as there seems to be a lot of collateral banning or for that matter he may have banned the whole lot of people who were involved on both sides of the Xenu battle this past week. Maybe Anon DB can explain if he's lurking. For those of you who still have access is Xenu still intact?
  4. JigsawPsyche Member

    Re: /b/lackup! on Drawball? *linked*

    Good idea! According to this: Drawball - Xenu.Net Checker yes.
  5. Mitsu Too Member

    Re: /b/lackup! on Drawball? *linked*

    Well that's a handy tool! Well let us hope it's just a cool off period. Pisses me off though as I was finally getting close to 100% ink. Oh well c'est la vida loca!
  6. Prozac4Tom Member

    Re: /b/lackup! on Drawball? *linked*

    Thor was being quickly produced by a bot, and it appeared on the X, E, and N. I didn't feel like it was vandalizing someone's art because it was quickly reproduced. I watched the bot for quite a while before joining the others in trying to fix the E.

    If I'm banned for that, oh well. There's plenty of space where that Thor could have been placed and it wouldn't have ruined any of the logo.
  7. xanonymousx1 Member

    Re: /b/lackup! on Drawball? *linked*

    I didn't do anything and it just shows a blank/black circle instead of all the pictures and stuff...

    Is drawball down or something?
  8. AnonDB Member

    Re: /b/lackup! on Drawball? *linked*

    No bans. DB was down last night for maintenance (all ink gets reset to 5%... boo), and when it was put back up something went wrong and the admin hasn't been around to fix it. Hopefully it's fixed by morning.
  9. Zhent Member

    Re: /b/lackup! on Drawball? *linked*

    lol the bawww fags are gonna have a massive baw now cause they will hardly have any ink to raid us on the weekend!
  10. space101 Member

    Re: /b/lackup! on Drawball? *linked*


    Well, IMO, Our link on DB looks pretty good... for now.

    The only thing I'd suggest is that we fix the "T". Someone drew a bunch of black lines on the bottom left of it.

    Also, I don't have that much ink. But I'm going to try to fix the X. The top left of it looks awkword.

  11. Mitsu Too Member

    Re: /b/lackup! on Drawball? *linked*

    Thanks AnonDB. That's a relief. Not working yet but at least it's the same for both sides.
  12. Re: /b/lackup! on Drawball? *linked*

    That's hilarious, they'd been building up ink for weeks.
  13. JigsawPsyche Member

    Re: /b/lackup! on Drawball? *linked*

    Thank you AnonDB, I am also relieved! Its still not working here; I am sure it will be fixed as soon as possible :)

    Thanks again!
  14. Anon-ymous Member

    Re: /b/lackup! on Drawball? *linked*

    lol, at least all the /b/aaawwwwfags won't have any ink either then.

    Everyone, activate your IPs now so you have as much ink as you can.
  15. vongole Member

    Re: /b/lackup! on Drawball? *linked*

    Oh noes! Thor is back! Massive abuse of infinite ink... Seems the bot artist doesn't liek


    I had bit of a scribble war with him but 5% vs ii is a bit like a butterfly trying to annoy a hyena. Oh vell.
  16. TurkeyGobble Member

    Re: /b/lackup! on Drawball? *linked*

    I didn't think bots were allowed? And yet this one is?
  17. vongole Member

    Re: /b/lackup! on Drawball? *linked*

    Yep, it's a bot or program or wutever. If you see the fag laying it down - it arrives in swathes, faster than anyone could draw. Anyway - Thorfag is not protected so it looks like teh bot fart is destined for Valhalla.
  18. space101 Member

    Re: /b/lackup! on Drawball? *linked*

    Thorfag is not protected....:colbert:
  19. rangerdog Member

    Re: /b/lackup! on Drawball? *linked*

    Thor appears to be protected now.
  20. Re: /b/lackup! on Drawball? *linked*

    Yup. They got their bot-created second-rate crap protected...with big black lines across it's face.
  21. AnonymousTV Member

    Re: /b/lackup! on Drawball? *linked*

    Go go go go. Blackening out the first 2 letters.
  22. vongole Member

    Re: /b/lackup! on Drawball? *linked*

    Yep, Thorfag is thoroughly protected and the bot-master has ii. He has spread his ugly-ass drawing of Thor right through the top of the E of Xenu. Not much can be done about it except, maybe: XeNU.NET
  23. azurekite Member

    Re: /b/lackup! on Drawball? *linked*

    Sorry mate. If I had the bot for remaking Xenu again I would put it to run right now but I don't and I can only go with the 5% ink I had. I still need to wait a while to restore all that 100% ink again.
  24. donvotto Member

    Re: /b/lackup! on Drawball? *linked*

    ITT: BAWWWWWWWWW, someone with REAL TALENT has drawn REAL ART over some shit logo that no one cares about, BAWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW, someone call a WAAAAAAAAMBULANCE. :colbert:
  25. Ben Dover Member

    Re: /b/lackup! on Drawball? *linked*

    And the black box to the left of "X" is also great art that is protected?
  26. Zhent Member

    Re: /b/lackup! on Drawball? *linked*

    Wtf is with all these protections?
    I swear the admin is out to destroy us in the slowest way possible.
    He seems to want to kill drawball in a slow painfull way as well, handing out infinite ink to those who clearly don't deserve and letting trolls roam free across the ball.

    Also: backup needed
  27. Re: /b/lackup! on Drawball? *linked*

    "real art" = Bot-drawn crap?

    Compare the Thor to the Captain America, and recognize "real art".

    BTW - 100% identical to the one I nuked last week. Screenshots would prove it. Absolutely Bot work.
  28. Schlong Cat Member

    Re: /b/lackup! on Drawball? *linked*

    So the folks that run drawball would rather have bot art (or any ol' art for that matter) in that space than the huge spam link that's been there for almost half a year?

  29. donvotto Member

    Re: /b/lackup! on Drawball? *linked*

    Both look good, and thier both better then a big shit logo.

    and also, if you look at Captian America's foot, you will see that the cape overlaps it, and captian america was fully protected, and was drawn by the admin. Think about that. Who would be the only one who could draw in a protected space OVER a drawing done by the admin?....

    No one likes you. Just give up. (see above post)
  30. Re: /b/lackup! on Drawball? *linked*

    The Thor is crap. Try to sell a comic with art that sad.
  31. nomen Member

    Re: /b/lackup! on Drawball? *linked*

    bla bla bla Guess we'll have to resort to vandalising art-in-progress and spamming 'xenu' everywhere to continue wasting time on bawwdrawl it's so addictive :O

    And that bullshit about 'XENU.NET' taking up space? If the admins were serious why not also attack '' and the other shit?

  32. Re: /b/lackup! on Drawball? *linked*

    Apparently, some fags want drawball to be one big WWE ad and a bunch of tiny protected art.

    Who knew the same pack of bawwwfags would love pro-wrestling AND $scientology?
  33. donvotto Member

    Re: /b/lackup! on Drawball? *linked*

    Lets see, XENU.NET is pretty much the biggest thing on drawball (and its not art) Drawballfans is run by the admin, the admin allows the big W and VIP to help stop anyone from putting a huge logo in the middle (*ehem*/b/*ehem*).

    and I'm pretty sure hes just tired of the shitstorm of cancer that has brought to drawball.
  34. cubby Member

    Re: /b/lackup! on Drawball? *linked*


    didja guys notice there's protected art on the U, too?
  35. Re: /b/lackup! on Drawball? *linked*

    registered yesterday, 3 posts (all in this thread).

    Did you honestly register just to troll the fucking drawball thread!? :roll:
  36. JigsawPsyche Member

    Re: /b/lackup! on Drawball? *linked*

    ummm anyone with ii, mr. smart arse? From the DB FAQ:


    Bigger picture (rule 4)

    Drawball FAQ (source)
  37. Hollow Member

  38. Hollow Member

    Re: /b/lackup! on Drawball? *linked*

  39. DF4L Member

    Re: /b/lackup! on Drawball? *linked*

    ok, lets clear things up, shall we? im dannifood4less, I have read that the admin of drawball drew the captain america.. no.. i did.. I also drew the thor, the reason there is such a difference in quality is because i knew it was going to be raped several times untill it got protected. and alot of you keep crying about it being bot drawn.... no this is far from the truth.. it was hand drawn.. its simply a recording of my original drawing.

    currently thor is joker faced WHY SO SERIOUS XENU? it will later be fixed to be higher quality, in fact the area will have the full avenger team...

    the other protected picture on the U is also mine.
  40. donvotto Member

    Re: /b/lackup! on Drawball? *linked*

    But the admin is the only one who can protect drawings, further proving my point.

    good. get rid of this cancer once and for all.

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