/b/lackup! on Drawball? *linked*

Discussion in 'Projects' started by eksef, Feb 22, 2008.

  1. JigsawPsyche Member

    Re: /b/lackup! on Drawball? *linked*

    Read above mr. "move the goalposts". You were implying that the admin. was the one who drew the art and protected it. FACT: it wasn't, but yes he protected it.

    You were wrong, so stop trying to pretend now that that's what you meant all along.

  2. donvotto Member

    Re: /b/lackup! on Drawball? *linked*

    still proves the fact that he doesn't want your shit on there. (along with the rest of drawball and /b/)
  3. cubby Member

    Re: /b/lackup! on Drawball? *linked*

    he's got you there
  4. Skeptic1337 Member

    Re: /b/lackup! on Drawball? *linked*

    Other bullshit aside.

    I'm a fan of your work as is my wife!

    Keep it up.
  5. raziel Member

    Re: /b/lackup! on Drawball? *linked*

    the is practically dead
    either draw somewhere else or just let it go
  6. Hollow Member

    Re: /b/lackup! on Drawball? *linked*

  7. DF4L Member

    Re: /b/lackup! on Drawball? *linked*

    thank you,, this is defanatly the last place i expected to hear anything kind...

    i just wanted to state, i have nothing against the logo itself.. im sure scientology is an evil cult and yadda yadda yadda... but the reason everyone hates logo is the plain lack of respect its supporters show for anything else on drawball.. all of the nearby protected images have been exploited for holes in the protection grid, and nearly impossible for anyone to create real art in the area.. the creator of drawball dosent care for logos on the ball, and the only reason that he cares even the slightest bit about the drawballfans logo is the fact that we encourage art...

    someone told me the reason that they need to warn drawball about scientology is the fact that they prey upon artists specificly. i dont know if this is true, or to what extent, but going on drawball and defacing art in order to maintain a logo, isnt the best way to go about it. in fact, it pretty much stoops you to the same level or the cult, preying upon artists..

    thats the end of my rant, im sure if XENU wants to co-exist peacefully there is a way we can work it out... there is a xenu thread on drawballfans forum. if you really want to get something done on drawball, thats the place to post it.
  8. HouseSpiderV2 Member

    Re: /b/lackup! on Drawball? *linked*

    what about the West Virginia logo? That's been there longer than and has as much of a claim to drawball as chanology does. I don't see anyone bitching about that logo.
  9. Clamosaurus Member

    Re: /b/lackup! on Drawball? *linked*


    If you think other users arent wise to a few whiney ii holders playing favouritism on DB, then you truly are lost.

    Bliind freddy could see what was happening with Xenu.Net. It was there for many months, and wasnt an issue.
    Now, some of you drawball whiners want to lay the blame for all vandalizm at the feet of Enturb.
    Well, that's just pure bullshit, and you know it.

    Yeah, it only matters to you if it effects you

    Oh, so you speak for ever single contributor on DB, do you?
    Your an Admin from DBfans.

    If youre going to whine, be sure other DBFan MB users arent reading your bullshit justifications, because you play favourites.
    Oh, and funny how the logo was A.O.K for many months, and its only recent days DBers are having protected content administered there

    Do you have the same considerations for 12oz, KATG, WV or any other of the logos, flags, tags on DB?

  10. donvotto Member

    Re: /b/lackup! on Drawball? *linked*

    Actually no, we (a few raid groups) started this whole thing. There were no ii's helping up when we started, we blacked out xenu all by our selfves.

    Exactly, no one cares about scientology. Your just a small group of moralfags who have no life.

    I would say his words are just about right to what pretty much every other person on DB thinks.

    They were just taking the opportunity in the aftermath of the raid to get some REAL ART on drawball instead of your shit.

    They arent nearly as big as XENU.NET, and they have been on there ALOT longer then you have. Plus they respect artists.
    XENU.NET is the center for cancer and faggotry on drawball.

    And, heres what DB looked like BEFORE xenu.


    alot less cancer, some real art. While it some of it may be just scribbles, it had a lot of potential for ART, and you ruined that potential.
  11. TheOne Member

    Re: /b/lackup! on Drawball? *linked*

    could i recomend a nice artisticly made logo? instead of .
  12. TheOne Member

    Re: /b/lackup! on Drawball? *linked*

    also placing it somewhere else and a little more in ecology with the rest of drawball
  13. TheOne Member

    Re: /b/lackup! on Drawball? *linked*
    or work on this smaller
  14. TheOne Member

    Re: /b/lackup! on Drawball? *linked*
    here i already cleaned it up for you
    lets make it look artistic
  15. cubby Member

    Re: /b/lackup! on Drawball? *linked*

    a fellow anon said to me... that perhaps it would help if the logo were more artistically done... new monthly themes, color changes, something more interesting to look at.

    i don't think you guys can really blame all this on a few people who don't like the logo -- if the admin of drawball is allowing art to be protected where your logo is, it's obviously something the people who run drawball are okay with.

    you're trying to spread your message in an artistic community... couldn't hurt to be more artful about it, and less bawww. you're not automatically entitled to special consideration just because you have a 'message'.

    my .02 fwtw
  16. TheOne Member

    Re: /b/lackup! on Drawball? *linked*
    smaller ink to make it pretty and to keep it from vandalization
  17. coslies Member

    Re: /b/lackup! on Drawball? *linked*

    Just safe up ink and redraw, but we might change the color to something like orange instead of blue?
  18. TheOne Member

    Re: /b/lackup! on Drawball? *linked*

    i think you are missing the point
  19. coslies Member

    Re: /b/lackup! on Drawball? *linked*

    Mystery double post removed, sorry.
  20. coslies Member

    Re: /b/lackup! on Drawball? *linked*

    The U is lost du to protected crap.
  21. TheOne Member

    Re: /b/lackup! on Drawball? *linked*
    so go here and help with the small one
    i already used 30% of my ink de crapifying it
  22. Hollow Member

    Re: /b/lackup! on Drawball? *linked*

    This thread is the
  23. HouseSpiderV2 Member

    Re: /b/lackup! on Drawball? *linked*

    IMO - the moar artistic the logo, the harder it is to maintain against butthurt artfags and scilons.

    Also, I wonder how much of this sudden drawball-rage is from scilon troll incitement....

    Also, why the FUCK is the internet hate machine letting butthurt self-important drawball artfags dictate terms to it??? w/e
  24. Hollow Member

    Re: /b/lackup! on Drawball? *linked*

    You're right, don't take this shit lying down! How dare the owner of the art site expect art?!? You should go teach that sonofabitch a lesson right now!!!
  25. Schlong Cat Member

    Re: /b/lackup! on Drawball? *linked*

    Wait a second -- you seriously think scientologists and CoS spend time on drawball fretting over and scribbling on the xenu spam?

  26. donvotto Member

    Re: /b/lackup! on Drawball? *linked*

    Just let it go and let someone with ii black out the area so there can be real art. When my ink gets to 100% I'm going to start drawing some art and try to get some protected.
  27. Re: /b/lackup! on Drawball? *linked*

    well it seems time to let Xenu go.

    I know it's kind of addictive, but in all honesty nothing of value was lost.

    Maybe if you still want to use drawball, some of us can find a spot and draw a marcabian flag, a GF mask... something somewhat artistic, you know?

    either that or we could get all butthurt and recreate the Great /b/lackout
  28. Skeptic1337 Member

    Re: /b/lackup! on Drawball? *linked*

    Actually I'm not seeing him be butthurt and I have never cared nor will ever care about drawball. Maybe 70 pages back I posted somethings I learned from talking to a few drawfags and that those who wishes to maintain the logo were probably over stepping their bounds if they wanted to peacefully co-exist.

    I like the art I'll go check out some of the smaller stuff from time to time to remind me I can't draw worth a shit. I can appreciate those who use drawball for it's intended purpose and after 8 months (hell after a week) any one who was ever going to see the logo on drawball saw it. Now it's just e-peenery and unless you have some serious /b/lackup they ii folks are just gonna kick your ass.

    Trust me you guys did good, you maintained the logo for 8 months, I don't know if it's time for you all to let it go but at this point you are now just pissing off your intended audience. I'm cool with that if that's what you guys want to do. Just find it odd and self defeating.
  29. Clamosaurus Member

    Re: /b/lackup! on Drawball? *linked*

    Yes, your bullshit. Your very first post dictates your motivation here.
    After 8 months, it is now an issue of logos on DB, is it?
    Get bent you lying sack-o-fail.

    As for "we (a few raid groups) started this whole thing"
    Yeah, a few fucktards ressetting their IP's for hours on end over a few days.

    I rarely if ever rag someones spelling, but you clearly demonstrate youre a total moron

    Eat a bag of dicks, you lying sack-o-fail.
    DB or your little cadre of failfags on DB dont even constitute any consensus worth measuring.
    Your "we" would number not many.

    I LOL!

    Yeah, spending hours on end resetting an IP to get another 5% ink is some life achievement

    Too bad DBfan MB doesnt indicate that at all.

    More bullshit. When you factor in the amount of time Xenu was there, the DB users utilizing blank spaces etc. Oh, and your very first post doesnt help your position either
    It is a FACT that some DB artists will not allow any other art near their own art. That is a fact, aqnd they will/do deface competing art

    Can you bullshit any harder, really?
    Now I get the impression your just someones sockpuppet that has never been down with what Chanology is about.

    Meh, youre but a tiny squeak in the background of lions roaring

    Keep clutching at straws, it wont change youve fooled no one since you miraculously arrived along with the DBfan MB Admin soon after.

    If it is/was the *chans that have been messing your shit up (Im talking about the whole DB community here), then I hope they have an all out lulzapalooza on DB.

    With lickspittles like donvotto acting as spokesholes for DB's community, youse deserve to have some massive crayon swiped across the face of DB
  30. Mitsu Too Member

    Re: /b/lackup! on Drawball? *linked*

    Any chance that DB Admin would come on here and actually tell us what is the beef since I recall him/her willing to tolerate the logo. He/she is not a fan of the /b/ but enturb is not /b/ although there may be elements of /b/. As someone who does do "art" on drawball I'd like an answer. Anon DB if you are lurking can you comment or at least pm me please. Tks.
  31. Hollow Member

    Re: /b/lackup! on Drawball? *linked*

  32. Prozac4Tom Member

    Re: /b/lackup! on Drawball? *linked*

    It's a baseless accusation that Enturb users on DB are the ones doing attacks everywhere on DB. The UG forum is full of raids to attack various parts of DB.

    Example post #1591:

    UG Community @ Ultimate-Guitar.Com - UG's being attacked!!(on Drawball)

    If you review our thread here, you will see that not only do the majority here enjoy the art, but some here even make efforts to repair the artwork of others when didn't need repairs. You will also find that there are several who create various drawings near our logo.

    To say that WE are the troublemakers on DB is crap. We protest scientology for a reason - IT HURTS PEOPLE! It doesn't matter if it hasn't affected your life personally, but it does matter if you turn a blind eye to it. That is how scientology has been able to exist, infiltrating governments, abusing legal systems, abusing people, and murder.

    As stated above already, NOTHING OF VALUE WAS LOST. All that has happened is a community project has been destroyed, but it doesn't kill our message. If it makes you sleep better at night knowing you kicked off DB, then good for you. I'm not going to lose sleep over it.

    But I will lose sleep if scientology gets their way and continues to further their own agenda that eventually affects everyone's lives by denying people medicines and medical treatments that help people.

    I will still go check out the art from time to time on DB, but it is pointless to fight with those with infinite ink who want to dictate what is allowed on DB based upon their own personal taste/political interest.

    TL;DR Enturb users enjoy DB and the artwork, not destroying it. If we aren't welcome all of a sudden, oh well. Nothing of value was lost. It was fun while it lasted.
  33. donvotto Member

    Re: /b/lackup! on Drawball? *linked*

    No, a Legion gaining up thier ink for months. What you newfags dont realize is, the more you draw the faster your ink regenerates. We have been planning this for some time now and have achived the ability to get 100% in less then 20 hours (from 0%). While we had small numbers initally, with the help of several IRC chans, /b/, /i/, and regular artists on DB who are stick of your bullshit, we gained many.

    "Things can be destroyed in minutes, but take years to rebuild."

    its enough.

    and why do you think people keep attacking it?

    they are faggots, mind you.

    I can't say for the DBfan admin, but i have been here a lot longer then you may think.

    You were never welcome. When you started your XENU bullshit on DB, you destroyed a lot of art. And i don't mean just where XENU was, many pieces of artwork were dismantled because of the cancer surrounding xenu. "WHYWEPROTEST.NET", "CHANOLOGY", "ENTURBULATION.ORG", "XENUTV.COM", the big :anon:, all of those destroyed artwork, ruined potential space, and exploited protected artworks. Not to mention all the newfags drawing shitty versions of memes around your shit.
  34. donvotto Member

    Re: /b/lackup! on Drawball? *linked*

    oh, and someone wrote this for you (not me) on db.

    Wise Advice.
  35. Clamosaurus Member

    Re: /b/lackup! on Drawball? *linked*

    You can try make as many justifications for your faggotry as you like, it wont change you being FOS about the utilization of space being a priority and a consensus hatred for the Xenu logo and subsiduary logos surrounding it.

    Why is it that there are so many blank spaces around some art?
    Why is it that when someone wants to do artsy fartsy pics, it just gets hammered into oblivion so the protected art can continue to stand out?
    Can you explain why this could be, since space is of a paramount importance now?

    Youre FOS, chummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmp

    Maybe you can explain why multicolored spikes in the lower left quandrant continue to take up so much space and spread?

    Post all the bullshit you like, it wont change anything. Youre a few trying to speak for the many.


    As for the planning was on for months?


    Eat a bag of festering dicks, troll.

    P.S Try proof reading your own posts, you moron


    Hey, moron, you obviously read it, coz you broke down parts to respond.
    What are you, 11?

  36. Clamosaurus Member

    Re: /b/lackup! on Drawball? *linked*

    Oh, how elronic!
    Moralfags are hypocrites, so DBfags administer their own morallfaggotry by vandalism?



    I'll be shutting up now, as I dont want to get punted for trolling with an obvious troll looking to troll
  37. donvotto Member

    Re: /b/lackup! on Drawball? *linked*

    moral faggotry*


    learn 2 troll drawball

    at least its art and not some shit logo




    Full of Shit*
    Full of Shit*


    P.S. Also i am loling at how slow enturb is due to DDoS


    didn't you learn the first time?...
  38. Zhent Member

    Re: /b/lackup! on Drawball? *linked*

    Well this whole situation is sad, though inevitable.

    But sorry /b/ and the rest of the trolls, you didn't win. We are defeated only by the ones who hold power real power, the drawball elite, and I for one am a little disappointed with the double standards they use.
    I used to think drawball is a pretty cool place, but not anymore. People with power should be responsible and remain impartial to such things like this, but the admins and certain ii peoples bias towards us is obvious.
    They still seem to think that we are vandalizing /b/ tards. It is ironic then they made a deal with the devil to purposely allow real trolls to vandalize the ball.

    Oh sure, logos are bad, drawball is about art etc... But I know they don't mind some logos, as long as its relevant to their interests (I am not just referring to the drawballfans logo)

    I wouldn't normally reply to trolls, but oh LAWD, fail troll is so stupid. You can't get ink that fast, everyones ink was reset recently, and most channers have long since tired of losing this game. You know its not just your doing, without the support of the real people with power you would not have got anything done.
    You lost, you have been losing for the last 7 months, to finally get us down you had to have help from the people you hate most, REAL moralfags.
    The end victor was both us and the real drawballers, there is no second place for trolls.

    We had fun winning and maintaining the logo for 7 months and I'm proud to say I never vandalized drawball, how bout you /b/, enjoy 7 months of being trolled?

    On a sad note however, I don't think i will be returning to drawball for the great artworks there, my faith in the management has been shaken considerably.

    TL;DR - No matter how you look at it the channers ultimately lost, "mod abuse" won out, though we still declare victory for the last 7 months.

    The thread may be closed now, the channers attempts at trolling are getting embarrassing.
  39. donvotto Member

    Re: /b/lackup! on Drawball? *linked*

    Because you are vandalizing, but your moralfags instead of /b/tards

    The ink got reset, but your IP was still in the system and the recharge rate stayed the same.

    XENU.NET was the biggest and the most hostile logo on drawball.

    XENU.NET was one big vandalism.


    good, we dont want you there.

    I agree. This thread and any others about moral faggotry on drawball.

    And someone has wrote another message with more wise advice for you.
  40. TheOne Member

    Re: /b/lackup! on Drawball? *linked*

    all i hear out of either side is snide remarks and petty bickering
    i suggest this thread be moved to the thunderdome

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