/b/lackup! on Drawball? *linked*

Discussion in 'Projects' started by eksef, Feb 22, 2008.

  1. TheOne Member

    Re: /b/lackup! on Drawball? *linked*

    come on mods....its been coming a long time
    feed them to the trolls
  2. TheOne Member

    Re: /b/lackup! on Drawball? *linked*

    Now talking in #raid
    * Topic is 'Partyvan Raid | News: WE HAVE WON ON DRAWBALL! Proceed to get rid of the remains and get protected art in the area so they cant recreate it!
    theres 42 people in there
    wow 42 people with no lives
    and look how long this thread is
    do something productive instead of wasting your time on drawball advertising ocmb
  3. Anon-ymous Member

    Re: /b/lackup! on Drawball? *linked*

    I propose we destroy the drawballfans logo.
  4. TheOne Member

    Re: /b/lackup! on Drawball? *linked*

    and the point of this would be????
    do something usefull for chanology
  5. donvotto Member

    Re: /b/lackup! on Drawball? *linked*



    (do it faggot, waste your ink :p)
  6. Anon-ymous Member

    Re: /b/lackup! on Drawball? *linked*

  7. TheOne Member

    Re: /b/lackup! on Drawball? *linked*

    I approve of trolling when its lulzy
    this is not lulzy
  8. Mousey Member

    Re: /b/lackup! on Drawball? *linked*

    Bitches you know it's against the rules to troll but holy shit you are getting trolled.

    donvotto, stop. Also drawfags, cover that shit over then move to a different area where shit isn't protected. Jesus christ people, if shit gets to hard in one area, you make a mess in another. HOW HARD IS THAT?!

    and seriously, donvotto if you post in this thread again, you're banned.
  9. Mousey Member

    Re: /b/lackup! on Drawball? *linked*

    who's leading who? who decides what is useful? You? Me?

    or the person doing what they want to do?
  10. TheOne Member

    Re: /b/lackup! on Drawball? *linked*

    well would you say that destroying the drawballfans logo will contribute to chanology in any way?
    or will it just anger a bunch of people for no reason
  11. Mousey Member

    Re: /b/lackup! on Drawball? *linked*

    when has that mattered to us?
  12. TheOne Member

    Re: /b/lackup! on Drawball? *linked*

    good point
  13. rangerdog Member

    Re: /b/lackup! on Drawball? *linked*

    A small XENU.NET works as well as the large one for a very specific audience. This audience is the group of persons in Scientology who need to remove or deface the XENU.NET logo in order to keep up their stats and KSW. These people may decide that they can actually CONFRONT thier fears of this web site and visit it; or question whether their scientology courses are really working as advertised. Thier doubt may eventually free them, or subject them to further abusive torment (sec checks) at the hands of their "friends" in scientology.

    The best way to reach some of these individuals is one at a time. As they leave, someone else will take their place and be exposed to the mesage.

    You can view this a couple of ways...
    1. Quietly freeing the slaves one at a time
    2. Lulz because RPF and sec checks because of a logo on drawball is just plain silly
    whatever else you want
  14. coslies Member

    Re: /b/lackup! on Drawball? *linked*

    QFT, moving on, but I keep the X, wraaahhaaahahaa :alien:
  15. space101 Member

    Re: /b/lackup! on Drawball? *linked*

    We'll, I can understand how some of the DB members would be annoyed with the Link on DB.We could probually change things up a bit, so that the mods and members would be ok with it.

    Here are a few ideas.

    1) Leave the "X" the size we've allways had it. But leave the rest of the letters a smaller size. Considerin the Thor image takes up half the "E". It would probually be better if it was smaller. So that it could still be there. Without having to up off some of it.

    2) Make it more artistic. With October coming up. We could probually give it a halloween theam. Such as having the dot in in the shape of a pumpkin. Maybe even make the borders a nice orange, while the inside is black. Also, we could draw bats on the tops of the letters.

    It would probually look somehthing like this:
  16. rangerdog Member

    Re: /b/lackup! on Drawball? *linked*

    I have been helping maintain the 2 small xenu.nets that others have started and can help with whatever is decided. It is a small amount of time and and nice distraction to color a bit. Besides, fixing the logo helped me better learn the hand eye coordination to get the most out of my tablet.
  17. azurekite Member

    Re: /b/lackup! on Drawball? *linked*

    Lets just keep a small link there. We have shrunk on people due to lack of interest others have school and work and other got annoyed by those idiots at partyvan.
    Also I think those idiots who have inf. ink might be either just silons who actually bought the inf. ink somehow by some corrupted a-hole at DB or just someone who got lucky with the proxy.
  18. Hollow Member

    Re: /b/lackup! on Drawball? *linked*

    I think this thread has finally reached self-trollage. Congrats
  19. drebin9001 Member

    Re: /b/lackup! on Drawball? *linked*

    I wonder what comes after self-trollage...
  20. azurekite Member

    Re: /b/lackup! on Drawball? *linked*

    Wouldn't it help if the admins actually delivered a warning or punishment of kicked out for x days for trolling on any threat that isn't on Thunderdome?
  21. Re: /b/lackup! on Drawball? *linked*

    User Infractions:
    Flaming/Trolling: 1 point
  22. TurkeyGobble Member

    Re: /b/lackup! on Drawball? *linked*

    I don't really think that a bot drawing makes something art. That said, I find it interesting that you felt compelled to take the time to register here just to tell us about how Drawball is serious business. Clearly, someone is so butthurt over not managing to wipe out XENU for more than six months that they have started obsessing over it. Now that some DB admin showed his hypocrisy, bawwwnonymous can finally declare "victory" even though their raids failed.

    Create it somewhere else, then.

    If art was defaced, that was more than half a year ago. After that, XENU.NET has simpy been maintained.

    XENU co-existed very peacefully in that it existed for more than six months, and was simply being maintained.

    A legion, eh? A "legion" which completely failed to erase XENU despite repeated attempts. For XENU to disappear, it took a hypocritical DB admin.

    Wow, you are so special :D

  23. Mitsu Too Member

    Re: /b/lackup! on Drawball? *linked*

    What I find ironic is that the irc chans, /b/ and /i/ were the ones inflicting the most vandalizism and damage on the "art" on DB and the Drawballers recruited them to attack the logo. Talk about the pot calling the kettle black! It's unfortunate that DB Fans got all butt hurt but it's not really the end of the world in the greater scheme of things. C'est la vie but I ain't losing any sleep over it.
  24. Silent Member

    Re: /b/lackup! on Drawball? *linked*

    Since the Xenu logo is gone now, I am going to rape everything and be a troll again on DB.
  25. Daywatch Member

    Re: /b/lackup! on Drawball? *linked*

    dome this thread nao?
  26. Re: /b/lackup! on Drawball? *linked*

    So it is true that the DB Admin went all power crazy on his little worthless site? I guess the mission for DB is to have whatever the [strike]asses[/strike] powers that be like and want.

    Seriously people give a shit about what maybe a 100 people that visit DB won't see the XENU.NET... that grew childishly hostile over it? Trust me I think I want those people to get sucked into $cientology... they probably deserve it. Maybe you could send some encouraging links to the DB Admin and be can go get a stress test done, as it seems he needs one.

    Power tripping on DB... LOL!

    I haven't been to that lame site in well over a month, I hate power tripping idiots so maybe it is time to go back and troll some of the pretties.

    DB... serious business.

    It amuses me that /b/ and /i/ got so used by the drawballers... they got played and greased up their own asses to let it happen.

    I've been amused for the day.
  27. nebulous Member

    Re: /b/lackup! on Drawball? *linked*

    *shrug* no matter. Made a new logo further down, a smaller one, on some previously unused ground. Someone's attempted to draw a bunch of grapes over it, (so much for US not respecting what was already there, eh? :) ) but it's easy enough to fix.

    The hypocrites at DrawBallFans can come and destroy this one too if they like, it's a big ball, and I've got about 4 or 5 good candidates for places to throw up a new one very quickly. If our presence on the ball has to become a game of cat and mouse, so be it.
  28. cubby Member

    Re: /b/lackup! on Drawball? *linked*

    i think he means it's become so ludicrous that you guys are unintentionally trolling yourselves.

    i call for dome, archive, w/e as well... the sheer level of bawww and drama in this thread is ridiculous. if you don't like what's happened, make a plan and do it. whining 'it's not fair, my trust has been violated, you're an asshole' over and over again accomplishes nothing.
  29. Silent Member

    Re: /b/lackup! on Drawball? *linked*

  30. Silent Member

    Re: /b/lackup! on Drawball? *linked*

  31. donvotto Member

    Re: /b/lackup! on Drawball? *linked*

    What did the bear do to you?

    oh I'm so scared, I'm going to get a point in some dumb infraction system on a moralfag site.

  32. HouseSpiderV2 Member

    Re: /b/lackup! on Drawball? *linked*

    Why ARE we advertising ocmb so much instead of

    I like the idea of putting chanology related stuff all over the drawball where it doesn't interfere with legitimate art.

    YES. I DO think that OSA or some group of scilons DO worry their little scilon heads about a on drawball. it is an affront to the belief in OT powers and must be destroyed in their view. I don't think it's worth us fussing over quite so much but I don't think it should be abandoned either.
  33. Re: /b/lackup! on Drawball? *linked*

    Holy shit, this argument is still happening?

    Drawball doesn't want a spam link. They'd prefer art.

    If you want to keep using drawball, draw something worth being there. I suggest a GF mask :guyfawkes:

    Look, back in the day I made a big black rectangle for the possibility of a marcabian flag (and for the lulz, seeing as I got to black out a Tegan and Sara logo). Since then it has been scribbled over with pure shit. There are a few things around it that are protected, but for the most part everything in its proximity sucks. If you can muster enough artistic ability to draw something people would want to keep, then do it there. I've even done my best to label the area I'm referencing.

    Stop pissing off Drawball and do something constructive, or at least stay on drawball and try to give something back to it.
  34. Underpants? Member

    Re: /b/lackup! on Drawball? *linked*

    Haha, this became a pissing contest to see who could say "baaaawwwww" to the other side the most as soon as the raidfags started making accounts here. Dome nao.
  35. raziel Member

    Re: /b/lackup! on Drawball? *linked*

    /r/ banhammer plox
  36. Re: /b/lackup! on Drawball? *linked*

  37. TurkeyGobble Member

    Re: /b/lackup! on Drawball? *linked*

    Just move XENU.NET somewhere that isn't protected. Make it bigger too.

    Maybe someone could write a script for auto-repairs? Where did that guy who had lots of different IP addresses at any given time go?
  38. eksef Member

    Re: /b/lackup! on Drawball? *linked*

    Well it was a good run lol.
  39. cubby Member

    Re: /b/lackup! on Drawball? *linked*

    i like the bear

    he's like the retarded mascot
  40. Randomness Member

    Re: /b/lackup! on Drawball? *linked*

    /r/ing a massive 888

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