Baha'i bullying and persecution by Iran dictatorship

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  1. anyone have any details/further info on the disappearance Sohrab Leqaie, a Baha’i from Ghayem Shahr. He was arrested a month ago by agents of the Intelligence Ministry.
    anyone know where exactly he was arrested and by what goverment entitiy(basiji/police/secret service /etc)

    the more info we can get out into the open about Sohrabs arrst and many many others the more chance there will be for theis current bunch of thugs and wrongdoers calling themselves the goverment of Iran the better....
  2. who hods

    Secret memorandum

    In February 1991, a confidential circular[31] issued by the Supreme Cultural Revolution Council on "the Bahá'í question" and signed by Supreme Leader Khamenei himself, signaled an increase in efforts to suffocate the Iranian Bahá'í community through a more "silent" means. The document organized the methods of oppression used to persecute the Bahá’ís, and contained specific recommendations on how to block the progress of the Bahá'í communities both inside and outside Iran.[2] The document stated that the most excessive types of persecutions should be avoided and instead, among other things recommended, that Bahá'ís be expelled from universities, "once it becomes known that they are Bahá'ís," to "deny them employment if they identify themselves as Bahá'ís" and to "deny them any position of influence."[1]

    According to a US panel, attacks on Bahá'ís in Iran have increased since Mahmoud Ahmadinejad became president.[34] Currently more than 20 Baha’is are imprisoned in Iran, some deprived of any communication with others, and most without formal charges.[35]

    In 2004, Iranian authorities demolished the shrine and grave site of Muhammad-Ali Barfurushi (Quddús), a Bábí leader.[2] In late 2005, an anti-Bahá'í media campaign was launched in Iran, asserting that the religion was created by colonialist powers to subvert Islam and to subjugate the Muslim peoples of Iran.[36] In 2006 Iranian officials arrested 54 Bahá'ís, mostly young people, in Shiraz.[37] In March and May 2008 the seven "senior members" who form the leadership of the Bahá'í community in Iran were arrested.[38]

    [edit] Arrest of Bahá'í leaders

    On May 14, 2008, members of an informal body known as the Friends (Yaran) that oversaw the needs of the Bahá'í community in Iran were arrested and taken to Evin prison.[34][39] Officers from the Ministy of Intelligence in Tehran searched and raided the homes of the six people in the early hours of May 14.[40] The arrest of the six follow the detention of another Bahá'í leader in March,[34] who was originally taken to answer questions relating to the burial of a Bahá'i in the Bahá'í cemetery in Mashad.[40] The Iran Human Rights Documentation Center has stated that they are concerned for the safety of the Bahá'ís, and that the recent events are similar to the disappearance of 25 Bahá'í leaders in the early 1980s.[40] In May Amnesty International also announced an Action Alert about the arrests.[41][42] At year's end all seven members of the Bahá'í national leadership and a total of at least 40 Bahá'ís were imprisoned in Iran.[43] On February 17, 2009, Iranian state run news agency, IRNA, reported that the Bahá'í leaders had been officially accused of espionage.[44]

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