Bahrain....gearing up

Discussion in 'Freedom of Expression' started by mojo, Feb 11, 2011.

  1. mojo Member

    Bahrain doles out money to families
    Latest appeasement comes as activists call for protests to demand political, social and economic reforms.
    Activists have called for protests in Bahrain, starting from Monday, to demand political, social and economic reforms. The demonstrations will coincide with the tenth anniversary of Bahrain's constitution.
    Although most analysts do not see any immediate risk of revolt after popular uprisings toppled the leaders of Tunisia and Egypt, the small island nation is considered the most vulnerable to unrest among Gulf Arab countries.
    The Bahraini government has made several concessions in recent weeks, such as higher social spending and offering to release some minors arrested during a security crackdown against some Shi'ite groups last August.
  2. none given Member

    As they say in the office, be "proactive" we have to know where teh webs will erupt next, or at least try to.

    I see a Shi'ite storm ahead.
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  4. Etain Member

    It's spreading....
  5. mojo Member

    KSA must be freaking out
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  8. xenubarb Member

    Get that? Minors, locked up for six months now for some stupid "religious" reason. Payback tiem, bitches. Enjoy!
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  10. Anonymous Member

    Go Middle East. Conquer freedom.
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    Warning disturbing vid!
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  24. Rockyj Member

    Let's look at who provides Bahrain's Internet censorship, is it American company "Smart Filter" owned by Intel?
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  26. whosit Member

    Is anyone laying odds on how many protesters get killed? We might as well make a game out of this with the way people here approach it. Who's making book? After that we can beat (edit: bet) on a real democracy in these countries.

    5 to 1?

    10 to 1?
  27. Rockyj Member

  28. dust_devil Member

    Tear down, rebuild.
    Sounds like a good start to show the world the problems normal working citizens face every day of their lives. If they want a war, give it to 'em. Fight back!
    A good shakedown is needed in any government when it gets greedy and out of control. Sound familiar?
    Anyone ready?
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  29. lulzgasm Member

    Yeesh! I won't be eating for a week....

    What pisses me off the most is that the shooters were at a very safe distance away from UNARMED and PEACEFUL protestors and gunned them down for no fucking reason at all!

    I'd love to shove a Hello Kitty handgrenade up the asses of every single one of those shooters and watch them go boom.
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  32. Kilia Member

    A Bahrain Anon.
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