Balloon raid

Discussion in 'GoldBase' started by anonBright, Sep 9, 2009.

  1. anonBright Member

    Balloon raid

    In 2007, before there were any protests at Gold Base other than Keith, I, like many other people, had the idea of doing a leaflet drop over Gold Base from a Hot Air Balloon. The leaflets were to say that there was help available in the outside world and this is where to go to get help if you leave or get offloaded, etc.

    Now that we have such a wonderful logo I wonder if it would be possible or legal to fly over in a hot air balloon that had the Xenu name and face painted on it.

    Apparently not many slaves at gold base have even heard the word, let alone know what it means. Is this true? Does anyone know for sure? I would think so because I do know that staff don't get up the bridge that fast, if at all.

    Let me know.

    Good idea or bad idea and who's up for it?
  2. NoScope Member

    Re: Balloon raid

    Yeah,something like this was brought up earlier this year and i think it was probably illegal due to littering. Would be lulzy but still a bad idea to drop anything. However, a plane with one of those banners behind it with some type of message would be extremely lulzy and deffinetly legal.
  3. anonBright Member

    Re: Balloon raid

    Aha, now that might work. A trailing banner with the words XENU LOVES YOU might be fun. I like the balloon idea cos it's fairly slow moving but whatever works. Thanks!!
  4. LocalSP Member

  5. voiceless849 Member

    Re: Balloon raid

    Overflight with an airplane has been discussed. The problems are:

    1) Expensive. $500/hour for commercial venues.

    2) Having a pilot anon might bring the cost down as low as $100/hour, but there's a problem with that: the anon pilot would effectively have to out him/herself in the process. Airplanes have registration numbers that make it trivial to figure out who's it is. Oh, and the signs aren't cheap, either.

    3) Limited visibility. Planes are rather expensive to fly: $75 an hour or more is the cheapest they get. So you can only afford an hour or two. And the Scilons will be shuttled inside at the first glance and won't talk about it afterwards.

    Lulzy/fun, perhaps, but not particularly effective.

    BTW: There's an airport about 5 miles away...

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