Barrett Brown: Threats To FBI & Raid by FBI

Discussion in 'News and Current Events' started by Anonymous, Sep 11, 2012.

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  2. A.O.T.F Member

    He has worked extremely hard to get himself clean. I admire the guy's efforts in doing so. Word for the day - Compassion.
  3. PresidentShaw Member

    I don't like the guy, I'm not gonna pretend I do. I don't really care about his personal problems, as I'm certain he doesn't give two shits about mine. I still think he got an unfair trial but don't force me to like him.
  4. Disambiguation Global Moderator

    I don't like him, I admire him. He did a great job with organizing the results of the Strafor hack.
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  5. Has the hacktivist group Anonymous been secretly plotting to overthrow the United States government? Federal prosecutors seem to think so, but attorneys for a Texas man on trial for alleged computer crimes say such isn’t the case.
  6. Disambiguation Global Moderator

    Amusing. Scientology plots to take over the US government and nothing happens to them.
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  7. A.O.T.F Member

    Of course, any law abiding government wouldn't resort to using such tactics themselves, now, would they ... Oh wait
  8. DeathHamster Member

    His mistake was in not linking to a rickroll.
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  10. Disambiguation Global Moderator

    I wish we had the anonymous button back. The things I want to say about Blondie will not be public. That being said this song is one of the earliest versions of rap. WTF the Village People in the background.
  11. 1968:

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  14. Oh..marble cake.
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  18. hasnulife Member

    Anonymous should have declared itself a religious entity. Spaghetti monster worshipers following the way of Rick Christ.
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  19. The Wrong Guy Member

    Electronic Frontier Foundation Statement on Dismissal of 11 Charges Against Barrett Brown

    The U.S. Attorney for the Northern District of Texas today filed a motion to dismiss 11 charges against Barrett Brown in a criminal prosecution that would have had massive implications for journalism and the right of ordinary people to share links. EFF has written extensively about the case and had planned to file an amicus brief on Monday on behalf of several reporters groups arguing for the dismissal of the indictment.


    In response to the decision by the federal prosecutor’s office to drop some, but not all of Brown's charges, EFF issued the following statement:

    "We are relieved that federal prosecutors have decided to drop these charges against Barrett Brown. In prosecuting Brown, the government sought to criminalize a routine practice of journalism — linking to external sources — which is a textbook violation of free speech protected by the First Amendment. Although this motion is good news for Brown, the unnecessary and unwarranted prosecution has already done much damage; not only has it harmed Brown, the prosecution — and the threat of prosecution it raised for all journalists — has chilled speech on the Internet. We hope that this dismissal of charges indicates a change in the Department of Justice priorities. If not, we will be ready to step in and defend free speech.”

    EFF plans to publish its draft brief and deeper analysis later this week.
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  20. Disambiguation Global Moderator

    Oh to be a fly on the wall during the US attorney's decision. They hung on to it as long as they could. I wonder what in particular made them stop.
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  21. rof Member
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  22. Andy Downs Member

    I knew a guy in aviation who had helped smuggle drugs in the 80's. The FAA knew it, but he never got caught. So the FAA decided to make up a bunch of crap and revoke his license.

    Well out of work, he was broke, not money for attorneys

    He represented himself. He appealed everything when he was supposed to do it, etc.
    The day before the trial when the real US Atty looked at the FAA's case he dropped the charges. If they had lost the damages to the FAA money wise would have been substantial, so they withdrew the complaint so no liability attached.

    My guess is this was a major factor. However they still have to get their pound of flesh, (time served or something) to keep this from being a total disaster for them (the US Atty/FBI).

    This is where Barrett will have to cop to some BS charge to get out. NO JUSTICE in the "Justice System"
    This would eliminate the US Atty from egg on their face and the FBI along with Barrett's legal fees, and other stuff.
    It's close but it ain't over yet.
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  23. FloGold Moderator

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  24. muldrake Member

    Sadly, this is probably correct. In a fair world, the rest of their garbage would be thrown out when their case turned out to be trumped-up bullshit as substantial as a fart in a windstorm, but instead, the prosecutor is probably angry and wants revenge for losing and being forced to drop most of this fake case.
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  25. Andy Downs Member

    It would be great if someone could make a widget that had a clock update showing how long Barrett has been in without bail.
    I can;t write code, however someone may be able to that sees this.

    If it had Barrett's picture, site links, etc and a continual clock showing how many hours days, etc Barrett has been held.

    People could add it to their websites like The Day We Fight Back did.
    I would bet a lot of people would take part if it was available.
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  26. Kilia Member

    About time!!
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  27. Disambiguation Global Moderator

    Very interesting interview on the show and on Anonymous and on hacking
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  28. rof Member
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  29. DeathHamster Member

    An adult threatened them with no dessert after dinner.
  30. muldrake Member

    Sadly, they very well may have intended to drop these charges all along, because they were obviously bullshit, and just used them temporarily to make sure Barrett Brown spent a long time behind bars without even having a trial.

    They knew they'd get away with it, because prosecutors routinely maliciously prosecute, and they never have to pay any kind of price for their illegal behavior.
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  31. AMD

  32. Andy Downs Member

    Hey Meeps....its cool you don;t like the Banner for Barrett idea, just curious as to why
  33. RavenEyes Member

    When I thin of a clock like you're describing, Andy, I think of Jack Bauer.

    Barrett is no Jack Bauer. So, I pass on the idea.
  34. meep meep Member

    I do not believe I responded to your idea. Maybe another meep meep clone like me3p m3ep
  35. meep meep Member

    I think it's a good idea, but the ones you need to convince are Anons with the skillz
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  36. Andy Downs Member

    I think of a digital clock showing how long he has been held without bail
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  38. rof Member

    You are a cunt.
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  39. Disambiguation Global Moderator

    This is sad. The overcharging delayed resolution and the only one punished for that was Barrett. He did threaten and FBI agent and his family so some time I could understand.
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