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  1. rand0mness Member

    ok, found it, lol...

    ehm... ok, i just start to write some thoughts.
    first off: is there going to be a revolution?

    i do think so. but _now_ it is to early, i fear.
    why? because there is no "better system", yet.

    we just _see_ that our system fails, but how many times in history did a system fail?
    i do think, we have the possibility _the first time ever_ to build up a system, which kinda works.

    the reasoning behind this is pretty simple:
    every system in history was build up by a few people - a few people which tried their best, but did fail, did fail very bad. can there be a "perfekt" system?
    i honestly do not know. but i wanna try. i want to try hard.
    if it fails, let if fail.
    keep it that simple, because if you try to _force_ your system to work, you need to _force_ the people in the system, ya know?

    we got the internet? hell, lets use it.

    i srsly _do not want_ to let this opportunity go by without honestly trying to use it.
    but, it is a very diffuclt task.
    bringing a system down is kinda easy - building one up is the hard part.
  2. Anonymous Member

  3. Anonymous Member

    here we go again
  4. Anonymous Member

    There is of course the alternative of people gently and responsibly reshaping their societies. You don't need to destroy things to improve them.
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  5. CarterUSP Member

    Seriously Meh.
  6. Anonymous Member

    We don't need a grail. We already have one.

  7. Anonymous Member

    Also, needs moar Dome ITT
  8. Anonymous Member

  9. Anonymous Member

    I urge everyone to watch this extremely relevant Video.
    Particularly the "call to arms" in the ending sequence.
  10. Anonymous Member

    There's an influx of this shite at the moment. If we are cancer to Anonymous, are people like OP cancer to Chanology?
  11. Herro Member

    If the choice is between the Status Quo and morons like the OP, I'm going with the Status Quo all the way.
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  12. SpudRocket Member

    I feel. . .enlightened
  13. rand0mness Member

    sry, that i do fear some stuff.
    what else should i do than just explaining myself, explaining my thoughts?
    explaining my fears, and why i do fear this kinda stuff?
    wouldn't it be better to just tell even if there is only a <1% possibility, that it can help?
    why don't you give me the right to decide for myself? maybe it is useful, maybe it isn't - who is able to know?
    maybe it wasn't useful 4 u - that doesn't mean, that it is useless at all and 4 all.

    did you _ever_ thought about a "working" system yourself, or did you always answered this question with "i have no right to decide"/"i am not able to decide"?

    /going to watch the vids now

    and... sry 4 my very creepy english - it is not my mother tongue and i suck at "leanguage" in general... i try my best >_>
  14. WhiteNight Member

    Explain to me what this thread is about please.
    It seems to be about revolution. Lolwut?
  15. Herro Member

    You sayin you wanna fuck me?
  16. What does all the "_word_word_" mean?
  17. i thought this post was about the basics im a bit confused
  18. Anonymous Member

    Okay my friend. You just created a revolution, one you had no idea you would create. My brain is having a civil revolution right now. Thanks a lot, but on the flip side, I am having fun, because you are responsible for all my future posts and not me.
  19. Anonymous Member

    I'm 12 and what the fuck is this?
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