Basij Chaos On Twitter

Discussion in 'Protest Advice' started by SOG2Victory, Feb 5, 2010.

  1. SOG2Victory Member

    Eyeranprotestrs and his friends have returned and they are causing havoc. Some people on #iranelection dismiss him as a kid in California, but my own search has revealed that he does indeed have Basij and IRI connections and is working for them.
    Can anyone else confirm?
  2. SanguineRose Member

    Tehranweekly is known for her slight... exaggerations of the truth.. concerning people she doesn't like.

    Also, just because he is trolling #iranelection doesn't mean he is Basij and/or IRI or have connections with them.

    Be slightly skeptical of things you hear
  3. Yeah, considering that the Basij would be a lot more discreet in discussing their plans and would be intelligent enough not to discuss them on Twitter.
  4. ech0 Member

    Not that I am following this, but the only reason the Basij should be announcing their plans is for the purposes of fear & intimidation.

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