Bassijis, Be Affraid

Discussion in 'Pictures' started by job314, Jun 23, 2009.

  1. job314 Member

    Deleted by the autor
  2. *man in top row third photo from left is also being identified on gov site as a is down now but I have a pretty good memory. Have NO idea which side he is actually on.
  3. Jaymax Moderator

    To remind folks - this site does not tolerate advocating an escalation in violence. And yes the photos do include both Basiji and protesters - so OP fails in that at least - do not regard the individuals pictured as targets.

    But from a personal (not representing WWP) perspective: yes, the Basiji must be held to account - hopefully the young teenagers we hear so much about being part of the brutality will be given the opportunity to grow up and apologise for their part is this suppression of free-association and free-communication - but justice, not vengeance, is required to ensure a peaceful future for all Iran (and with Iran, many others)
  4. job314 Member

    Plz suppress

    Ok guys, just excuse me and the guy who has made this picture.
  5. target the Basiji

    I agree in very general terms with your assessment and your appeal to a higher level of justice.

    However, I must also respectfully disagree --- the Basiji are Iranians killing innocent Iranians like Neda -- they are the lowest form of social scum imaginable. I believe that if the people start killing the Basiji ... that a full-scale revolution will have a chance to succeed.

    Let's face it ... Khomeni, Admadinjianiannannna, and the Basiji are trifling over higher-level ideals of social justice. These scum-bag men and teenaged boys are using batons, boots, and bullets to beat old men, old women, children, and everything in between ... they fire indiscriminately into crowds of citizens, they grab people of the streets, throw them into dungeons, etc. etc. etc.

    I say: GET THE BASIJI -- PHOTOGRAPH THEM --- LEt the vigilantes GO CRAZY on BASIJI AND BASIJI families!!! Again I say: they are the LOWEST form of scum because it is THEY who enact the will of that dirty, bearded, old scumbag KHOMENI ....

    In the name of ALLAH >>> GET THE BASIJI
  7. a desert Member

    It would be much more effective in the long-run if the Basij were brought to heel- and brought to trial. If we (the world in general) are looking to be more humane and civilised, justice must be meted out in a public and fair manner. I think most of us agree that a trial with transparency is the most effective way of doing this in general. There's no need to descend to their level.
  8. you guys are doing the right thing..

    you are compiling video evidence not only on youtube and other sites but in the form of torrents..

    when you see these thugs harm people note who they are or a description and try to identify them (most i have seen posted i have seen identified so far)

    when you get done with whatever you are doing rather revelution or other and get a new Gov in place bring these people to FAIR TRIAL to determine their outcome..

    a good portion may not make it though because i would almost bet they are taking many casualties at least close to or more than you the protestors are taking..

    and probably a good portion have left the basiji as i have seen many get the piss kicked out of them only to be rescued by protestors.. this would make it very hard to return to the front, most of these are probably huddling at home or fighting with you now..
  9. Basijis are People Recruited from Other Countries

    I've been reading a lot about them and the Basijis are thugs mostly recruited from other Islamic countries to do the dirty work for the Supreme Leader and his cohorts.

    It is another great lie from this deceitful government of God distorting men that these thugs are committed Iranian citizens willing to attack their own people.
  10. Beta@Random Member

    Fuck yeah they are pieces of shit for beating and killing innocent protesters for no reason they rigged the fucking election. Everyone knows that, by the way people that are using nokia phones should know that nokia helped the government by selling them the best internet monitoring system that's why you can't get to certain sites. :mad:
  11. If you catch the Basiji, show them your mercy. Don't kill them, but smash and break their hands and legs so that they won't hurt your fellow protesters.
  12. Wounding Bassi

    A wounded man requires others to take care of them thus tying up manpower.
    A dead man requires no manpower.
    Do not kill them but wound them so that men must take care of them.
    This will keep them busy.
  13. Irans New Shah

    Khamenei: Is Not An Ayatollah...
    But He Is A SHAH !!!
    People in Iran should start calling him Shah Khamenei.
  14. ارتش

    به شما چه اتفاقی می افتد هنگامی که رژیم می افتد؟ ما عکس شما را. میبینیم ضرب و شتم و به شما تیراندازی غیر مسلح و دانشجویان ، زنان و مردان قدیمی. وضع کردن اسلحه خود را. آزادی را انتخاب کنید به جای قتل مردم خود.

    و حتی برخی از ژنرالها شما امتناع سفارشات. سوال من دوباره ، چه رخ می دهد تا زمانی که شما بیش از Rafsani طول می کشد؟ ما عکس شما را به شما خواهد شد و تقاضا برای قتل و ضرب و شتم مردم حساب شما. آزادی را انتخاب کنید.


    What happens to you when the regime falls? We have your photos. We see you shooting and beating unarmed students, women and old men. Lay down your arms. Choose freedom instead of murdering people.

    Even some of your Generals are refusing orders. I ask again, what happens to you when Rafsani takes over? We have your photos and will demand you account for killing and beating people. CHOOSE FREEDOM.
  15. Junius Member

    Help me identify the Basiji. I am trying to get pictures of them up online in the hopes that somebody knows who they are and we can publicly shame them. I have been able to identify two or three members so far that are seen in the photos.
  16. That Bastard doesn't deserve that title...
  17. True - That is exactly why they don't use metal jacket ammo and hollow tip bullets in the war. The high velocity ammo used today severly wounds as it goes through the body and doesn't instantly kill in most cases.

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