BBC Intervewee Shawn Lonsdale found dead in his room

Discussion in 'Media' started by lermanet_com, Feb 18, 2008.

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  1. Anonamour Member

    Re: BBC Intervewee Shawn Lonsdale found dead in his room

    I did up a comprehensive summary of this thread and posted it in General Discussion
  2. Jugular Member

    Re: BBC Intervewee Shawn Lonsdale found dead in his room

    Absolutely agree. We need to make a Lonsdale initiative that keeps a watch on the investigation process and keeps pressure on the parts that don't add up, until we're convinced they do, or this ceases to be a 'suicide'. I for one couldn't tell you how to begin going about that. I'm sure some other Anon might have experience in this sort of thing. Definitely worth its own thread where Anons can contribute research, contact info and legal details. Anyone know about that stuff?
  3. Iamrcgnzd Member

    Re: BBC Intervewee Shawn Lonsdale found dead in his room

    Why does he not have a wikipedia page?
  4. Anonamour Member

    Re: BBC Intervewee Shawn Lonsdale found dead in his room

    All the contact information for all the various oversight agencies are at the bottom of my summary here:

    While you are there read Arnie Lerma's Pro Tips.
  5. AnonyFag Member

    Re: BBC Intervewee Shawn Lonsdale found dead in his room

    Make one.

    As for keeping the pressure up, I'd say Arnie is the immediate "go to" critic for stuff that's solid that works. This isn't to say Anon can't put their own little refinements into the mix as well. As for those who are essentially saying all we can do is remember, I call bullshit on that. This kind of thing goes beyond anonymous and right to the heart of being human. People, in and of themselves, WANT to know, question and get answers, be they Anon or not. As has been said, no one rules Anonymous, so individuals can do as they wish. If there are those who want to believe from now til the stars wink out that Shawn was murdered, they'll do so and do so until proven to their satisfaction otherwise. Those who want to take a more moderate road can exercise that right too. Everyone is going to have their own take on this and act accordingly.

    Yet still, I agree that outright accusations should be avoided. Speculation, OTOH, is needed and is a healthy activity in situations like this. There's absolutely no harm in wondering over the hows, wheres and whys of this kind of thing.
  6. Dreams End Member

    Re: BBC Intervewee Shawn Lonsdale found dead in his room

    I did notice that, actually. My full retraction with no further prodding was to keep the integrity of the rest of the piece. But in a town like Clearwater, I think that scientologist vs. non-scientologist is not always the right question. the right question might be: given the influence of CoS in Clearwater, do you feel free to say what you want about the Church and to follow investigations where they lead?

    The question of "influence" in the police department is a trickier one to answer. Not easy to quantify. But I would love to know how Mark Bunker got the list of officers who'd moonlighted on Scientology's payroll. His was for 2000. If that's public info then we need one for 2007. It wouldn't "prove" anything even if all the cops there had done shifts at the Church...but it sure wouldn't look good either.
  7. DeathHamster Member

    Re: BBC Intervewee Shawn Lonsdale found dead in his room

    There should be now, or certainly once there are more details published about his death. Previously there would have been an argument about his notability (from guess who), which would have been a tussle in Clearwater and as someone appearing in the John Sweeney Panorama show.

    Here are the refs that I have, with a few more still in the pipeline:
    Interview: John Sweeney[/url:1y5hazwk] August 20, 2007, James Silver, Special reports, The Guardian
    Man arrested after dispute with moviemaker[/url:1y5hazwk] July 13, 2006, Jim Harrington, Clearwater Citizen
    Scientologist in confrontation over filming will not be tried[/url:1y5hazwk] August 29, 2006, Robert Farley, St. Petersburg Times
    Scientology's scourge[/url:1y5hazwk] September 17, 2006, Robert Farley, St. Petersburg Times
    Scourge of Scientology dies in apparent suicide[/url:1y5hazwk] February 19, 2008, Jonathan Abel, St. Petersburg Times
    Two tussle over filmmaker's camera[/url:1y5hazwk] July 11, 2006, Jacob H. Fries, St. Petersburg Times

    As usual, Scientology manged to create a critic by their own actions:
  8. st_anon Member

    Re: BBC Intervewee Shawn Lonsdale found dead in his room

    As heartbreaking as Shawn’s death is, we need to remember our goals, we should stick to them and if anything, his death should spur us on, rather than dampen our spirits.
  9. musketeerwang Member

    Re: BBC Intervewee Shawn Lonsdale found dead in his room

    Playing devil's (or evil cult's) advocate, yes, it's as suspicious as fuck, but it HAS happened before, and recently, too: ... _thre.html

    Plain old car-exhaust fumes are still one of the top methods for young men to kill themselves with. By piping it into the house? Statistically that must be pretty rare.

    If this is to be proven as a Co$ killing, hard evidence will be needed.
  10. Re: BBC Intervewee Shawn Lonsdale found dead in his room

    In response: yes, Shawn's death was similar BUT:

    She actually had a generic reason for dying. many people kill themselves when they are fatally diagnosed with a disease.

    No offense, but I think Shawn's death is more suspicious and I will not jump to any "conclusions" til the facts are released. I just worry if they will EVER be released seeing as how it was in Scilon territory and they own the police there.
  11. Re: BBC Intervewee Shawn Lonsdale found dead in his room

    I would have just replied to the mail received with: "So, for the record, are you confirming that Elizabeth Daly-Watts is not a Scientologist?" Don't leave any wriggle room and get a straight yes or no answer. The response to such an email would speak volumes.
  12. lermanet_com Member

    Re: BBC Intervewee Shawn Lonsdale found dead in his room

    At on of the first clearwater pickets I attended in 1996, there was a PI or osa in a van out back, wearing an Arnie Lerma mask.. I kid you not...


    this transferred from xenunet thread same title
    From memory, the best I can recall of the one telephone call I got from shawn...
    A lady named patricia greenway and a guy named peter stopped by today while I was filming. It was really strange. She talked so fast that my head was spinning and peter looked like he was in a trance.
    She asked if she could buy me somthing to eat,so we went to (forgot name the place on the south east corner of th block Ft harrission and the County government bulding is on, caddy corener from th e county building) She suggested that we sit outside.and asked me if she could make a contribution to cover "Video Editing Expenses" and gave me $100 bill.

    I described this in a thead on after Shawn announced that he had been served a summons to appear to be deposed..under the old LMT picketing injunction, the greenway was named on that old LMT injunction. Likely this 'association' was used as the color of law pretense to subpeona him for deposition.

    See this: ... attach.jpg

    Jeff Jacobsen, cared enough about the cause, he avoided going to clearwater, he loves to picket there, but did not want to have his presence, as he worked for The LMT, used as an excuse to depose any anons as 'an associate' under that old injunction. He posted a warning to ars news group to watch out for anyone on that injunction trying to walk with anonymous Feb 10th. I was informed that the same person above was seen, and tried to but was chased away with epithets, as the kids had been warned...

    this just in
    Got another radio interview on line with a new ex-exec very bad for scientology
    Not yet linked from the audio directory, enjoy
    Hawk Radio's Tom Smith interviews Mike Henderson 21 Feb
    have a nice day osa, what's left of you
    leave now, and bring LOTS of DOCS

    The story is heartrwenching. It really shows the dark side of Scientology from a number of angles.


    Re infiltration of the SP Times, well, there used to be another newspaper, the Clearwater Sun, it was driven out of business..
    November 24, 1979 Clearwater Sun - Cult tried to control newspaper[/url:1pqe9uqb]
    WASHINGTON - The Church of Scientology plotted to purchase or otherwise "control" the Clearwater Sun by attempting to cut the paper's advertising revenue, discredit reporters and editors and rally readers against it, according to sect documents released Friday
  13. tamphex Member

    Re: BBC Intervewee Shawn Lonsdale found dead in his room

    Thanks for sharing that radio interview Arnie. Interesting and as you said, definitely shines more light on their insidious dealings.
  14. squid Member

    Re: BBC Intervewee Shawn Lonsdale found dead in his room

    beautiful.. and so much better than any shitty wikipedia page would have been. this is helping me and probably others overcome outrage during the grieving process. please start including videos of shawn's cultwatch episodes. and can we start referring to him as a "fallen soldier"? unlike many of us, he obtained legendary status before he died, and now he will always be remembered. even if he wasn't involved in "scieno slamming[/url:19qepnqp]" in the month before he died, he will always be remembered as an elite one man army against $cientology and we should always have a flame burning for him somewhere.

    i was so broken up last night. nearly cryfagging over shawn. i wanted to blame scifags immediately until i read WBM's words. i suggest you all do so if you are angry right now because we don't want any angry anons at our march 15th raids. we need to wait until the FBI posts his "suicide note" and finishes investigating; then decide for ourselves. i am so proud of everyone in this thread for taking the initiative and notifying the authorities outside of CWPD. if we can bring some heat down on this investigation we can walk away satisfied that it wasn't left up to some cronies.

    there are two possibilities:
    1) shawn was killed. they tried to send a message to Anonymous to back down and silence a critic in their getting-shit-together downtime. It will be discovered in time and they will go to fuck-you-in-the-ass prison and it will be epic win and lead to their downfall.
    2) shawn killed himself. we've all thought about it at some point. things get too heavy. the man was devoting his entire life to something many of us just recently got mad about! i respect his choice and his courage. did he know about anon's raids? surely that would have cheered him up!

    things i am still fuming about:
    google news has 7 fucking articles if you search for "
    shawn lonsdale scientology[/url:19qepnqp]". live.come has ONE FUCKING RESULT[/url:19qepnqp] this kills me :cry:
  15. Anonamour Member

    Re: BBC Intervewee Shawn Lonsdale found dead in his room

    I wrote up a detailed summary with oversight agencies contact information at the bottom of the first looooong post. Make your feelings known:

    Also I posted the contact info for journos/rags who have already covered the Anonymous story starting here:

    The Clearwater Police should be getting close to announcing the results of the tox report. Get on it...
  16. anonimo Member

    Re: BBC Intervewee Shawn Lonsdale found dead in his room


    • "... thanks for the support and concern if i don't turn up one day please speak up....

    This was posted on ARS by someone who apparently knew Shawn:
    (I hope I don't repeat something already known)

    For the rest of the conversation go to the thread[/url:23f8ee07] on alt.religion.scientology...

  17. Re: BBC Intervewee Shawn Lonsdale found dead in his room

    OK that was creepy.
  18. Jon Lecter Member

  19. Annie Omnes Member

    Re: BBC Intervewee Shawn Lonsdale found dead in his room

    the guy they sent to do it had to get drunk/high/whatever to do it, went home, logged on, bragged, fell asleep, woke up in the middle of his sleep after realizing he'd all but signed his name to the deed, and decided to halfassedly frame Anonymous, because we're suppressive animals, so whatever. Now he's off auditing away his conscience (once again), or what's left of it, by confessing to fake crimes to feel better about the real one hes just committed. /hypothesis.
  20. DeathHamster Member

    Re: BBC Intervewee Shawn Lonsdale found dead in his room

    From later news, Shawn was found 12 hours earlier on the 16th. So the poster could have known in a grapevine from the neighbors (who should only know that a body was taken out) or covertly from the police (who saw the scene, including the note found). I'll bet it was from covert channel from the police--and no, I don't think CoS owns the Clearwater police department.

    CoS always plants moles. They did that when they moved into Clearwater, at newspapers, law offices and politicians. They did that with the IRS, and a number of police forces during Operation Snow White. They've done that with critics, their lawyers, and anti-cult organizations.

    The thing about the Clearwater Police is that they were trying to tackle a big job for decades in the teeth of everything that CoS could throw at them. Meanwhile, not one case against the church was prosecuted[/url:3uup5d5h]. (Lisa McPherson might have been the first.) That makes me thunk there was blockage elsewhere.
  21. dmx Member

    Re: BBC Intervewee Shawn Lonsdale found dead in his room

    What'd be the odds of pooling up some money and hiring a private investigator to look into this?

    Honestly, Suicide is common, particularly amongst activists (I've lost too many friends to suicide in my years in environmental and labor rights movements) as we tend to be passionate people.

    But when that person is a target, we owe it to them and their family to at least explore the possibility that they may of been murdered.

    Alas, we are not experts in this field. Private investigators are.

    Any Psychologists/Psychiatrists on the boards have an opinion on the matter. Does this all look right?
  22. LocalSP Member

    Re: BBC Intervewee Shawn Lonsdale found dead in his room

    None of what I have read about shawn' apparent suicide make sense to me. If someone could fill me in on what kind of car he drove, what were his living quarters like, house, apartment and how close the nearest neighbors live?
    Something just doesn't add up here. A garden hose from his car to his room? Most would just stick the hose into the car and sit in it and wait. It would take a long time to fill a room up with carbon monoxide from a garden hose unless it was all taped into place. He would also of had to seal the door cracks and where the hose came through the window.
  23. donotstalk Member

    Re: BBC Intervewee Shawn Lonsdale found dead in his room

    On ED it said that he had fresh track marks on his arm.
    Is that just something someone made up?

    *Apparently there is no ED page anymore.
  24. Silent Member

    Re: BBC Intervewee Shawn Lonsdale found dead in his room

    The main thing, apart from getting more neutral investigations going, should be a securing his suicide note. That note could be the answer to all our questions, and might contain valuable infos...
  25. Re: BBC Intervewee Shawn Lonsdale found dead in his room

    Just a general opinion from a mental health crisis intervention /social worker

    Honestly, Without knowing what had been going on w/ him over past months, or his psychosocial history (which is really not our business) it is hard to assess whether he may have suffered from clinical depression-- which is the only thing that could lead to suicide (unless an acute psychosis, which no indications he suffered from this). If he was getting treatment (t/x) for depression makes a dif. too. At some level He had to be suffering, as a victim of cos abuse.
    Assuming he was NOT getting any t/x. --
    Seems I recall a post that says he had just recently acquired a job.. that he liked? If so- then again depending on how "recent" - I would question that he suffered major depression.
    A person does not just get a job, then just wake up one day - suddenly be depressed and commit suicide. It is a process. Suicidal ideation precludes - the act. Also , if he had no professional help- then I am very curious what informal supports he DID have - from family? friends? co workers? Was he simply all alone? No one to turn to? These all play a role in this too.

    That said, that fact that the man suffered chronic and critical life stressors months at a time- CAUSED directly BY co$ abuse is serious in itself.
    Few can be at the receiving end of that abuse and not suffer. It is much more damaging if you have no good supportive people to help you.
    Anyone that is victim to this type of abuse and who has little support - is subject to serious mental and emotional harm.
    The man lost his basic needs b/c of THEM! His job, the roof over his head. He was being stalked. He suffered severe public ridicule (even though he knew it was crap- it still fucks with your head). On top of this- like i said- we know nothing about his personal back ground- family of origin issues, ect.

    Bottom line though is abuse victims lose a healthy perspective after a while--- adn if serious enough and long enough - then post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) can result. PTSD can some times lead to suicide - because you are sick and tired of being in an constant anxiety state and think it is the only way out--
    It is all connected to cos either way- their abuse tactics
    CoS knows ALL this. IT is WHY THEY DO IT and is a solid PART of L rons orders. L ron studied psy/ops. He KNEW -and the cos still knows - how to find weaknesses in ppl - what can fuck with ppls heads... and end up leading to this.
    My "general" opinion is--
    There is NO WAY that cos did NOT have role -if even indirectly- with Shawn's death.
    The abuse he suffered was relatively recent-- he was still experiencing the long lasting and severe consequences of it, and likely not getting help.

    THIS is why it is very important that we ALL MUST support one another in our efforts to bring them down- even if done anonymously...

    The local police just blowing it off- with no investigation was fishy. geesh- Common sense knows he was a cos target.
    They either did not care - because THEY support cos- or b/c of the man's personal life style, or they are plain fucking lazy-- either way - they are asses!

    so-- HAS THE FBI got involved now??
    I hope to god so--
    I have really been thnking about this man and his family--
    I have a hundred questions--

    Has anyone heard from Shawn's family? was there a service yet?? where can we send condolences??

  26. Re: BBC Intervewee Shawn Lonsdale found dead in his room

    I think the "needle tracks" remark was relaying the past info on L rons son , who also may have committed suicide w/ a garden hose
  27. Anonamour Member

    Re: BBC Intervewee Shawn Lonsdale found dead in his room

    A few with experience weighed in- it does seem fishy

    1991 Oldsmobile is his most recent known vehicle
    That was Quinton Hubbard

    CWPD will release it once investigation is concluded.

    He reported a new job in Dec 2006. He has one brother and no parents.

    Has been contacted no word on if they are involved.

    I'm keeping a summary of all known info on Shawn plus people to contact plus an()n is creating a diagram of Shawns home- a rancher w/ carport:

  28. Sargo Member

    Re: BBC Intervewee Shawn Lonsdale found dead in his room

    shit man...

    my condolences to the family of this brave man. let us make him proad of 3/15
  29. Anonypeg Member

    Re: BBC Intervewee Shawn Lonsdale found dead in his room

    This is ridiculous; how long does it take to reveal a suicide note to the public? In the case of the Virginia Tech massacres, they won't too shy on releasing the guy's suicide video quickly.

    Are there any ways whatsoever to speed up this process, whether it be phone calls, or what-not?
  30. AnonMomAnon Member

    Re: BBC Intervewee Shawn Lonsdale found dead in his room

    i went by Shawn's house last wednesday (feb. 20th.)

    the car in the driveway was a blue car and it was older.

    i asked someone else that i know who had been by the home if they knew what kind of car it was and they said, "blue cadillac," but they also don't know the year or model, etc.

    is there some way to see if Shawn had recently purchased a different car? because it does look like the car he was driving was not the white olds (it was an olds, right?) that is mentioned in some of his previous writings.
  31. BioAnon Member

    Re: BBC Intervewee Shawn Lonsdale found dead in his room

    The last info on the suicide note was that it would be held until the investigation was complete. Which is either a good thing in that an investigation is ongoing, or might be a bad thing in that an 'investigation' is being used to hold things up.
  32. Anonamour Member

    Re: BBC Intervewee Shawn Lonsdale found dead in his room

    The Anonymous Operations Division created a scale drawing of Shawn's house:

    Anonmom, any way you could give a description of how visible the house was from the street so we can get an idea of how visible the hose set-up would have been?
  33. AnonMomAnon Member

    Re: BBC Intervewee Shawn Lonsdale found dead in his room

    it would have been visible (in the daytime), but Shawn lived on a deadend street.
    it looked to me like the house right next to Shawn's and to the north of him/the last house on the left of the street was unoccupied. i may be wrong, but it just had that look of "no one lives here."
    the houses across the street were sort of staggered. i can't remember which side of the house the driveway was on of the next-to-the-last house across from Shawn's, but it seems to me that the only people who would have been driving by would have been the last house on the opposite side of the street from Shawn's house.

    did that make any sense? sorry, it's 1:30am.

    keep in mind how much attention you pay to the everyday things in your life. you would have noticed the hose from the car to the house if you were really looking in there.

    also, Shawn's car was backed into the carport and it was very, very close to the side of the house where the windows were.

    HOWEVER, if this was done at night? chances are you would not have noticed anything but that the car was running even if you were looking at the house. it was a very dark carport.

    also, Shawn was no longer driving the 91 white olds. i don't know the make or model, but he was in an older model blue cadillac.

    does anyone have the know-how to check on whether he recently bought a different car from the 91 olds that's been mentioned before?

    i just re-read this and i can't even understand myself. good luck deciphering it. sorry.
  34. Anonamour Member

    Re: BBC Intervewee Shawn Lonsdale found dead in his room

    Thanks A-mom, I think an()n is going to have some Q's for you. I suggested that he PM you.
  35. Akane Member

    Re: BBC Intervewee Shawn Lonsdale found dead in his room

    I read about this story this morning and it is just a shame. Obviously more facts must be brought to light before I can form a good opinion on what happened but I did have two ideas.

    Shawn was struggling financially not to mention the Corporation put up fliers of him detailing his arrests and records. His struggle, coupled with constant harassment could lead to depression which (if unchecked in some) could lead to suicide.

    My other idea is that the Corporation knew the attention that Shawn had received from press (he was interviewed by BBC's Panorama) and acted on their Fair Game Policy. It just seemed a bit odd to me that one who would commit suicide would run the hose to the bedroom window, rather than being in/around the car itself.

    My condolences go out to his family.
  36. hothermubbard Member

    Re: BBC Intervewee Shawn Lonsdale found dead in his room

    If someone ***trustworthy*** can post a mailing address and name, I will money order $100s or $1000s into an investigation of Shawn's death. Any other takers?
  37. Anonamour Member

    Re: BBC Intervewee Shawn Lonsdale found dead in his room

    You should seek advice from Arne Lerma. A lot of PI's in Clearwater and area work for CoS. He'll perhaps know someone who could help. He did suggest that we find Agent Lee Strope, formerly of FDLE, Clearwater, possibly retired. I don't think anyone has done that yet.

    I don't advise anybody to share their addresses with anybody- being anonymous and all that.
  38. Sargo Member

    Re: BBC Intervewee Shawn Lonsdale found dead in his room

    it said the medical exaiminer saw evidence of track marks in his arm, but none of carbon monoxide poisoning

    when carbon monoxide enters the blood stream, in heavy amounts, it turns your blood red which then rises to the surface.

    i took forensics in skool, i'll go talk with my teacher but i do no that carbon monixde poisoning is easly seen on the body and easly identifyed
    i'll talk with my teacher today

    edit** no skool today. the body would have been a "cherry red" abnormal blood color.
    have they release the cause of death yet?

    site for forensics on carbon monixide
  39. AnonMomAnon Member

    Re: BBC Intervewee Shawn Lonsdale found dead in his room

    sargo, i think you're thinking of lrh's son quinton who also "died" of carbon monoxide poisoning in yet another myseterious $cientology-related death.

    i don't believe there has been anything released from Shawn's autopsy...the case must still be under investigation because they have not released the suicide note yet.

    you all in this thread need to also keep in mind that Joel Campus, a $cientologist who lived less than 4 miles away from Shawn's house was found on feb. 14th in the PM by his wife. Shawn's body was found on feb. 16th by neighbors who smelled a foul odor.

    there has not even been a cause of death released about Joel Campus and they found him on feb. 14th. as of late last night when i checked, they hadn't even said how he died.

    DON'T GIVE YOUR ADDRESS TO ANYONE IN THIS FORUM!!! i know that the person who suggested that may be a perfectly nice person who just wants to help, but don't ANYONE give out your address.

    clearwater is a whole different ballgame, folks.

    when we protested on feb. 10th, there were actually people who were waiting at stoplights who would yell out things like, "you all are so brave!" and "we'd be too scared to be out there with you!"

    DON'T GIVE OUT YOUR ADDRESS AND DON'T CONTACT A PRIVATE INVESTIGATOR IN THIS AREA....LISTEN TO ANONAMOUR! if you feel like you want to contact a PI, get in touch with arnie.
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