Be part of Iranian revolution now... Twit with Iran.

Discussion in 'Iran' started by iran revolution 2009, Jun 17, 2009.

  1. Please join this people at twitter and give them a hand on how to go on with the revolution. Post your ideas and support the Iranian revolution now

    We are trying to form groups of people to block streets in Teheran. Help us to get connected with other people and form other small groups.

    thank you

    [MODEDIT: twitter account listed as Obvious Disinfo at]
  2. We hear you!

    The courage of the Iranians at this time is superb and is an inspiration to us all. CSG North Carolina
  3. Friends in Teheran

    If you know someone in iran, tell them to get in contact on twitter

    The more groups we can form the more streets we can block.

    Tonight, my group will attempt a dangerous act. We will try to get a truck or a city bus and take the wells out of it to block 1 street in Teheran.

    Let your friends contact me at twitter, we cant let this opportunity fly away. There is no time to waist, the dictator will get stronger if we dont kill it now...

    [MODEDIT: twitter account listed as Obvious Disinfo at]
  4. Where from in NC? I live in the eastern NC area.
  5. You need to cover your faces and prepare some molotow cocktails to cut of areas or cover certain directions. Have some water ready for tear-gas and some metal bars to stop motorbikes etc.

    Its important that u video tape everything with more than just one camera and that you know where you can get away in case its getting too "hot". No one is helping whens hes dead or in jail!

    [MODEDIT: Do not advocate violence]
  6. this has been a confirmed fake/disinfo/agent twitter feed, see

    but really, you have to be pretty dumb to form 'small groups of people' for easy target by basij militia.
  7. Revolution

    The only way such revolution would succeed without Iran becoming just another USA colony would be the workers at weapon factories both in USA and Iran to unite and stop transporting weapons to the war-industry.
  8. I support Iranian nation 200% and I imagine what they have to encounter in these hard days. Some of my friends are from Iran, and they told me what it is to have current president. I hope that with the strength of all nation Iran will become free of speech-censorship, violence and government lawlessness
  9. IranPetition Member

    Do not support this twitter account.

    It has been confirmed as fake, not from within iran. Do not encourage people to engage in violent behavior with the basij militia. You are only adding to the death and destruction already hindering the nation of iran.

    I repeat do not follow this twitter.
  10. Sensei Member

    A Way

    To the Good People of Iran!

    A Way

    God will make a way,
    Where there seems to be no way
    He works in ways we cannot see
    He will make a way for me
    He will be my guide
    Hold me closely to His side
    With love and strength for each new day
    He will make a way, He will make a way.
    By a roadway in the wilderness, He'll lead me
    And rivers in the desert will I see
    Heaven and earth will fade
    But His Word will still remain
    He will do something new today.

    God will make a way,
    Where there seems to be no way
    He works in ways we cannot see
    He will make a way for me
    He will be my guide
    Hold me closely to His side
    With love and strength for each new day
    He will make a way, He will make a way
  11. This poster is a narc. They're government agents and they're trying to incite violence. "twitrevolution" must be deleted immediately.

    Furthermore, any parties or persons who advocate for violence will be assumed to be undercover agents and narcs. We cannot tolerate such actions when so many lives are at risk. This is not a game. This is real.

    Again, I ask the site moderators to delete and block the original poster.
  12. Completely seconded.

  13. Too right, the reason i think the protests have had such an inpact is because they have been peaceful and any aggression appears to be from the government.
  14. Mar

    Maybe the fastest way to change in Iran?

    People, politicians of western countries, lawmakers, anyone reading this...

    Why would the regime suppress the change at this moment? My guess is they fear for their own lives if change comes.
    So, if only there was a western country (or, any country) that would offer full amnesty to the supreme council in Iran and all members of the establishment that would want to make use of the same arrangement. Offer them a safe escape and an option to leave the country with their families, absolutely sure that they won't be harmed in any way. Then, if they don't have to fear change, they won't feel the need to order the revolutionary guard and/or bashiji to suppress the people!!!

    Change could come without any repercussions for anyone. The fastest way to change, with benefits for all... Let's call this strategy Amneschange!

    If you also believe this might work, and support this strategy, please spread the word, now is the momentum!!
  15. I agree that peaceful revolting is the best policy, however don't be afraid to stand up for what you believe in, defend yourselves, and fight for your country to return to the peace of the past!
    I support and pray for a day where Iran and the rest of the middle east will be at peace and Harmony internally and externally!
  16. I think that the Twitterloutuion is a fabulous, peaceful way to resist the regime and allows suppressed Iranians to spread ideas and contemplate ways to gain their freedom which they so rightfully deserve.

    yet everyone should always take note that no one knows who's posting what, so everyone should think before they act and make their own judgements and not blindly follow the advice of a nameless, facless person, or any person for that matter; use your own judgement and common sence based on the facts presented to you!
  17. In these days

    In these days Iranian people are the most bravest people of the century.

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