Beghe, Moltavo, Rathbun and the Law

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  1. A Race Against Jail

    Posted on June 5, 2011 by martyrathbun09| Leave a comment

    I learned recently that the Radical Corporate Scientology (RCS) group hired a former FBI agent Corpus Christi lawyer to act on behalf of DSA Stevens Creek Org Mark Warlick (one of the four who came to my house in April and made international news with their silly antics) to lobby the San Patricio County Attorneys Office to bring criminal charges against me. They alleged criminal mischief for my having grabbed the microphone that John Allender stuffed in my face over my property line while he was stalking Lori Hodgson. Of course Warlick can’t even buy himself a cup of coffee on an RCS staff member salary – so the ex-Fed fellow was obviously paid by RCS. IAS war chest donations hard at work. Their costly efforts were unsuccessful.
    Twice while in LA this past week RCS invested tremendous amounts of capital and credibility in extreme efforts to have me arrested.
    Seven times in the past year the Radical Corporate Scientology organization has used expensive attorneys, off-duty cops, and the most blatant false testimony imaginable in order to have me criminally prosecuted. Seven cases opened and seven cases closed. Zero for seven from their perspective. Seven for seven from ours.
    Some of you may have read the Scientology planted tabloid story that Daniel Montalvo brought charges against Jason Beghe for assault. It is a blatant lie. When the dust settles on this one, I am reasonably assured that at least one member of the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Office will be out of a job. At least a government job. He’ll get his pay off – as is RCS’s modus operandi – by being provided endless work making an ass of himself by chasing me and others around the country. The point is Miscavige will stop at nothing to have Jason, Mike Rinder or me jailed. In his sick mind it is us three who will put him in jail first, not his own conduct. In his mind, this mocked up conflict has reached doomsday proportions. Where there was once a race against the atomic bomb, in typical PAB 13 fashion, looming larger than the destruction of the world is the destruction of Dave. The most important race, beyond Dan Sherman’s four horsemen of the apocalypse (drugs, education, immorality and crime), beyond the urgency to clear the planet and the destruction of the human race is the race against who winds up in the clink first.
    During our three days in Los Angeles RCS deployed on the order of twenty full-time Private Eyes, off duty cops, OT Ambassadors and ten rental cars to stay in our faces 24/7. Several times they employed two cars in front of our car, two on the side, and two to four cars to our rear, controlling our movement at 20 mph in a 55 mph zone; severely hampering LA traffic. Dave Lublow and others in his crew continually put innocent pedestrians and drivers at risk by driving up to eighty miles an hour on the wrong side of the street, running innumerable red lights and stop signs, and even driving on the Santa Monica boardwalk. Every time we stopped for a meal, a van full of PI’s calling themselves “Freedom” journalists pulled up the rear of Lublow and got into our faces with cameras and mics. When that didn’t impinge they brought “public” RCSers to join the party engaging in infantile public behavior, such as John Allender chiming in from the rear calling me “pussy” and the effeminate Nisbet calling me “woman.”
    On Thursday we decided to lose Lublow and co so that we could get some particularly important business done without distraction. Mike and I removed the batteries from our cell phones as we have already documented that they illegally track us through our phones’ GPS programming. Not three blocks from Tiziano’s home, Dave Lublow used his vehicle as a missile by slamming it into our vehicle to stop us. The police who responded gracefully held Lublow till we could get some distance. Without the aid of GPS tracking we easily lost them. One hour into our meeting however Mike and I were informed that both Christie in Tarpon Springs Florida and Mosey in Ingleside Texas were being ambushed at our homes, simultaneously. We recognized that they literally had OSA agents within striking distance of our homes ready to go the moment we lost the losers in LA. Nonetheless, we both fired up our phones to call our wives. Lo and behold, an hour later when we left the high rise office building 16 PIs, OTAs, and other assorted OSA detritus were waiting in the parking garage to get in our faces – once again making total asses of themselves in front of dozens of LA accountants and lawyers and film makers in the name of the only road to total freedom.
    All told, Lublow was detained by the police four times, OTAs and other OSA agents along with the PIs created bizarre public scenes across Los Angeles several times each day, Lublow and OSA lobbied heavily with false reports twice to have me incarcerated, and dozens of uninvolved innocent LA citizens had their lives put at risk.
    Finally, as we arrived at the Los Angeles airport for departure yesterday, Dave Lublow sped at us, screeched to a halt, leapt from his car, positioned himself inches from Mike Rinder’s face and delivered a whining promise. Lublow said he would be investigating Mike intensively in order to see that he is incarcerated.
    All of this tells Mike and me a thing or two.
    Primarily it tells us that Miscavige is losing his grip on maintaining any public veneer that he is operating anything other than an implant station that furthers its existence by mafia-like fear tactics. He is demonstrating in real time that he is a complete criminal. That is, he cannot conceive of the consequences of his actions. He cannot think of tomorrow – he is stuck in a living hell that he thinks is present time, but in fact is somewhere far down the track in some extremely painful incident.
    The discussions Mike and I had during the trip primarily focused on 2012, 2013, and far beyond. Miscavige’s discussions focus on the surreal now that in reality is some far back then. “Where are they now? Is it safe for me to go to ASI (Author Services)? Where are they now? Can I come down from CST (up by Rim of the World)? Are they in jail yet? Did the Freedom guy piss off Marty? Well, you aren’t in his face enough – you didn’t push the buttons I told you hard enough, you cramp his space enough and he’ll push back. Did you make Rinder get into an accident yet? Then you didn’t cut him off enough, you didn’t dirty his needle enough, you’ve got to drive the fucker off the road. Put them in jail goddamn it! Put the motherfuckers in jail. Fuckers, Rinder and Rathbun would have had them in jail by now!” This is the type of drivel that issues from Miscavige as he micro-manages such antics as happened in LA this week. And the outrageousness of the performance this week was at an unprecedented level; so that the sample talk above in fact is probably quite mild compared to what really went down.
    When we dropped our car off at the LAX rental agency, the grand finale resulted in Tiziano and I being surrounded by 12 PI’s, the 5 man “Freedom” crew, assorted OTA’s like Allender, and Izzy and Mary Anne Chait. Izzy had on his script to ask why I wanted to create bad publicity for Scientology. When I pointed out what RCS was creating at that very moment, Iz couldn’t help but crack a knowing smile in acknowledgment.
    As a public service and public warning I will be periodically publishing various videos documenting Miscavige’s exportation of the HOLE to the streets of Los Angeles.
    In the interim, I ask that people get more active in educating others who are drinking the Kool Aid and continuing to contribute to and empower this menace to society. Even if it wasn’t such a terrible travesty that such behavior further and further discredits the philosophy of Scientology, the behavior is dangerous to the public at large. Anyone contributing to it ought to know what their fees are buying, and how rather than halting earth’s dwindling spiral under David Miscavige RCS is greatly contributing to that descent.
    Exhibit One:
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  3. amaX Member

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  4. Smurf Member

    Poor babies. M & M are experiencing the same horseshit they implemented against many others when they were sucking ass for the cult. I have absolutely no fucking pity for either of these stooges. I suspect most of Marty's comments are bullshit, anyways.

    Mahty wrote: "Some of you may have read the Scientology planted tabloid story that Daniel Montalvo brought charges against Jason Beghe for assault. It is a blatant lie."

    Not true. TMZ reported that Daniel reported the incident to the Sheriff's Department. It didn't say Danny pressed charges against Jason.

    "When the dust settles on this one, I am reasonably assured that at least one member of the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Office will be out of a job."

    Obviously, there some truth to it.. why else would Marty be ragging on a sheriff's deputy?
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  5. SwordofTruth Member

    Looking forward to seeing all this on video.
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  6. hushpuppy Member

    Regardless of the past and present actions of M&M, their wives do not deserve to be ambushed in their own houses (or anywhere else for that matter).
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  7. Anonymous Member

    Marty doesn't seem to realize how this reads to normal people. He can call scientology "Radical Corporate Scientology (RCS) " all he wants. People reading it will only remember the "scientology" part, no matter had badly Marty thinks he will save Hubbard's gift to humanity.
    This is just scientologists acting like scientologists to other scientologists.

    And what is with Marty and Mike not knowing ahead of time their loved ones would be getting creepy visitors. Those guys both know how scientology works, as they did the same thing.

    This made me giggle though:

    They all act like anyone else cares. No one reads Marty's blog except freezoners, scilons and critics. The planet will survive just fine without the actions of Marty.
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  8. Anonymous Member

    My landlord, my underage family members, my spouse's employer, and some of my friends also didn't deserve to be fucked with by the cult either, but it goes with the territory. I hated having to dodge multiple PI's and public Scilons for hours after every protest, but it goes with the territory. M&M are whinebag fucks who are still Scientologists. I got no sympathy.
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  9. Imagine Mosey is your Wife Or Christie. Or Christies son is your son

    Condoning the behavour because you expierenced the same is defeating the purpose of Chanology

    And condoning the persecuting of people just because they are Scientologists is fueling a witchhunt

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  10. Anonymous Member

    So because you and your family etc. got fucked by the cult, others also deserve to get fucked by the cult?
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  11. Anonymous Member

    M&M seems to be keeping DM and his goons occupied while the protesters and harpooners do the real work.
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  12. theLastAnon Member

    To assist with some word clearing, note the instructional aids provided.

    You miss the anon poster's point, which is this harassment will be inherent to your life once you decide to take on scientology. It goes with the territory.

    Next, there is a distinct difference between condoning and the poster having no sympathy. Don't confuse the two. Speaking for myself only, I'm not defending the illegal activities of scientology, but I have no sympathy for two assholes who were hip-deep doing illegal shit for years having it done to them now.

    Finally, regarding the ad hominem insinuation that the poster is a religious bigot for allegedly condoning the harassment of Rinder and Rathbun just because they are scientologists, why so full of shit? Couldn't the poster have been pointing to the irony of a bunch of assholes fucking with a couple of also-assholes?

    The actions of scientology here are not acceptable, forgivable or harmless, which, in case anyone missed it, is why we protest. Having no sympathy for R&R is no sin, but that doesn't equate to condoning what is happening to them. It's a train wreck, which are fun to watch.

    Edit: last part added.

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  13. DeathHamster Member

    Ermm. I wonder if his phone even has a GPS unit? Even iPhones don't continually rat their position, unless maybe you subscribe to apps for just that purpose: FourSquare, Google Latitude, etc.

    How likely is it that CoS has access to cell tower triangulation positioning through a mole in a phone company? I seem to recall someone here saying that was impossible to get at without leaving a log trace?
  14. Anonymous Member

    If what Marty said is true.. that Christie & Mosey were being harassed at home, then they would have called the police, right? If they called the police, there would be a paper trail documenting the call.

    Marty needs to provide dox... not just talk.
  15. You lost both Mosey and Christie in there buddy. And Christie's son.

    I aint go boo hoo either about church antics towards M and M

    Oh you know a pretty word": "Ad hominem"

    Let me educate you buddy:

    Going after Scientologists because they are Scientologists is like going after Gays because they're Gay

    Article 1 [Equality]
    All persons on this earth shall be treated equally in equal circumstances. Discrimination on the grounds of religion, belief, political opinion, race, or sex or on any other grounds whatsoever shall not be permitted.

    You NEVER heared me say religious biggot you Faggot

  16. Anonymous Member
  17. theLastAnon Member

    Deciding whether I'm going to bother with you or not. Afraid of hurting your feelings. brb
  18. DeathHamster Member

  19. BLiP Member

    Using PIs to harrass? That's standard L Ron Hubbard tech. I wonder why, if M&M can dodge the PIs whenever they wish, why not dodge them permanently and stop putting the lives of innocents at risk? How much is a throw-away cell-phone these days - $25? I mean, if you know someone is going to drive like an idiot and create unnecessary danger, then, guess what, - AVOID. If you're gonna bait them for video lulz, do it somewhere safe.
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  20. Anonymous Member

    Thank you.
  21. Inclined to agree. The volume of harassment from Miscavige seems to be out of control. He's fully going over the edge. They are ramming Martys car, driving on the sidewalk. This will end up in tears thats for sure.
    Thanks for this. Great article.
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  22. SwordofTruth Member

    So basically someone in the police contacted TMZ at Scientology's request and told them that Beghe Assaulted Daniel, then every other media outlet else copied the TMZ "article" and now it's all going to shit for whoever started it off ?
  23. Anonymous Member

    Had one too many. Tl dr. Summary? Three sentences?
  24. Anonymous Member

    or five?
  25. Anonymous Member

    Please reformat with lines breaks, spaces, whatever...I WANT to read this, but I have tried and I can't. Thanks so much (and I do love you kks, it's just I'm old.)
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  26. jensting Member

    A GPS unit isn't necessary for the phone finding out where it is - I leave the GPS off for day to day use in cities (where the cell towers are able to help the phone pinpoint the location, sometimes very accurately, sometimes amusingly wrong). "GPS" probably sounds cool to Marty without him knowing the ins and outs of positioning and phones...

    As you say, the phone company has the means of getting the information in any case, regardless of the phone (as long as it's on).

    Best Regards

  27. Smurf Member

    TMZ like other celebrity-fueled news outlets monitor sheriff's radio traffic for the Malibu & other areas where there is a heavy celebrity presence.. neighborhoods, the social scene, etc. I have a friend that works at TMZ and he says that they hire paps to specific geographical areas and if there is a "hit" made from radio chatter, they'll respond to where the deputies are being sent (this is why TMZ has been known to show up at car accidents involving celebrities before law enforcement & ambulances arrive on the scene).

    Even though it is against departmental policy, it is no secret in Hollywood circles that tabloid outlets & paps have their "sources" (cops) working inside police agencies that routinely leak information out involving celebs. It's an additional source of income for the cops.
  28. This is why I am confused. TMZ will often put rumors and hearsay on their site and they are often incorrect on facts (although they frequently correct their posts when the facts are confirmed). They haven't changed the Montalvo/Beghe post but Beghe isn't a big name to most TMZ readers.

    TMZ states, "According to the incident report", meaning that they base their story on an actual report not radio chatter. Here's what I found on the LA County Sheriff's site on police reports:

    I know Smurf stated that the Lost Hills station is a bit sensitive to handling celebrities after the Melibu Gibson "sugar tits" incident in 2006, so if they are tight lipped on celebrity incidents it sounds like someone leaked a report to TMZ making Marty's statement not that far from the mark. But I am one that thinks Marty is all hyperbole and self-aggrandizement when it comes to his own image but on target when it comes to DM. Thus, I am confused.
  29. Smurf Member

    If, in fact, it is true that a sheriff's investigator forwarded a report to the DA with possibility of misdemeanor charges being filed, then there would definitely be a written report involved and available to public purview, unless the sheriff's department withholds it for "confidentiality" purposes, then it may take a court order under the California Public Records Act ("Sunshine Law") to wrench it from the LASD.
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  30. Thanks for the clarification. This is probably a dumb question, but would there be any instance where the police appear on scene for a domestic dispute and file a report without the intent of misdemeanor charges being filed? Meaning, if they show up to a house where a dispute has been called in but no charges will be filed, don't the police have to file a report regardless?
  31. Smurf Member

    The cop is required to file some kind of report in every call they respond to.. in most departments..referred to as a field report, a preliminary investigative report summing up what happened and all statements. Failure to do could lead to a serious liability matter for the department.

    Imagine a victim of domestic violence hiring an attorney who subpoenas the department for the police report only to learn the cops failed to file a report. Very serious situation which could certainly lead to officers losing their jobs & probably costing the department millions of dollars in settlements.

    The LASD got into hot water after the Mel Gibson arrest because the arresting deputy's supervisor ordered him to remove Gibson's abusive & anti-Semitic comments from the official police report, but to write a separate supplemental report with the comments made, and the supe locked the supplemental report away, thus keeping it away from the public purview.

    This is the kind of shit that gets the public really riled up, but the LASD routinely pulls this shit when it comes to celebrities and it is no secret that LASD Sheriff Lee Baca is a major celebrity whore.
  32. Not only is Baca a major star fucker but he loves to take the Cult's money. So would it be, in your opinion, plausible that the goons watching Beghe's house saw an opportunity with a domestic argument between the two and called the Sheriff, who came out and took a report with nothing happening in the area of 'filing charges'. Then someone at the Lost Hills station tips off TMZ? Considering the number of goons that are casing out the Rinderburn crowd lately, I see this scenario as quite likely.
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  33. Anonymous Member

    Do you think that Marty is exaggerating?
  34. Ann O'Nymous Member

    IMHO, people criticize M&M's on the grounds of what they did. AFAIK, when inside, they went after relatives if it served their purposes. They know the tactics by heart, should act accordingly and avoid playing the victim's role.

    I would love to see some documentation that substantiate their claims.

    IMHO, this thread is more about M&M's than anyone else (title is misleading).
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  35. Anonymous Member

    I agree with Ann.

    Also, I remember reading a post somewhere on this site (can't find it) that was copy/pasted from Marty's blog discussing his upcoming trip (before he left) and saying something about his concern that OSA would do something to Mosey. (I don't remember his exact comments.) I am just wondering why, if he was concerned in advance of his trip, that they didn't make some kind of arrangements to keep her safe from the OSA goons, such as her staying with a friend, etc.

    At the time I read it, I remember thinking it seemed like he was almost inviting some sort of problem, and then this latest report indicating that something did occur...well, it's just odd to me. Don't most of us (who weren't in his role in the cult) insure appropriate accommodations are made for our loved ones (pets, child care, etc) who don't accompany us when we travel? I don't understand why that didn't occur when the threat of harassment or danger was "in the air" with Mosey.
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  36. Ike Drifter Member

    Marty's comments are most assuredly bullshit, but there is no evidence that they are experiencing the same abuse that they dealt to others. Quite the contrary, they seem to be involved in what is commonly called a "traffic jam."
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  37. Anonymous Member

    "Going after Scientologists because they are Scientologists is like going after Gays because they're Gay"

    I call bullshit on this one.

    Gay people I know would never try to convince a little girl not to report a sexually abusive stepfather, most gays are not deluded lying idiots, nor do they give money to a mafia style cult.

    Going after scientologists is justified, and I for one enjoy tormenting them because they are shit people until they wake up and see the real picture.

    Fuck them if they're scilons. They WILL be enturbulated, and they WILL learn to doubt the LRH horseshit and all the kiddie rape that goes with it.
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  38. xenubarb Member

    If they left they wimmins unguarded, I reckon they shouldnt'a been surprised by that. I woulda hired a guy with trained security dogs for the weekend.
  39. xenubarb Member

    That guy most not have rammed his car very hard. I mean, assault with a deadly weapon is often one of the charges when people run their cars at cops.
    The cops "gracefully detained" him so Martay could get away?

    And then the MRs put the batteries back in their phones instead of borrowing someone else's? Wat? Are they stupid, or did they want the PI circus back?
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